Meeting #6 Tomorrow

Last week we discussed the relationship to our inner critic. I suggested working to change the relationship to this part of self, and seeing it as a younger part of you with an original good intention (that likely no longer serves you, but did at one time).

You don't want it to make decisions for you now, but thinking of it as your enemy will likely make it louder- and your frustration with it more painful.

Our discussion included some of these questions that I’ll include to help you think some more on this topic ahead of our meeting tomorrow:

What is it like to consider the critic a part of self, that is likely younger and well-intentioned?

Does this change anything for you?

How is the critic different from your wiser adult self?

Could you imagine having compassion for this part of yourself? Can you thank it for anything? Did it help you get to adulthood?

At the end I suggestion a step to work on between meetings…

Action items: Come up with a response, a mantra, when you hear your inner critic. If this part is not here to undermine your self-worth, can you remind yourself of that?

Think a bit about what you might want to gain from our conversation tomorrow, which will be all about FEAR and self-worth.

I’ll see you at noon tomorrow 7/28!

Reach out with any thoughts and questions!


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