It was so warm and wonderful meeting with you all today.

Thank you for being a part of this group. It’s a real joy spending time with you.

Today we re-connected and shared where we are at with things. We also tried on the concept of personal power.

Using Amy Cuddy’s chapter on power from her book Presence, we considered the quote:

Joe Magee, “Personal power is all about having the confidence to act based on one’s own beliefs, attitudes, and values, and having the sense that one’s actions will be effective.”

Amy Cuddy adds, “Effective, in this context, doesn’t mean we will always get the result we desire; instead it means that we will come away from every interaction feeling that we fully and accurately represented who we are and what we want.”

As part of your practice between meetings, you might consider the following questions:

The things that are of the utmost importance to me at this point in my life are _____________________________________________________________

Given what is important to me, I’d like to start taking action, using my power to ________________________________________________________________.

What stands in my way the most of being more willing to be EFFECTIVE with what I care most about?

What would it feel like to harness my personal power to be effective in making my deepest beliefs and values the core of my life’s purpose?

Is self-worth a matter of feeling that we are utilizing our power to live in harmony with our nature and our values? Is that a form of love?

I think that should keep us busy until we meet again next month, and our schedule again is:

August 11

September 15

October 13

November 10

December 8

With love and gratitude,


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