I’m so excited that tomorrow is finally our day to meet! I’ll see you all from 12-1:30 at the following link:

Last time, we talked about the concept of personal power.

As part of your practice between meetings, you were invited to consider:

The things that are of the utmost importance to me at this point in my life are: _____________________________________________________________

Given what is important to me, I’d like to start taking action, using my power to ________________________________________________________________.

What stands in my way the most of being more willing to be EFFECTIVE with what I care most about?

What would it feel like to harness my personal power to be effective in making my deepest beliefs and values the core of my life’s purpose?

Is self-worth a matter of feeling that we are utilizing our power to live in harmony with our nature and our values? Is that a form of love?

Tomorrow, we will see where you are at right now, what you need, and explore our theme and invitation: to let go of expectations.

See you soon!


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