*Reminder* Tomorrow (Thursday 12/3) is the last day to order for our Hayhurst Benefit Takeout Dinner @ Grand Cru (see order link below)

Tomorrow (Thursday 12/3) is the last day to order dinner for our Hayhurst Benefit Takeout Dinner @ Grand Cru Catering. Order by clicking here!

The takeout dinner is on Saturday 12/5 
For the takeout dinner, Grand Cru Catering has created a simple, family-friendly fajita dinner with all of the add-ons. Yum! Grand Cru Catering is headquartered right here in the neighborhood and is co-owned by a family with two kids that will be at Hayhurst in a couple years. For every dinner sold, Grand Cru will donate $10 to Hayhurst. 

The online auction starts tomorrow! Be on the look out for an email at noon, when the auction goes live!

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