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ICRF Announces 2019-20 Cancer Research Awards

ICRF is proud to announce nearly CAD $5.7 million for basic and patient-oriented research critical to finding cures for cancer. This brings the total research support provided by ICRF over its 42 years of service to over CAD $95.8 million.


A total of 69 grants will be funded at 10 different institutions across the burgeoning Israeli cancer research landscape, including: Ariel University, Bar-Ilan University, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Carmel Medical Center, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rambam Health Care Campus, the Technion, Tel Aviv University, and the Weizmann Institute of Science.

This year, 17 Project Grants will be funded. Project grants are at the heart of ICRF’s grant program. They fund specific research projects developed by individual investigators which are innovative, timely and with potential for high impact. Also funded this year were 12 Research Career Development Awards. These awards provide young cancer researchers and clinicians time to conduct laboratory and clinical research projects while they gain valuable experience and additional training on their path to becoming independent investigators.

Areas of focus for ICRF funding this year include cancer genetics, targeted cancer therapies, and immunotherapy. Three different grants to study immunotherapy were funded as part of a collaboration between ICRF and the Cancer Research Institute, which is a preeminent funder of immunotherapy research in the United States. ICRF has a long history of supporting fundamental laboratory science that provides the foundation for work with clinical impact. Additionally, early phase studies that seek to characterize the potential for clinical impact in the care of patients with specific tumor types have been funded as well.

Furthermore, three new awards for collaborative work between Israeli investigators and cancer scientists at the City of Hope National Medical Center in California were announced.. The awards are part of the Jacki and Bruce Barron Cancer Research Scholars’ Program, made possible by a CAD $6.6 million gift from The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation. Funding was also provided to extend work being supported in the Brause Family Initiative for Quality of Life and the Len and Susan Mark Initiative for Ovarian, Uterine/MMMT Cancers.

Additionally, ICRF will be funding a total of 12 Research Professorship grants which provide 5-7 years of funding to senior faculty who have made outstanding contributions to cancer research. The most recent recipients of this prestigious award are Prof. Ronit Satchi-Fainaro of Tel Aviv University and Prof. Ofer Mandelboim of Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School.

ICRF Bike for the Fight, September 15, 2019

We are getting closer to our $100,000 goal and there is still time to reach it with your help. By helping us raise money, you are supporting world class cancer research and funding the life saving work of the best scientists in Israel. It only takes a few emails and calls to your friends, family and colleagues to get your thermometer moving. 

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Novel immunotherapy may prevent brain metastases

Brain metastases are the final, lethal consequence of many aggressive cancers, and researchers are racing to discover preventive measures.

A new Tel Aviv University study finds a known adjuvant — an ingredient used in some vaccines to strengthen the immune response —may be an effective means of preventing brain metastases in patients whose primary tumors have been removed.


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Dr. Roi Gazit - On the Road to Improving the Success Rate of Leukemia Treatments

Dr. Roi Gazit, from the Shraga Segal Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Genetics, is hoping to find a cure for certain cancers, such as specific sub-types of leukemia. While many people are treated by bone marrow transplants, which replaces hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) destroyed by leukemia. This treatment is not always viable due to the inability to find an exact match.

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Danielle Michaelov

When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, my world was at a standstill. I knew I would be there every step of the way until she was better. We have to be there for one another and fight together. Let’s cure cancer. I’m a volunteer for ICRF’s inspiring and incredible Revolving Tables event. This is how I give back.
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30th and Final George Knudson
Oakdale Pro-Am
The 2019 George Knudson Oakdale Pro-Am marks the 30th and final year of this event which will be held on September 4th, 2019.
The Knudson is a major communal undertaking of the members of Oakdale Golf & Country Club in Toronto.  The tournament committee is chaired by our board and executive member, Moni Lustig.  Funds from The Knudson support the highest priority funding in the realm of cancer research at Toronto’s Mt. Sinai Hospital’s world renowned Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute and in Israel through ICRF. 

The Knudson honours the memory and legacy of George Knudson, considered to this day to be Canada’s finest professional golfer ever.  Born and raised in Winnipeg, George moved to Toronto in 1958 and soon thereafter joined the professional staff at Oakdale.  With the support of a group of Oakdale members, George launched his PGA Tour career, amassing the still-held record for a Canadian of eight wins between 1961 and 1972, a time during which he was indisputably Canada’s ambassador to the world of Golf.  Punctuating this view was George and the late Al Balding’s 1968 victory representing Canada in the prestigious World Cup of Golf, the first ever such victory for Canada.
Recognized by the legendary Ben Hogan as being possessed of the finest swing in golf, George in 1988 was inducted into the Royal Canadian Golf Association Hall of Fame and made a member of the Order of Canada.  George’s passing due to lung cancer gave rise in 1989 to the inaugural George Knudson Oakdale Pro-Am.  This annual event has raised an astounding $ 6 million for cancer research to date, and ICRF is privileged and thankful for being one of the recipients of the fun.
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ICRF Presents: Hollywood Rock
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Our mission is to continue to find treatments and cures for all forms of cancer, utilizing the unique benefits Israel and its scientists have to offer. The results of the research have a significant impact in Toronto, across Canada and throughout the world.

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