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April Issue #54.1


Keeping us all connected with what's happening at the ILSC and around London! 
Lent Reflection - Could Fasting Also Be Feasting?
Link to Lent Reflection Video

Many of us have been overwhelmed during this time of Lent by news about the war in Ukraine. Our social media timelines and walls are filled with updates on what’s happening in Ukraine.

We see tragic images of war and violence and of displaced people, especially Ukrainian women and children fleeing to safe places. At the same time we also see images of hospitality and hope - volunteers working around the clock in receiving the people, Churches and communities opening their doors and welcoming the “other/s” as their neighbors and Faith-based organizations rendering humanitarian and financial support in meeting the needs of the needy. We see Hope shining through in the many ways in which ordinary people are trying to make a difference.

Lent is a time, where we are invited to examine ourselves and all that is happening around us, in the light of the self-giving of Christ on the cross. It is a time of introspection as well as invitation for all churches and Christians to reflect on how we can live in ways that make a difference?

This Lent I have found inspiration from the words of an American pastor and poet William Arthur Ward who reminds us about the right fast that we have to take up this Lent. Ward writes:

              fast from judging others, feast on the Christ dwelling within them
              fast from emphasis on differences, feast on the unity of all life
              fast from apparent darkness, feast on the reality of light
              fast from words that pollute, feast on phrases that purify
              fast from discontent, feast on gratitude
              fast from anger, feast on patience
              fast from pessimism feast on optimism
              fast from worry feast on trust
              fast from complaining feast on appreciation
              fast from negatives feast on affirmatives
              fast from unrelenting pressures feast on unceasing prayer
              fast from hostility feast on nonviolence
              fast from bitterness feast on forgiveness
              fast from self-concern feast on compassion for others
              fast from personal anxiety feast on eternal truth
              fast from discouragement feast on hope
              fast from facts that depress feast on truths that uplift
              fast from lethargy feast on enthusiasm
              fast from suspicion feast on truth
              fast from thoughts that weaken feast on promises that inspire
              fast from idle gossip feast on purposeful silence

In his poem, Ward sees a feasting in every fasting. We often think of Lent as a time of giving up. But this poem reminds us that Lent is not only about giving up, but also about taking up a new way of living that will last beyond Lent. It is about cultivating those habits of the heart that can make a difference to others.

May God whom we know through Jesus Christ empower us by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we can learn the ways of goodness, peace, justice and love during this time of lent and always. Amen

Ordination of Joseph Nelson (St. Luke's Leeds)

We're excited to announce that our colleague and friend up north Joseph Nelson will be ordained later this month! Joseph has been an amazing presence up in Leeds supporting student ministry in Leeds Trinity University and Universities Chaplaincy Leeds. Additionally, he's been an incredible resource for St. Luke's Lutheran Church out of Leeds running both student ministry and supporting a variety of other services and events. We're incredibly proud to have him with us and excited to join him in celebrating his ordination!

Farewell Message - Tyler Inberg

It's with both a sense of sadness and hope for the future that I announce my departure from the student chaplaincy work I've been a part of the last few years. If you had told me two and half years ago when I joined the International Lutheran Student Centre as a postgraduate student looking for a place to live that I'd have the opportunity to meet students from all over the world, work with an amazing set of chaplains and staff who are deeply passionate about serving their communities, and be a part in planning the next phase for the CLC's student chaplaincy efforts I wouldn't believe you. And yet my experience both living in and then working with the ILSC has been all that and so much more!

As we look to the future, I know the student chaplaincy is in good hands with our new student chaplain Rebecca and the rest of the team! There's some really exciting things on the horizon to look forward to and while I may be turning my focus towards community engagement and development work around Camden, the ILSC will always be my UK home and I look forward to coming full circle and experiencing events from the eyes of a participant again 😊

King's Cross Methodist Church
April 15th, 9:30am

Walk of Witness

The Walk of Witness is an event held each year on Good Friday designed to bring people from all the Churches together to remember the Easter message.

The walk begins outside Kings Cross Methodist Church in Birkenhead St. at 9.30am and stops at Lumen Church in Cromer Street, Holy Cross Church and St Mary’s German Lutheran Church in Sandwich Street, and ends at St Pancras around 11am.

St. Mary's German Lutheran Church
4th Thursday Every Month, 6-7pm

Taize Worship

We're excited to announce we'll be starting up our Taize Worship again! Starting April 28th, we'll be meeting every 4th Thursday of the month at St. Mary's newly renovated space to join together in a time of reflection, worship, and free refreshments.

Taizé Services are an informal candlelit service which provide a quiet, simple, and reflective space to encounter God, decompress, and find rest in a safe and welcoming environment.

Ongoing through Easter

Lent Series

In Lent we have invited people to share their journey, experiences and thoughts during the time of our Lord’s passion. Most of the meditations are closely linked with concerns about the war in Ukraine and the resulting refugee crisis in Europe. The reflections are published on Facebook and the CLC website. The authors so far are CLC Chair and LCiGB Bishop Tor Berger JørgensenRevd Dr Andrew Krauss – team vicar of the Parish of Cheddington with Mentmore, Church of England, Revd Mark Hardy from St Luke’s Lutheran Church in Leeds, Revd Dr Reynaldo F Leão-Neto from the Methodist Church, and Rebecca Daniel – CLC Student Chaplain. 
Catch Up on Past Videos (Facebook)
Catch Up on Past Videos (CLC Website)

Wherever you are

New Podcast Episode Incoming!

If you haven't already, check out the newest episode of the CLC's Living Grace podcast: "Grace Alone - What is Grace"!

This episode looks at the life of faith through the lens of grace, specifically as we Lutherans understand it: a gift from God which cannot be earned, nor can it be denied. What does ‘living grace’ mean for Lutherans? A featured interview with a young woman studying at Mansfield College, Oxford, thanks to a scholarship offered by the Council of Lutheran Churches to enable higher education scholars taking refuge in the UK. A visit to the recently renovated Danish Church in London.
Episode 3


Grace Alone Outreach Event - Recap

The first outreach event of 2022 on the theme of “Grace Alone” was held at St. Mary’s German Church and people joined us both in person and online. General Secretary Dr. Anna Krauß gave an overview of the development of the Lutheran understanding of sola gratia and reflected on the communal aspect of a life in grace as a people of grace. While the current invasion of Ukraine may for some not seem an appropriate backdrop to talk about a gracious God, she explained that grace is always the perspective of our Christian hope for salvation. The Church as a people of grace can not only pray but act as a communion which brings about hope in many different ways.
Watch the Recording Here (Facebook)

From wherever you are

Feeling a bit ...?

If you're feeling a bit down or anxious or sad or on edge or a bit lost in the midst of everything going on around you - remember that the chaplaincy team is here to provide support for you. Feel free to get in touch over the phone or email if you'd like to schedule a time to talk.
Contact the chaplaincy team

Member Church Corner: Upcoming Events

The Danish Church in London
April 10th, 1:00pm-3:00pm

Easter Preparation: Morten Bay-Mortensen

We are visited by priest and tour guide Morten Bay-Mortensen, who presents a picture story with selected slides from Israel and Jerusalem. Take a brisk walk from Galilee to Jerusalem, where the highly dramatic events of Easter take place. Through stories and images, we go into the background and content of the individual Easter days. Morten Bay-Mortensen has for many years been a priest and tour guide on trips to Israel, Greece, Turkey and more. He now works with communication for the churches in Djursland.

Ticket price: £ 5

Event Page
Purchase Tickets

Finnish Church in London
April 13th, 6pm-7:30pm

Student Networking - Zoom

Are you a Finn studying in the UK? Come and have the best spring evening! In the Student Networking Room, the evening is spent in a good mood, getting to know other students and talking about Korona time. The purpose is to have fun and ease study stresses in good company.

The zoom will be held on Wednesday 13.4. 18-19.30 British time. Register in advance at the below link.

See you in Zoom!

The event is organized by ISO and the London Seamen's Church. More information about the event:

Event Page
Registration Link

Finnish Church in London
April 17th, 11am

Easter Morning Fair

You are warmly welcomed to the Easter morning fair at London Seamen's Church on Sun 17.4. at 11 a.m. The morning of resurrection is a morning of joy, hope, and light.

After worship, lunch and church coffee are available at the church café - we hope you can stay with us.

   Dear Heavenly Father.
   Thank you for the secret of Easter morning.
   A miracle has happened.
   The tomb of Jesus is empty.
   What has happened is so great
   that it is difficult for us to understand.
   We praise your power and love,
   which is greater than death.
   Fill us all with the hope and joy of
   Easter morning.

   Be praised forever.

Event Page

The Danish Church in London
April 23rd, 2pm-4pm 

Saturday School's 50th anniversary

Two years ago, we were prevented from celebrating Saturday School's 50th birthday. And last year we were again prevented. But now it must be. All current and former students and teachers are invited to come and join.

There will be fun with music, joint games and cake competition.

Event Page

Finnish Church in London
April 30th, 12pm-6pm

Labor Day Festivities

Come and join us at the Finnish Church in London for Labor Day festivities on the 30th of April. We'll barbeque and sing together, eat sugar donuts and drink sima! Welcome.

Event Page

The Danish Church in London
May 1st, 3pm

Afternoon Concert: Kleio Quartet

Here with a unique chance to hear the Kleio quartet in the beautiful rooms of the church.

The Kleio Quartet was formed in 2019 and consists of four highly acclaimed musicians: Yume Fujise, Katherine Yoon, Jenny Lewisohn and Hsing-Han Tsai. The quartet has performed at major international venues such as Wigmore Hall, Victoria Hall, Cadogan Hall, Royal Festival Hall, the DR Concert Hall and many other venues.

The program features familiar and unfamiliar pieces from the classical core repertoire

The concert in the Church of Denmark is sponsored and therefore the entire profit goes to the church. Support a good cause and have a great musical experience.

After the concert, you can meet the musicians over a drink, which can be purchased in the cafe in Church Hall.

Ticket price £ 15

Event Page
Purchase Tickets
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