1993 – Cincinnati, Ohio – I enjoyed singing with the Strolling SAIs. The excursion for this convention was a riverboat ride on the Ohio River.  Ardice Garrels, Dee Netzel, Donita Banks and I donned cowboy hats to sing a song inviting convention goers to Denver for the next convention.

1997 – Denver, Colorado – I worked with Ruth Sieber-Johnson on setting up and running the Convention Office. In fact, I spent the whole convention in the office. There were other Denver Alum members who were assigned to two-hour shifts to help in the office, but I found I was spending more time showing them the ropes than it took to do things myself.  As time went on, whenever someone would come to the office with a question, the person being asked would point to me and say, “Ask her.” At the end of the convention, Ruth’s National office manager made me feel good when he said he would never have been able to handle the office without me. I did get out of the office long enough to act as tour guide on one of the busses for the excursion up to Georgetown.
2000 – Dallas, Texas – As Tempo director, I was asked by National President Virginia Johnson to represent the National directors on the National nomination committee. So, I arrived in Dallas a few days before the convention in order to do so. That was an interesting experience and an honor. Another honor was to attend a special Directors luncheon. As a national director, I had the honor of sitting in one of the first two rows on the convention floor. I also had the floor for a few minutes in front of 400+ SAIs to hand out awards to the Chapter Newsletter award winners. At the request of the National President, I presented a workshop on How to get your music published. A seat at the director’s table at the Dinner of Honors was another honor afforded the National Directors.
2003 Centennial Convention – Dearborn Michigan – I found the write up of my memories of this convention in the September 2003 issue of Staff Signals, so look at it below! 

2009 – Chicago, Illinois – For this convention, members were invited to bring their instruments to play in a convention Wind Ensemble. So, I lugged my bassoon through all the security lines and onto the plane as my 1 allotted carry-on just so I could spend a few minutes playing in the convention band during the welcome luncheon. A highlight for me was hearing Rachel Barton Pine’s violin performance. Getting to sip a glass of wine while riding in a limo back to the airport wasn’t exactly a highlight of the convention, but it was kind of neat.