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Denver Alumnae Chapter * Xi C Province, Region 1

Fall 2017 * Volume 67, Issue 1

2017-2018 Denver Alumnae Theme
Back to Basics: Sisterhood, Sounds, & Service
From the President
     So much is happening for me personally and for our chapter!  I will be ordained as a Christian Minister in the United Church of Christ on September 24 at 3pm at Parkview Congregational Church in Aurora.  There will be several SAI's there from our chapter and from Sigma Upsilon.  I would love to see as many of you as possible.
     We are working on several things for the chapter to include: finalizing our service project, revising our by-laws so they can go in the yearbook, coordinating with Sigma Upsilon & digitizing our archives.  So we are busy this year but with your help and the leadership team, I am more than confident we will be able to meet our goals.
     Little more about me, I was initiated into the Kappa Epsilon SAI college chapter in 2006 at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS. While there, I served as Treasurer and VP- Ritual. I graduated and affiliated with the New Orleans Alumnae Chapter where I was elected VP-Membership. In 2013, We moved to Denver and I affiliated with the Sigma Upsilon Chapter at the University of Denver while I was in Graduate School at Iliff School of Theology. Then I took a year SAI break to focus more on my graduate studies. My final year of graduate school, I sang in the Lamont Chorale as an alto II right next to Jackie Gessert, the president of Sigma Upsilon at that time.  She told me that Rita Jo will no longer be able to advise the chapter and ask if I was willing and able...... I will continue this story in the next newsletter... :D
     An interesting fact about me: My first tattoo is a red rose on my wrist and I got it when I was 25 years old on my birthday. My 65-year-old grandmother got a tattoo that day also. We both got our first tattoos together.
     Looking forward to seeing as many smiling faces at our September meeting.

Nikki :)
Chapter Chatter
Congratulations to Kelly Sowell, a Sigma Upsilon graduate, on the birth of her first baby! 
Finnegan Basil Sowell was born July
5, 2017 at 11:18am.
He weighed in at 7 lbs, 4 oz.
On Saturday, August 19th, 2017SAI sister Emily Kintigh celebrated her engagement to Nicholas Schwartz. Emily and Nick met in college at the University of Denver where Emily was initiated in the Sigma Upsilon chapter. The wedding is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2019.
This summer, Clarissa Constantine auditioned for Skyline Chorus, the 2016 Sweet Adelines International 4th place chorus. On September 9, she performed with this fantastic group for the first time! She is thankful for the sisters who came out to support her: Krista Aliga, Anna Maria Manalo, Cassidy Boone, and Anne Kleve (Region 1 Regional Officer).
Fraternity Education

Marion Talley
Vice President, Ritual
“Inspire”… the 'I' of S A I

     As a new transplant to Denver searching for SAI sisters, I am so happy to have met so many beautiful and musical sisters! Your Denver Alumnae directory identifies each member as having been initiated from over 35 different college chapters! Wow! Some of you are seasoned SAI members and some are newly alumnae status holders. All are an important part of the national make-up of Sigma Alpha Iota.
     What an array of SAI experiences and sisterhood stories you all must be holding in your memories! Many memories standout as I reflect on opportunities SAI has given me. In Gamma Province, where I moved from, was
an SAI named Grace Carlson. She held the office of National Chaplain (present day VP of Ritual). She was a strong-willed lady who inspired many as she lead ritual services and spoke at Province Days of the beauty of our ritual.
     A second sister named Elsie Sterrenberg was the epitome of all the wisdom, excellence, and skill of
an SAI. Elsie was gracious, so very musical on her violin, and an inspiration to me. I remember accompanying her in programs and “soaking up” the beauty of the moment. Elsie had an infectious laugh, and always found the good in people. If you met her, you would never forget her positive character.
     I look forward to meeting you and hearing your SAI stories about sisters who inspired you. I anticipate making new memories as a member of the Denver Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota.

Marion Talley
VP of Ritual/Fraternity Education

By Donita Banks
     On June 17 more than 20 members gathered in Lakewood for our end-of-the-year celebration of “Treasures, Traditions and Opportunities.”  First stop was the beautiful Rockley Recital Hall on west Colfax for “SAI Has Talent,” an eclectic program of delightful selections arranged by Linda Rolf.   Performers were singers Clarissa Constantine and Cassidy Boone accompanied by Anna Maria Manalo; Kristin Rousom, trumpet, accompanied by Linda Rolf; duo-pianists Donita Banks and Anna Maria Manalo; Liane Rockley, flute, accompanied by Phyllis Pieffer; and Kristin Rousom, trumpet, and Sabina Green, trombone. Liane Rockley was also our gracious hostess.
      We then moved to the nearby Lakewood Nazarene Church for our traditional potluck luncheon and meeting. The Founders Day ceremony was held, followed by the singing of three songs. Honors committee members Cindy Garrels and Martha Lobmeyer then presented awards to the following members: Rose of Dedication—Donita Banks; Wreath of Achievement—Dorothy Nelson; Rose of Honor—Kristin Rousom; 70-year membership certificate—Delorus Netzel; 60-year membership certificate—Martha Lobmeyer (others not present—Joan Garver, Karen Kappler and Marcia Whitcomb); Certificate of Excellence—Nikki Frontz. 
      President Nikki Frontz introduced the chapter theme for 2017-2018: “Back to Basics: Sisterhood, 
Sounds and Service.” Reports from the Board and Committee Chairs included information and updates as follows: plans for the archive collection process; news from Sigma Upsilon—a successful Rose Ball and initiation of new members Evelina Nordin and Emily Waldman; the presentation of the scrapbook about Florence Lamont Hinman to the Lamont School of Music; the formation of a National Convention committee. A chapter survey was distributed to each member, with a requested due date of August 1. Announcements: there are ten cookbooks left and more may be printed; Kristin Rousom has decided to join the Boulder Alumnae Chapter but will be an Associate with us; Linda Rolf provided the colorful flowering centerpieces for the tables and offered them to members for a $5.00 contribution to Philanthropies; Kate Charlton will arrange for distribution of the tickets for the Central City Opera day, July 29.   
SAI at the Central City Opera—Our 35th Year!
By Donita Banks
A cool, rainy summer day did not dampen the spirits of fifteen chapter members and friends who gathered in enchanting Central City to celebrate our 35th year at an opera matinee performed at the historic “jewel box” opera house.  Old and new attendees alike loved this year’s production of Mozart’s “Cosi fan tutti,” a romantic and comic gift perfectly suited to the diminutive theater.  The last and most enigmatic of the three Italian operas Mozart set to librettos by Lorenzo Da Ponte, “Cosi,” or “The School for Lovers” provided drama, romance, uproariously funny scenes, deception, beautiful singing and confusion that blended into a splendidly enthralling musical experience.  Last staged there in 1990, this was the first time our group has attended this Mozart gem together.  Before the performance most attendees enjoyed the fabulous Centennial Buffet at the Ameristar Casino in Blackhawk.  Our thanks to new opera chairman, Kate Charlton, for organizing our online ticket sales this year and facilitating our enjoyment of this unique annual event!   
# 1—Stefan Pukatzki (Anna Maria’s husband), Linda Rolf, Martha Lobmeyer; #2—Evelyn McKenzie (Donita’s friend), Dorothy Nelson, Joyce Fisher (Dorothy’s friend); # 3—Dee & Dick Netzel; #4—L to R—Linda Rolf, Cassidy Boone, Anna Maria Manalo, Evelyn McKenzie,Donita Banks
Sister of the Month - Krista Aliga
     Denver Alumnae Chapter: I am so excited to be your VP of Programs for this upcoming year! I have appreciated all the feedback I've received so far, and most of all, your flexibility and understanding as I begin to learn so much about the chapter in such a short amount of time. 
     I am originally from Spirit Lake, Iowa (Northwest Iowa). I initiated in Zeta Epsilon at The University of Iowa in 2008. My boyfriend (now husband) was in Phi Mu Alpha at the time, and introduced me to the amazing Sigma Alpha Iota ladies. During my time in the collegiate chapter I served as Treasurer and head of the fundraising committee for two years, and President for one year. Our chapter grew from 7 to approximately 30 while I was a member. We had a group of performers, educators, music therapists, etc., and collaborated often with the U of I Hospitals. I am most proud of the Autism Awareness benefit concert we hosted annually as a chapter. The girls in my collegiate chapter remain some of my closest friends today. At Iowa, I received my Bachelor's of Music in Piano Performance, Bachelor's of Business Administration in Finance, and Entrepreneurial Management Certificate.
     Upon graduation, I moved to Des Moines, Iowa to work in the insurance industry as an Underwriter for property and casualty insurance. While in Des Moines I affiliated with the Des Moines Alumnae Chapter and served as their Recording Secretary/Memo Correspondent for one year. I taught piano lessons in the evenings in Des Moines, after working my full-time job. I taught 24 beginner and intermediate students while I was in there. I was in Des Moines for almost two years and transferred to Lansing, Michigan to work at the company's home office. I primarily focused on market research, product development, compliance, and education and training for the personal automobile line during my three years in Michigan. I took a break from SAI and teaching lessons in Michigan; I focused on volunteer work for the Lansing Symphony Orchestra in my free time. 
     Last June my husband, Chet, graduated from Western Michigan University with a Master's of Wind Conducting, and we found it an opportune time to move to a new city! We've always loved the outdoors, and didn't want to go too far away from the Midwest, Denver seemed to be the perfect fit. I landed a role in sales for a financial planning firm and am currently studying to take the boards to become a Certified Financial Planner this winter. My husband is the High School Band Director at Douglas County High School in Castle Rock. We are excited to make Denver our new home, and continue sharing our passion for music with our communities. 
     A few random facts: I love coffee and am always down for a coffee meetup; I enjoy running and have ran half marathons and a full marathon; I'm starting to hike and accomplished my first Fourteener in July; I would love to collaborate with anyone who needs a pianist; I am a book lover, am always open to any recommendations; my favorite store is Staples; and my favorite motto is 'teamwork makes the dream work'. I'm looking forward to getting to know each Denver Alumnae lady, and please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything.

Love and Roses,
Krista Aliga
Get to Know Your Secretary
Anna Maria Manalo

University of WI-Madison, Rho Chapter ‘89; served as Secretary and President. It was a very small chapter at that time (it has since grown!), but I was encouraged to join by a couple of singers and a flutist I was accompanying as a music student. It was a terrific decision - I instantaneously felt the spirit of sisterhood and commitment to service-through-music. I had a long hiatus from the sisterhood while going to grad school in NYC, getting married, moving to Boston, and then to Canada. Just last year , while on sabbatical at University of Chicago, one of my sisters Sarah Swanson (Flutist, scientist; President of alumnae chapter in WI) contacted me through LinkedIn, asking for me to be the Keynote speaker for Province Day, to present my work with music & healing. I was about to affiliate when my husband Stefan got offered his position here in Denver. Sarah suggested that I affiliate with the Alumnae Chapter, which was yet another terrific life decision - I LOVE being at home in Denver! I am absolutely thrilled about leading and guiding the Service Project committee, and am especially committed to be attentive and available as Recording/Corresponding Secretary. I can be reached at, FB: Anna Maria Manalo.

Get to Know Your Social Committee Chairwoman!
Cassidy Boone
     Cassidy Boone is a Colorado native, originally from the western slope of Colorado. Cassidy initiated with the Sigma Upsilon collegiate chapter at the University of Denver in 2010. As a collegiate member, Cassidy served at VP Ritual, VP Membership, Rose Sister, and Sisterhood Committee Chair. Cassidy graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor's in Classical Vocal Performance and Italian. Following graduation, Cassidy pursued a Master's in Arts Administration for Nonprofit Music Organizations at Florida State University. 
     After moving back to Denver in 2014, Cassidy affiliated with the Denver Alumnae Chapter and has been honored to serve as VP Membership and is now the active chair for the Social Committee. Cassidy has also accepted the leadership position as Alumnae Adviser - Social & Programs for the Sigma Upsilon chapter. In her day-to-day life, Cassidy in an International Marketing Manager for the tourism industry, bringing folks from around the world to experience the beauty of the Western USA.
Get to Know Your Editor
Clarissa Constantine
     Born in Orlando and raised in Miami, Clarissa remembers the day she got a letter in the mail from a member of SAI at her intended alma mater, The Hartt School at University of Hartford. Unfortunately, the chapter was on the brink of extinction, and there were no active members during her freshman year. Luckily, a local alumna worked tirelessly to help Clarissa and two others reestablish the Eta Mu chapter.
     After graduation, Clarissa stayed in Connecticut (and eventually moved to Rhode Island) but affiliated with Boston Alumnae, where she served in many leadership roles like President, VP Membership, and Editor. When she and her boyfriend, Joe (now her husband) moved to San Diego, she affiliated with San Diego Alumnae. During her time in that chapter, she again served in several roles, including President, VP Membership, VP Ritual, and Secretary.
     In Spring 2012, Clarissa received a call from then-Regional Officer Edie Marshall, asking her if she'd consider accepting the nomination for Province Officer at that summer's National Convention. She agreed and was thrilled to serve as PO for one term. She had just been elected to her second term in summer of 2015 when she and Joe started discussions about moving to Denver. 
     Now that she's in Denver, she's excited to help support the chapter as Editor. It's a role she feels comfortable fulfilling despite the fact that her work schedule often prevents her from making it to many meetings. (She helps students prepare for standardized exams, like the SAT and ACT, so she works a lot of afternoons, evenings, and weekends.) 
    She and Joe live near Park Meadows mall with their two four-legged kids: Chara (the brown & white one) is a 9-month-old all-American mutt; Luna Belle (the all brown one) is just about a year old now and is a Chocolate lab mix. They were both rescues, but the real question is: who rescued whom?
Marcia Whitcomb, September 6
Anna Maria Manalo, September 7
Lois Badgley, September 29
Nikki Frontz, October 4
Sabrina Green, October 12
Dee Netzel, October 14
Cheryl Denslow, October 28
Janet Williams, November 11
Brenda Ohlschwager, November 28
Carmel Collier, November 30
Upcoming Events
Remember to check the calendar on our website for more information!

October 17, 2017 @ 7PM 
Informal Chapter Meeting @ home of Dee Netzel

October 21, 2017 Time TBD
Social & Recruitment Event: Sip & Paint

November 19, 2017 @ 2:30PM
Formal Chapter Meeting (Location TBD)

December 4, 2017 @ 7PM
Skyline Chorus Holiday Show (Clarissa Constantine)
Augustana Lutheran Church

December 9 (Time & Location TBD)
Incorporation Day Luncheon

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