Excerpts from an address on Feb. 24, 1980 by IWDM
Submitted by Bro. Bashir Asad

Another simple truth is that the best informed society or people is most likely the society or people with the best opportunity. You know that our holy scripture, the Quran—and the Bible as well, if you understand it—doesn't put the problem on the individual; it puts the problem on the attitude of the individual.

Allah has made the individual right, but the inability to select proper, correct information causes the individual to take on attitudes that are destruction to self and life. What we have in the world today is the great problem of incorrect information, incorrect knowledge, and consequently bad attitudes—self-destructive attitudes. A gentleman wrote a book called "Black Ghetcolony." This is a word he formed himself—ghetto-colony, shortened to ghetcolony. The author of this book is Eugene Perkins.

When I read the opening chapter of this book and a few pages from the last part of this book and I read from the center pages, I said to myself this man started out on the right foot, but I don't know how he lost the ability to walk on the right foot.He ends up walking on the left foot; he didn't even use the right foot anymore but he did point out a problem that is a real problem for us—he feels that our life is still under the influences of the plantation system.

And I must agree with that. In fact, I didn't just come to that conclusion from reading his book. It was when I was ministering for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that I came to the conclusion that the problem was not so much the denial of opportunity as it was the habit of carrying slavish attitudes.Opportunities can be right there within the hand's reach, right within your own reach, but you can't take advantage of the opportunity because you don't see the opportunity, many times because of old slavish attitudes.

What do I mean by old slavish attitudes? What am I referring to? I 'm referring mainly to that position that we took as slaves and discriminated-against blacks, or Negroes as we are called in America. That attitude that we took that says this world belongs to the white man, this is the white man's world; that attitude that says we can't get in, they won't let us in. That attitude that says we are excluded, that attitude that says that's the man's thing.As long as we have that kind of attitude we won't have the courage to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to us. Whenever an opportunity comes to make you a deciding factor or an influencing factor in the life of the total society, you have to be able to identify in the total society.

If you are not able to identify in the total society, then you're not going to progress very far with attitudes that don't recognize the need to identify in the total society. You can't serve the nation while you exclude yourself or think that you don't have the right, or the freedom, or the opportunity to really compete with any other person in this society.We have the right and the opportunity; we always had the God-given right, but today, thanks be to God and thanks to our great leaders and to the reception that our call found among other people in this country—thanks to all of that, today we have opportunity. We have opportunity as well as rights. Don't think about the economic situation for America at this present time – the economic situation for America at this present time is better than the economic situation for Israel.

Let's think about something more at home; let's think about our identity crisis. Usually when we talk about identity crisis we think in terms of color, we think in terms of nationalism. Who am I? I am a black man, I am a black woman. Who am I? I am a black child. Africans are my ancestors; Africa is my motherland. Well there are identity crises that will cripple you more.

Although that knowledge is needed—you need to know where Africa is, you need to know that your ancestors came from Africa, and you need to know that you got your black skin from Africa—but as I said before, there are identity crises more serious than that.

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Congratulations to singer-songwriter Naimah Muhammad, granddaughter of Fitrah Muhammad, on the release of her new song "Born To Be A Fighter"! 

The song is an anthem supporting courage, drive, and fearlessness and comes in time to celebrate Black History Month and Women's History Month coming up. The song was just featured on Apple Music's "Flowers for Black Women" playlist on Apple Music celebrating Black women and Black female artists who help motivate, empower, and ignite confidence. 

Stay tuned for a special video highlighting trailblazing Black Women throughout history - including Sister Clara Muhammad. 



Congratulations to Imam Yahya Abdullah's grandson, Malik Muhammad, a sophomore corner back in Dallas, TX, on his many University/College offers! 

WATCH: Keys to Everyday Happiness (Communication) - Part I by Dr. Z

Please join us for a video showing of the theatrical production:
Carrying the Load....the life and times of Sister Clara Muhammad
by renowned playwright Mahasin D. Shamsid-Deen
Saturday - February 27, 2021
8pm EST
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Masjid Bilal Unveils A New Minaret: Despite the challenging times impacting us all, Masjid Bilal Islamic Center has continued its monumental effort to construct a new Masjid and community center in the heart of Los Angeles. On February 16, 2021, a  beautiful new minaret was unveiled by construction workers that now towers over the area. At over 70 feet tall, it is the tallest minaret in California. The project, located at the intersection of Central Avenue and Martin Luther King Blvd, has shown tremendous progress since construction began in 2019. Upon completion, the facility will encompass an entire city block. It's beautiful new is the tallest in California at 73 feet-tall.

"We pay as we go," says Imam Abdul Karim Hasan, the community's long-time religious leader. "Allah has blessed us with some very hard-working and sincere people who have been very diligent in helping us raise funds to continue building."

Please donate to Masjid Bilal Islamic Center, Inc. by phone 323-233-7274 with credit card or online at website:

"Who ever recommends and helps a good cause becomes a part there in" 
-Holy Qur'an 4:85 

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‘Long Hauler’ COVID
By Dr. Ramadan

With Allah’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer
When you are driving and you enter a tunnel, you expect to come out of the far end and continue on your journey. Well, ‘long hauler’ COVID is like never coming out of the far end of the tunnel. The tunnel feels endless. You are left wondering what is going on.  Why is it that you can’t seem to get over some COVID symptoms even though you have come through the acute COVID illness successfully. Some symptoms linger with you and you can’t seem to shake them. You are left continually explaining how you feel to your family and your doctor. This can take an emotional toll on an individual.

Recent studies indicate that around 76% of patients with COVID still experienced at least one symptom after six months. These symptoms may include fatigue, muscle weakness, “brain fog,”  sleeping difficulties, anxiety or depression. Other common symptoms include, hair loss, a prolonged loss of taste and smell, and joint pains.

Overall, among those who contract COVID, at least one out ten will fall into the syndrome of chronic ‘long-hauler’ COVID. They experience the symptoms mentioned above for weeks or even months after the virus itself has resolved. And that amounts to millions of people. 

Studies indicate that 60 to 80% of the ‘long haulers’ are women, particularly women between the ages of 40-60 years as the highest risk group. Additionally, those having asthma and being overweight contribute to heightened risk. This risk decreases after menopause when it begins to equal that of men in the same age group. Studies have also shown that experiencing five or more symptoms during the first week of the acute COVID illness has been associated with increased risk of developing ‘long hauler’ COVID later. With that being said, one of the characteristics of COVID is that it randomly chooses its victims: therefore, the question is how can one avoid developing ‘long hauler’ COVID? 

First and foremost, strive to avoid getting COVID by following the CDC guidelines of masking, social distancing, hand hygiene and voiding large crowds. 

Second, maintain good health by eating nutritious food that strengthens your immune system functioning. 

Third take a multiple vitamin, and be especially mindful to get Vitamin D, A, E, C, and Mg, Zn. Probiotics and other nutritionals are helpful. 

Fourth, be sure to exercise, get some sunshine and adequate rest. Melatonin may help.  Specifically follow the recommendations of your doctor. Keep up your prayers and guard your emotional health. This syndrome of ‘long hauler’ COVID is actively under study now. 

May Allah (swt) guide us, bless us, and keep us safe. Ameen.
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