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The Role of Containerization in NeuroImaging Analyses

Containers for running software are all the rage these days. “Containers are a solution to the problem of how to get software to run reliably when moved from one computing environment to another.”1 Recently container solutions using Docker2 and Singularity3 have become very popular for neuroimaging applications. Containers are important for software developers as it provides a means to precisely control the execution environment of a software package, and facilitate deployment across heterogeneous hardware platforms. Containers are important for researchers, as it provides a precise means to document the exact software environment and configuration in order to support more reproducible computational analysis.

Many of the software resources at NITRC are now providing containerized versions to their users. In addition, end users can take their favorite software configurations and create custom containers for their specific applications, which can then be shared (for example, with the resulting publication) and reused in order to replicate an identical workflow. New tools such as NeuroDocker4 are easing the task of creating both Docker and Singularity containers for the community.

The NITRC Computational Environment (NITRC-CE) has been at the forefront of virtualization since 2012.  We’re excited to announce that a new option, NITRC-CE:Lite, will be available soon. NITRC-CE:Lite will be a Docker player, configured for deployment on the Amazon Web Services EC2 cloud computing environment, or as a VirtualBox appliance. From the NITRC-CE:Lite instance, users will have an easily deployable way to run pre-built docker images or create new ones with their own Dockerfiles.  The original NITRC-CE service will be rebranded as NITRC-CE:Classic, and continue to include an ever expanding range of software configurations (click on our User Guide List of Installed Packages).

As always, the NITRC team is excited to support the neuroimaging community in these advancements in neuroimaging computation. Feel free to reach out to the NITRC team for support of these and any other related issues.


Longstanding Presence at OHBM Continues

NITRC has exhibited at OHBM for 12 years and continued that streak this June in Singapore. This year, the NITRC Team also participated in a Mentoring luncheon and NITRC-CE was also used during a full-day Educational Course entitled: Hands on reproducible brain imaging. 

OHBM Mentoring Luncheon

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New Tools/Resources Added

Last quarter, 19 new tools/resources were added to NITRC-R with domains like imaging genomics, MR, clinical neuroinformatics and more. We also added Longitudinal Analysis as a Software category so you can now easily view all longitudinal analysis tools with one quick selection.

Brain Genomics Superstruct Project Open Access Data Released

This carefully vetted collection of neuroimaging, behavior, cognitive, and personality data for over 1,500 human participants has just been added to NITRC-IR. Each neuroimaging data set includes one high-resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) acquisition and one or more resting-state functional MRI acquisitions. View On NITRC-IR

4 New Software Packages on NITRC-CE - Our Classic flavor!

We're excited to announce that DataLad, Docker, SPM, and CONN packages have been added to the latest v0.46 of NITRC-CE: Classic in May. Check them out! Keep your eyes out for NITRC-CE: Lite coming soon.
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