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Newsletter of February 2022

In February we reached a lot of big milestones, and we are more than happy to share them with you! First of all we got to test the Delta-XE on a dynamometer at Ten Kate and later this month it even drove on the TT circuit Assen!

Dynotest at Ten Kate

We went to Ten Kate Racing Products to put the Delta-XE on their dynamometer. We put the bike, specifically the batterpack, to it's limits. We reached speeds over 300 km/h. But more important, we learned a lot about the behavings of the batterypack and the bike. Later this week we will publish a blog about the dynamometer testing. There you can read everything you would like to know about this test.

Testing Day on TT circuit Assen

The Delta-XE finally got to race on a circuit. The day we have all been waiting for, and it was a big success! The bike reached a speed of 140 km/h with only 50% of the nominal power. In case you are very interested in what we did and the specific numbers, we will be publishing a blog about the testing day on the TT circuit Assen next week!

Open Days

Apart from our big achievements this month, we also have to think about the team next year. That means that we will be present at the open days of Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the University of Twente. We are also organizing interest moments and small lectures about our student team.

Partner highlights

In-tech designs the mobility of the future: in-tech creates innovative solutions for Automotive, Smart City and Smart Factory. They provides us with parts related to charging the superbike. Additionally, in-tech is helping us implement the CCS charging protocol in order to enable the superbike to charge everywhere.
Urenco is a company specialized in the enrichment of uranium services and power generation within a framework of high environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance standards. They do this through highly advanced centrifuge technology. Urenco believes that nuclear power is an essential part of the energy mix toward a more sustainable future. Urenco supports us financially.
ETC, or Enrichment Technology Company is a company that believes that nuclear energy has a key role to play in securing a sustainable energy global supply. Through the development of uranium enrichment technology, they are committed to the continuing of supply of low-carbon energy for the future. They support us both financially and through the workshop they give us in order to improve our team and function more effectively.

A word from our Chief Chassis

February was a month packed with activities. First, we went to Ten Kate where we tested the DELTA-XE to see whether our hard work paid off. And it did. The motor performed as expected even reaching a top speed of 320 km/h with 221 horsepower.   
Not long after, we visited the TT circuit Assen where we were fortunate enough to see the DELTA-XE drive for the very first time. In order to make this first ever test day of EST 5 run smoothly the weeks leading up to Assen were occupied with preparations. This began by detailing what we wanted to test at the circuit, making a packing list to ensure that we were prepared for almost all thinkable scenarios and to write out a safety plan in the event of a crash. Here we detailed the workings of our bike and the safety standards the DELTA-XE meets to ensure that all parties involved were well informed. Unfortunately, we could not perform all the tests that were planned due to both the weather and some unforeseen errors that prevented us to complete a full lap. Nonetheless, the DELTA-XE reached a top speed of 140 km/h on the straights with only 50% of its nominal power. We had an exciting day and took a lot of lessons with us to make our next test even better. Now that the test at Assen is completed, we look towards interoperating all the valuable insights we learned and analyse the data we collected to further improve the DELTA-XE.  

This month we also started to look at the APEX-RS, our focus has mainly been on its successor since the DELTA-XE had not driven and the APEX-RS did. Now that they are at a similar stage in development, we are trying to elevate both bikes such that they are race ready at the start of our first race in April.  

Lastly, we looked towards next year and deliberated on how we would like to see EST be continued. The first recruiting already started today by an online interest session where the curious would be able to ask us their questions.

A word from our Chief Powertrain

Finally! Our first day on the track is a fact! On the 22nd of February we were able to visit the circuit of Assen to test our superbike on the track for the first time, which is a great milestone. And, as one might be able to deduce from this: we are able to charge again as well! However, the old charger is not able to charge again yet, so this is something we will continue working on in the coming weeks.  

Due to several reasons we were not able to test at full power on the track yet. First of all, it was a cold and intermittently raining day, which makes it dangerous to drive fast. And secondly, during the test runs on the dynamometer of Ten Kate which we visited the week before, the motor controller showed some instable behaviour at high currents. Since safety is our paramount priority, we chose to limit the power of the bike. But we are convinced we will be able to drive at higher power in the coming period.  
The next big step in our planning is getting the Apex going again, and preparing the bikes for the first race in the end of April. 

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