Greetings, Pacific Northwest District Key Clubbers!

My name is Dmitri Saberi and I am your 2017-2018 Pacific Northwest District Governor. Welcome to the second Bi-Weekly Update of the Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International! In case this is your first read, the objective of these updates is to provide a window into what is going on at the District level, as well as giving you, the members, resources and tangible ways to get your club involved in District-wide efforts. This update will include much of the basics of the first update, along with some highlights of the last few weeks. Please share this update with other members within your club and enjoy the read!
On July 28, The Executive Board and District Project Director Danielle Bae had the opportunity to visit Doernbecher Children's Hospital and accompany some officers from PNW Kiwanis on a tour. The tour was an incredibly eye-opening experience for all in attendance, as they were given a view of the personal stories involved with KCCP and saw firsthand the impact of the funds we raise. Meeting the fellows that our money is going to face-to-face was enlightening and reassuring, as it proved further the ability of the Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program to house some of the most intelligent, passionate, and driven researchers the world has seen. To see these same stories and get more information on Doernbecher's in particular, click here. Additionally, for more information on KCCP itself, click here. The money raised for this program goes towards funding fellows, who are part of a three-year research program at the hospital. After this, they move on to positions either in the same hospital that they were a fellow at, or at other hospitals across the country. In fact, according to the US News and World Report ranking in Pediatric Oncology, Seattle Children's is 11th in the nation, and Doernbecher Children's is ranked 47th. Having two of the most high-caliber hospitals in the nation working directly with us means that the impact of our funds reaches far beyond the Pacific Northwest. The fellows trained within these hospitals are the researchers of the future that will be breaking down the final barriers to a cure for children's cancer across the nation. Join the fight, and let's end childhood cancer.

Not being in Key Club too long, I was only able to attend two rallies in my Key Club experience: the SEAttle Rally and Canada Rally the summer of 2016. If you haven't attended any rallies, my biggest recommendation would be to go to one, and just have fun! Though I have heard about rallies, I never got to experience it firsthand experience: both Rallies were so spirited and full of positivity and service. Though both were in the same district, the experiences were quite different.

In my home area of Bellevue, the SEAttle Rally had hundreds of members representing their division with pride, making the cafeteria a jumble of war cries from Batmen, Bumblebees, Krakens, Dragons, etc., which of course, was a little overwhelming, but it really pumps you up and fall into the unwavering passion and spirit of the foundation of Key Club--plus those spirit battles take some real dedication to win (some are endless). Not only are the members amazing--and don't be afraid to reach out to people--but the district board works tirelessly to create such rallies, and major hats off to them for all their work. All the workshops are infused with the knowledge to expand your knowledge on Key Club, and laughter is thrown into the mix to keep you intrigued; I did a team building exercise that involved replicating an unknown figure with marshmallows and noodles--lesson learned of the essential need for teamwork and trust. 

In contrast, Canada Rally had fewer attendees due to the nature in the location of Key Clubbers, but nevertheless not losing at all in spirit. The rally itself was roughly the same schedule--workshops, lunch, ceremonies--but personally, I enjoyed the Canada rally more! This was due to the fact that being in a more foreign area, I was forced to become closer to Key Clubbers whom I travelled with, and with a smaller attendee size, I was able to bond easier with members, laughing at district board members being pied who I had newly befriended. Yet I still loved the Seattle Rally; I just didn't have the courage to go up to random people and introduce myself with such a big crowd. Thus, all I can say is take a chance and immerse yourself into the passion and service that Key Club embodies at rallies, and overall just have a great time! The different nature of each rally really opens the opportunity for everyone to find one that suits them - I recommend everyone to try to at least attend one rally this year.


Vroom vroom, here comes Nhung! Hello Pacific Northwest District Board! My name is Nhung Tran and I will be serving as your International Trustee for the 2017-2018 service year. If you are curious about the pronunciation of my name, it is the sound of a car speeding down a street (“nyoom”). I come from the California-Nevada-Hawai’i KIWIN’S Key Club District and I am an incoming senior at La Quinta High School in Orange County, one of the busiest yet laidback places in California. Since I was young, I was interested in the arts, so I took on painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, and more. My passion for art then progressed towards the digital route, where I taught myself graphic design, web design, animation, and video production. I sought to contribute my skills to this organization, and I was able to combine my passion for Key Club, the arts, technology, and communications as a Club Bulletin Editor and District Bulletin Editor. I am looking forward to working with you all as an International Trustee. I hope we will be able to incorporate our skills for a successful year for the Pacific Northwest! Don’t be afraid to reach out to me because I would love to get to know each of you better! Take care.

In Service and Spirit,

Nhung Tran
Key Club International Trustee 2017-2018

  • Portland Rally: August 5 at First United Methodist Church in Portland, OR from 9:20 AM - 3:30 PM. Click here for more information.
  • Tacoma Rally: August 7 at Lakes High School in Tacoma, WA from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Click here for more information.
  • Canada Rally: August 12
  • PNWOF: Released September 1
  • DCON 2018: March 16-18, 2018
Key Club is made up of four major levels, each led by a Board of Officers:

1. The Club Level: The most important level of Key Club. The club level is where the action happens: the fundraisers, service projects, and other service-oriented events are held by the clubs. As a member, you are the reason Key Club has the vast impact it has. The club level is led by a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor. However, each club puts its own spin on this system, so there are typically positions added and subtracted to the aforementioned Board.

2. The Divisional Level: This level serves as the liaison between the club level and the District/International levels. There is only one official officer for this level, the Lieutenant Governor. It is the Lieutenant Governor's responsibility to oversee the clubs in their division, and disseminate information from the higher levels.

3. The District Level: The next level is the District level. Just as clubs within a District are organized into divisions, divisions are organized by area into Districts. We are all a part of the Pacific Northwest District, which spans all of Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, in addition to parts of Canada, Idaho, and even California! In fact, we are so large that we are geographically the largest District in all of International. There are 41 Divisions within the Pacific Northwest, each assigned to a Lieutenant Governor. At the District Level, the PNW is led by an Executive Board; the Governor (Dmitri Saberi), the Secretary (Ashley Villanueva), the Treasurer (Brian Nguyen), and the Editor (Kaho Otake). The District Board as a whole is comprised of Lieutenant Governors and Committee Chairs, and is led by the Executive Board.

4. The International Level: International is the highest level of Key Club. As the name suggests, Key Club International reaches all around the world. Just as Districts are made up of Divisions, International is made up of 33 Districts. This level is led by an International Board, which is comprised of 11 Trustees, and is led by the International President and Vice-President. The Trustees are liaisons to the District Level, and each are assigned to three Districts (Just like Lieutenant Governors!). The Trustee for the Pacific Northwest this last year was Nicole Montana. We recently elected a new International Board at International Convention, and our new Trustee will be assigned to us in the coming weeks.

— PNW Opportunity Fund —

The PNWOF (Pacific Northwest Opportunity Fund) is a grant system for any chartered Key Clubs and members around our district that have great service ideas they want to bring to life, but lack the funds to do so. The PNWOF Committee will be working diligently throughout the year to provide financial support to individual clubs and members to help support our District Project, strengthen the local community, and encourage servant leadership through service grants. The application form for the grant will be released on September 1 and the due date for the application form is October 31. Do you have a great idea for a service project but don't have the resources to take action? What are you waiting for? Apply! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email

— PNW District Convention 2018 —
It may be summer vacation, but the District Board is already hard at work planning for DCON 2018! District Convention is an incredible weekend that brings around 2000 Key Clubbers from across the Pacific Northwest together for a celebration of the service year. In addition to taking part in electing the next Executive Board, Attendees will have the opportunity to experience professional speakers, an entertainer, workshops led by District Board members and professional facilitators, a Service Fair featuring colleges and other organizations, a dance, and so much more! We can't wait to see you all back in Portland, Oregon, from March 16-18, 2018. This year's theme is Destination: Service, which emphasizes every member's individual journey through Key Club and the diversity of our organization. Get ready for an exciting trip through several iconic locations around the world! Speaking of the theme...The Logo Design Contest is now open and we're looking for creative Key Clubbers to design logos for the official Convention t-shirt, pin, bag, and lanyard. If you or someone you know might be interested, visit or email for more information. 

— The Kiwanis-family —
In the PNW District, we have over 13,171 members but did you know that we have an even larger Kiwanis Family? The Kiwanis Family consists of six different branches that bring together different age groups and people who all have a common passion for service. K-Kids is designated for elementary school students and much like the middle school branch, Builders Club, it teaches the value of serving your community to a younger audience. The next branch is very familiar to all of you, Key Club! Key Club is the largest and oldest service program for high school students. Going off to college in the fall? Join Circle K, a service organization for college students! For adults living with disabilities is Aktion Club, an organization that allows them to build leadership skills through service. Lastly is our parent organization, Kiwanis. Without Kiwanis, our Kiwanis Family wouldn’t exist! 

It's finally here: Volume 28 Issue 1 of THE ESPRESSO (click here). This is the official publication of the Pacific Northwest District of Key Club, published seasonally by District Editor, Kaho Otake.

In this issue: 
  • Recaps from DCON, Spring Joint DCMs, and more!
  • Jane Tang's Key Club Story 
  • Updates from the Executive Board and our International Trustee, Nicole Montana
  • Information regarding our District Project: KCCP
  • Preview of Summer Rallies 
  • Club Spotlight: Hermiston Key Club (Division 80)
The Executive Board is proud to present Volume 3 Cup 1 of The RECAPpuccino. Stay tuned for updates, important news, upcoming dates, and more!
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