Greetings, Pacific Northwest District Key Clubbers!

Greetings, and welcome to the 4th Bi-Weekly Update! This email is largely focused on money: dues, the PNWOF, and The Treasurer's Post from your District Treasurer Brian Nguyen. The PNWOF is a grant fund that the Pacific Northwest is piloting this year that allocates $10,000 to award in total to clubs across the District to assist them with financial difficulties in their service projects. Read the rest of the email to discover more about the fund and how your club can apply. Additionally, as school begins to come full circle, please remember that your club must pay dues in a timely manner in order to be an officially active club. Dues (Which are $12.50 per member) are paid and processed via a system called the Membership Update Center, which launches on September 5. Make sure that your officer board is working with your Faculty Advisor to get these expenses handled. 

As always, let other members in your club know about these emails! Tell them to go to to sign up for this mailing list; the first pop-up you see will give you the option to provide your information and join the list. Thank you for reading, and please never hesitate to reach out to me (My email is
The PNWOF is a grant system for clubs and/or individual members that have great service ideas but don’t have the money to get it started. Your service project can be for the community or the District Project, KCCP. Every club and/or member in the PNW district will have a chance to receive up to $1000. The application form will be released on September 1st on the district website ( and will stay open until October 31st. In addition to the RECAPpuccino, there will be a flyer including the information you need to know about the PNWOF in your division’s monthly newsletter, so be on the lookout!

The Quarterly Treasurer Update from District Treasurer Brian Nguyen consists of updates on membership count, active club count, total funds raised for the District Project, and more. 

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The Membership Update Center (MUC) opens on September 5th. The MUC is where your club pays dues; the first club that pays their dues receives recognition at DCON 2018. If your club pays before October 1st, then your club receives Early Bird status, which can give your division better seating at DCON. The Past Due deadline is December 1st, so don't forget to get your dues in prior to that deadline!

From August 24th to the 27th, eight district board members had the opportunity to attend the 100th Annual Pacific Northwest Kiwanis District Convention in Kennewick, Washington. The board members interacted with approximately 400 Kiwanians and witnessed their love for service firsthand. From bidding $45 on a single macadamia nut to $1000 on a teddy bear for KCCP, Kiwanians showed the true meaning that lies in the Kiwanis International motto: Serving the Children of the World. Governor Dmitri Saberi spoke at the Outreach Reception and Service Leadership Program Breakfast to show Kiwanians how much they mean to high school servant leaders.

— Kiwanis One Day —

Each year, the Kiwanis-Family branches around the world come together on the fourth Saturday of October for Kiwanis One Day. Kiwanis One Day is a day of united service among all of the K-Family branches recognized by Kiwanis International. Each Key Club is encouraged to join with the rest of their K-Family - K-Kids, Builders Club, Circle K, Aktion Club, and Kiwanis - to take part in Kiwanis One Day on October 28th. Not sure what you're doing for Kiwanis One Day? Here are some tips! If you haven’t already contacted your sponsoring Kiwanis Club to ask if they are planning to do a service project, make sure to do that first. Next, start planning ahead of time! If you want to have a successful service project and include all of your K-Family, it is crucial to start planning one to two months in advance. Different service projects include community clean ups, hosting a car wash to support KCCP, making no-sew blankets, and much more! If you have any questions, please email or contact your Lieutenant Governor. Don’t forget to hashtag your photos #KiwanisOneDay and #PNWKFAM!

— Membership Campaign —

As the bursting amber colors of Fall begin to approach, it is important to start setting ideal and tangible membership goals for the school year. Luckily, the Membership Growth & Reactivation Committee has already set up goals for you! On September 16th, 2017, through the bi-weekly email system, social media platforms, and the website, the MGRC Committee will be releasing a dynamic range of promotional materials to start off the school year. Furthermore, within this campaign, we will be pushing hard for each individual club and division to exceed their provided goal. The first three divisions will be awarded an incentive. This includes pizza, ice cream, or donuts of your choice provided at your DCM. During the 69th District Convention, clubs and divisions that exceed their goal will be invited to the Governor's Reception. Also, clubs and divisions will be recognized on district social media and the bi-weekly email updates for exceeding their membership count.

— KCCP Week —

The PNW is implementing a new Fall Fundraising Campaign called KCCP Week! This week will consist of different activities throughout the week of  October 2 through October 6 that clubs and members will partake in to advocate and fundraise for KCCP. 

MONDAY (OCT 2): WEBINAR Join Andrew Baek, Jane Tang, and Danielle Bae in a Fundraising Webinar, which will consist of fundraising ideas, tips and tricks for fundraising, a deeper explanation of KCCP, and a Q&A session. 

TUESDAY (OCTOBER 3): SOCIAL MEDIA PLEDGE DAY On this day, we will provide you an overlay and every individual will pledge to fundraise a certain amount of money for KCCP.

WEDNESDAY (OCTOBER 4): SCHOOL OUTREACH This is the day where we will communicate the missions of KCCP to our schools and ask for donations from our peers. Each club board is expected to plan and execute how they will reach out to their educational communities and how they will involve their members. 

THURSDAY (OCTOBER 5): SHARE YOUR STORY This day will be a day full of impact: the PNW Districts Projects committee will work with the PNW Key Club Blog (or PLOG) to release a handful of stories about KCCP. 

FRIDAY (OCTOBER 6) COMMUNITY DAY On this day, your Lt. G.s will be planning a fundraiser for your division that involves outreaching to the community. 

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