Greetings, Pacific Northwest District Key Clubbers!

Greetings, PNW Key Clubbers! Welcome to the fifth Bi-Weekly Update. I hope that the beginning of school has been productive and enjoyable for all of you! And as sad as it is to see summer pass, the beginning of the fall brings full circle a plethora of new opportunities, information, and resources from the District. It is often said that the fall is the busiest time of the year for Key Club, and that statement definitely holds true. In terms of the content of this email, I will first highlight the fact that DCON 2018 Registration has been officially released; please refer to the rest of this email for the Call to Convention. Along with this, you can read about the recent Official Visit to Divisions 9 and 52, District-Wide efforts, club funding opportunities, and more! Please enjoy this update and, as always, never hesitate to contact me at

Are YOU ready to join over 2,000 Key Clubbers down in Portland, Oregon to celebrate the past year of service? Are YOU excited to reach your Destination: Service? You’re in luck! Call to Convention 2018 has finally been released and you are now able to start the registration process for your club. Please thoroughly read through the Call to Convention Packets, especially Section A, as this contains several vital components to ensure smooth registration for your club. Also, the official Call to Convention 2018 video has been published. Share this at club meetings for a glimpse of what DCON is like. It is highly encouraged that your club begins registration early because the deadline for all required paperwork and payment is February 1, 2018. Email Convention Chair Vivia Zhu at for any questions or concerns.

The 69th Annual Pacific Northwest District Convention will take place at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon from March 16th to March 18th, 2018.

Pacific Northwest Opportunities Fund (PNWOF)

The Pacific Northwest Opportunities Fund is now open until October 31, 2017. Apply online for a chance to receive money to support your club’s next service project. Visit for more information about this grant. Email District Treasurer and PNWOF Chair Brian Nguyen at if you have any questions or concerns.


Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF)

The Youth Opportunities Fund is similar to the PNWOF, except it is granted to clubs all around Key Club International. Grants range from $100 to $2,000 and the application deadline is on October 15, 2017, by 11:59 PM EST. Visit for more information about the grant.


Nickelodeon Halo Movement Grant

Key Club has partnered up with Nickelodeon to provide Key Clubbers the opportunity to do what we do best--serve our homes, schools, and communities. Here is yet another chance for your club to earn grants for service projects ranging from $100 to $2,500. The first application cycle is from September 1 to November 30. Visit for more information on applying for this grant.
For additional insight or questions about the YOF or the Nickelodeon Halo Movement Grant, feel free to reach out to our International Trustee Nhung Tran at

The 2017-18 Key Club fall mailing is in route to district administrators and faculty advisors of active clubs in the U.S., Canada, and Caribbean-Atlantic districts. Please remind advisors to check their school mailboxes for this mailing.
The mailing should reach clubs before the end of September. If a club doesn't receive their mailing by this time, please instruct the club advisor to contact the member services team at to request a new package. If you have concerns or questions about the mailing, please contact Lisa Pyron at Visit to see what’s in the fall mailing package.

Governor Dmitri visited Divisions 9 and 52 on the weekend of September 8-10. Here, he was able to join Division 9 LTG Cody Hawley, along with other clubs in Division 9, for a service project that involved making wooden toys for children at the local pre-schools, as well as a training session afterward. It was an extremely productive evening, and it was amazing to see the great passion for service and dedication to the children in their community that Division 9 has! On Saturday, Governor Dmitri joined Division 52 LTG Aryana Villafuerte along with several other members in an informative presentation and officer training. Afterwards, members and officers of Division 52 enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon at the bowling alley. Once again, it was an inspiring weekend of engaging with and educating members from rural areas of our District!

The Membership Update Center (MUC) is open now! The MUC is where your club inputs the information for dues-paid members. If your club submits dues payment before November 1st, then your club receives Early Bird status, which increases your chances of having better divisional seating at DCON 2018. The final dues deadline is December 1st, so make sure your club submits dues prior to this deadline.

— Kiwanis One Day —

Each year, Kiwanis and family clubs around the world join in a day of service. Kiwanis One Day currently is held on the fourth Saturday of October. In 2017, Kiwanis One Day will be observed on October 28. Here is a link to the Kiwanis information about Kiwanis One Day:

Kiwanis One Day is a great opportunity to bring together the Kiwanis family of clubs to focus on local community service. It’s an example of our belief that kids need Kiwanis–kids in the community need Kiwanis to provide programs and services no longer available because of school and municipal budget constraints, and kids who want to be in youth clubs need Kiwanis club members as mentors to help them thrive, prosper and grow.
 If you have any questions, please email or contact your Lieutenant Governor. Don’t forget to hashtag your photos #KiwanisOneDay and #PNWKFAM!

 — Membership Campaign —

A new school year equals a new generation of freshmen to recruit into Key Club! Fortunately, the Membership Growth & Reactivation Committee has created the Membership Campaign for our district and it starts today! In order for the Pacific Northwest District to reach our membership goal of 13,500 members by DCON, the MGRC Committee has released a plethora of promotional materials for clubs to start off the school year. We are pushing for each club and ultimately, division, to exceed their provided goal. The first three divisions who reach their membership goal will be awarded an incentive of pizza, ice cream, or donuts of your choice provided at a DCM. During DCON 201, clubs and divisions that exceed their goal will be invited to the Governor’s Reception. Also, clubs and divisions will be recognized on the district’s social media platforms and future bi-weekly email updates for surpassing their provided membership goal.

— KCCP Week —

The PNW is implementing a new Fall Fundraising Campaign called KCCP Week! This week will consist of different activities throughout the week of  October 2 through October 6 that clubs and members will partake in to advocate and fundraise for KCCP. 

MONDAY (OCT 2): WEBINAR Join Andrew Baek, Jane Tang, and Danielle Bae in a Fundraising Webinar, which will consist of fundraising ideas, tips and tricks for fundraising, a deeper explanation of KCCP, and a Q&A session. 

TUESDAY (OCTOBER 3): SOCIAL MEDIA PLEDGE DAY On this day, we will provide you an overlay and every individual will pledge to fundraise a certain amount of money for KCCP.

WEDNESDAY (OCTOBER 4): SCHOOL OUTREACH This is the day where we will communicate the missions of KCCP to our schools and ask for donations from our peers. Each club board is expected to plan and execute how they will reach out to their educational communities and how they will involve their members. 

THURSDAY (OCTOBER 5): SHARE YOUR STORY This day will be a day full of impact: the PNW Districts Projects committee will work with the PNW Key Club Blog (or PLOG) to release a handful of stories about KCCP. 

FRIDAY (OCTOBER 6) COMMUNITY DAY On this day, your Lt. G.s will be planning a fundraiser for your division that involves outreaching to the community. got a makeover!

Key Club is thrilled to announce that the international website has received a fresh makeover. The site features unique toolkits, easy search optimization and a service directory that you can be featured in! Check out all the exciting new features and more now!

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