Included in this issue:
~ February Volunteer Meeting Slidedeck 
~ Dublin St Patrick's Day Parade (March 12; register ASAP)
~ Thinking Day (March 27; registration EXTENDED to 3/14)
~ Camporee Butano (April 22-24; register by 3/14 [Younger Girls])

~ Older Girl Nature Hike (May 1st; register by 4/22)
~ Scout Day at the A's (May 15th; register by 3/27 [by TROOP])
~ Cookie Program Information
~ GSNorCal Council Updates
~ Mandated Reporter Course

~ Camp Out Training
~ Name the 2022 Early Renewal Bird
~ Creating Our Future - 110th Anniversary Challenge Activity Sheet
~ Staples Partnership
February Volunteer Meeting
Slide Deck

Link here for Slide Deck

Meeting Featured:
~ Upcoming events
~ Thinking Day information
Dublin St Patrick's Day Parade
Sign Up ASAP

Saturday, March 12th, 2022

Link here for Sign Up Sheet
Thinking Day Celebration
Fine Arts Around The World

Sunday, March 27th, 2022

Deadline to Register: EXTENDED to March 14th, 2022
Registration Link

Who: All Levels, Kindergarten Daisies through 12th Grade Ambassadors
Date: March 27th, 2022
Time: 1pm-4pm
Place: Las Positas Community College Gym (Bldg 2500 at 3000 Campus Hill Drive, Livermore)
Cost: $7 per person (girl and adult)
            plus $10 parking fee per Troop
Includes: admission, activities, event fun patch and badge
Registration Link
Deadline to Register: EXTENDED to March 14th, 2022

A celebration of international friendship led by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the World
Kindergarten Daisy Girl Scouts - You are invited to come and enjoy the event!
1st Grade Daisy Scouts and Up - Pick a country and sponsor a fun booth and activity! 

Everyone attending must be a registered Girl Scout.
MASKS are required throughout the event.
Tables and chairs should have rubber feet.
Wear sneakers to the event. NO HEELS! 

Questions? Contact Lei at or 925-336-0479
Attend Camporee Butano
Girl Scouts Al Fresco - Younger Girls

April 22nd to April 24th, 2022

Deadline to Register: March 14th, 2022
Registration Link

Who: Younger Girls (1st Gr Daisies through 5th Gr Juniors)
Date: April 22nd - 24th, 2022
Time: 6pm, Friday April 22nd through 12pm, Sunday April 24th
Place: Camp Butano Creek, Pescadero, San Mateo County
Cost: $55 per girl
            $50 per adult (limited to safety wise)
Includes: fun patch, badge, t-shirt and 4 meals
Registration Link
Deadline to Register: March 14th, 2022

Come get your troop outdoors and get back to the basics.  Learn fun outdoor skills such as pitching a tent, tying knots and building a campfire and much more.

Secure a spot for your troop with a $10 per person, non-refundable registration fee by Monday, March 14th, 2022 to participate in a registration lottery. Space is limited and to enable as many girls as possible to attend, we must limit to Safety- Wise adult-to-girl ratios.
If your troop’s headcount decreases to a lower number after receipt of your registration, your $10.00 per person registration deposit is non-refundable and cannot be applied to the final payment (balanced owed) for others in your troop. So DO NOT put your whole troop of girls into the lottery with the intent to determine later who is actually going to go. PLEASE, we MUST have ACCURATE headcount numbers at the registration lottery.

*One attending adult from each troop MUST HAVE taken “Troop Camping Certification” in order to attend Camporee
**There is a MANDATORY MEETING for all adults attending Camporee I Butano - TBD

We are also looking for volunteers to help in our Kitchen, First Aid Station or Archery.  First Aid, Serve Safe and Archery certification needed. Any adult willing to fill our volunteer positions during Camporee weekend will have priority registration.

Proof of negative COVID test will be required for attendance and will be updated closer to the event per local guidelines.
Masks will be mandatory for everyone to wear while at camp, both inside and outside.  Sleeping and meal times will be the only time they won’t be required to be worn.

Please plan to attend the whole weekend. There will be no late arrivals or early departures.

Questions? Contact Suzanne at or 925-980-9097
Older Girl Nature Hike
Sunday, May 1st, 10a-12p

Little Yosemite, Sunol Wilderness Regional Preserve

Cost: $2.50 per girl
Includes: group hike, trail mix snack, fun patch
Sign Up: by April 22nd
Contact: Katie (

Scout Day at the A's
vs Angels

Saturday, May 15th, 2022

Cost: $25 per ticket (family and friends welcome)
Includes: parade on the field, pregame festival, fun patch
Sign Up: by March 27th (BY TROOP)
Contact: Jennifer (

Cookie Program Information
2022 GSNorCal Cookie Program will run from February 1st to March 27th, 2022

Link here for information on the Crossroads Website

March 4th Message from GS NorCal Product Program Team
Hello Cookie Teams and Caregivers,
First, a huge thank you to everyone who is participating in and supporting this year’s cookie program. We have many bright spots to celebrate with our cookie entrepreneurs.  We also know, that as with so much these past two years, our girls, volunteers, families and council have had to adapt to uncertainty, surprises and disappointments.  Our cookie businesses are not immune from the supply chain issues that are challenging businesses around the world, and our girls are learning first-hand about business decision-making, risks, and ethics.
A second thank you to so many volunteers and caregivers taking the time to respond to our Next Steps survey. We have summarized votes below and attached the additional feedback responses. We have not finalized a decision on adjusting reward tiers with 3.5 weeks still left in the program. We need to better understand the costs of the additional shipping promotions that GSNorCal now plans to support. We will share the rewards decision towards the last week of the program. Should you have additional thoughts, please reach out to to share.
1023 votes: End March 27 and let girls sell through remaining inventory
747 votes: End March 27 and bring in inventory for final week risk-free checkout
634 votes: Extend to April 10 since inventory is arriving so late
426 votes: Extend to April 3 since inventory is arriving so late

The 2022 Cookie Program will end on March 27 as originally planned.

Physical Inventory and Cupboards—Cupboard managers are doing their best to help everyone get the cookies they need and support the 1800+ votes requesting access to physical inventory.
  • Now—March 27: Troops may contact by March 6 to return current unsold packages to cupboards
  • Now—March 27: Troops have risk-free package check out now-3/27 and may return unsold packages checked out during this period at the end of the program; check with your local cupboard for ordering and receipting specifics
  • March 16—March 23: Based on current baker delivery projections, NorCal will plan for inventory arriving to cupboards to support in-person selling during our final week up to the total Care to Share packages recorded as sold

Expanded Digital Cookie Shipping Promotions—Central Standard Time (CST) applies to dates; 4 package minimum order to qualify; 72 pkg max; no order max per customer.
  • March 12: Celebrating Girl Scout’s 110th birthday with $1.10 shipping (3/11 10:01pm—3/12 9:59pm PST)
  • March 26 & 27: Final Weekend! Stock your freezers with FREE shipping on online orders $50 and up (3/25 10:01pm—3/27 9:59pm PST)
  • PR/paid digital to highlight new promotions to media
  • Customers in Digital Cookie will receive email regarding promotions; Cookie Weekend $5 promo had error with duplicate 636 council codes, not all customers received message
We wish we had more cookies. We wish this season didn’t have unprecedented impact as a result of ingredient shortfalls, labor shortages, trucking delays, and challenging communications, that directly affected every staff member, volunteer, caregiver, and entrepreneur’s optimism for the return of in-person booths. What we are grateful for is that our Northern CA Girl Scout Family came together to model the resilience, learning, and business ethics that are the cornerstones of the cookie program.
With appreciation,
Aria, Christine, Gwen, Maria, Minda, Romie, Leinani (CFO) and Marina (CEO)
P.S. Some of you asked for additional information about what we knew when, during this unusual cookie season.  See email for our inventory communication timeline, and are committed to transparency in this unprecedented inventory situation.
GS NorCal Council Updates
March 2022

Link here for March 2022 Council updates

Featuring info on:
~ Early Bird Naming Poll
~ Mandated Reporter Training

~ 2022 Cookie Program
~ Complete CampOut Training 100% Online
~ Volunteer Run Camps are open now
~ Happy Birthday Girl Scouts - celebrating 110 years on March 12

Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)
Volunteer Learning Portal (VLP)
GSNorCal Facebook
Mandated Reporter Course
Now Available on the Volunteer Learning Portal

State Assembly Bill 506 for Youth Services Organizations: Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention states that volunteers who work directly with girls in a troop leader capacity, as a volunteer helping with the troop, or as a volunteer assisting with an event, camp, or other program with a troop, service unit, or council are required to complete our Mandated Reporter course. The Mandated Reporter Overview is now available to help you understand who needs to take the mandated reporter training and why, how to access the 2-hour Mandated Reporter training itself, and how to upload your completion certificate and complete the course.

The Mandated Reporter course is now live and available for volunteers on the Volunteer Learning Portal.
Here is the link:
In compliance with California's AB506 law, volunteers who work directly with youth must complete child abuse and neglect mandatory reporter training.
Camp Out Training
100% Online Course on the Volunteer Learning Portal

Camp & Adventure Team is excited to announce a milestone change to the Camp Out Training. They are now offering 100% Online Camp Out Training Course. We are hopeful that this change will make camping more accessible to our volunteers and troops.
The details are available on as well. Link here to a FAQ sheet.
It is worth noting that the online modules are not changing. There will be some updates to the page, and the Assessment will be added as a link. However, if a volunteer has already completed modules, there won't be a need to repeat them.

Starting in March 2022, Camp Out training will no longer require an in-person component. While not required, in-person trainings will continue to be offered. If you have interest in getting your troop outdoors, at least one registered adult must take the required modules on the Volunteer Learning Portal (VLP) and complete the Camp Out Training Assessment. Please refer to the Trip and Outdoor Learning Matrix to see what modules are required for your outdoor activity.

For more details about how to complete CampOut Training under this update, as well as additional resources and in-person options visit

When will the all-online option be available? The 100% Online Camp-Out Training will be available starting March 1, 2022 in the Volunteer Learning Portal (VLP).
All of the videos are already available on the VTK. There will be some updates to the page, and the Assessment will be added as a link. Otherwise, if a volunteer has already completed modules, there is no need to repeat them, as they will not be drastically changed.
If you have any questions, please reach out to Arri DeJesus at
Name the 2022 Early Renewal Bird
This year's Daisy bird is a true-blue Girl Scout--what's her name?

This will be a multi-year campaign, and each level will get a bird especially for them!

Link here to participate in the poll

This year's Daisy bird looks forward to many new friends :)

What's our Daisy bird's name?
  • Benni is a brave go-getter who is friendly and helpful and strives to make the world a better place!
  • Skye has a strong sense of self, soars in confidence and strives to form positive identities. 
  • Dottie is full of curiosity and has giggle filled adventures.
  • Dawn is an ambitious dreamer. No dream is too big, for them the sky is the limit!
Creating Our Future
110th Anniversary Challenge Activity Sheet

Download the free Creating Our Future: 110th Anniversary Challenge activity sheet to get started. Then, purchase your limited edition 110 Years Anniversary fun patch. Girl Scouts of all ages may complete between 3 to 10 suggested activities from the provided list to fulfill the Creating Our Future 110th Anniversary Challenge.
Click here to open and download the 110th Anniversary Challenge Activity Sheet

For 110 years, Girl Scouts have found a way to dream big and do good. From climbing mountains to stocking the local food pantry, you help make our world a better place. Celebrate 110 years of Girl Scouts and get your limited-edition anniversary patch by completing activities from this list. Choose what sounds like the most fun or interesting activities to accomplish and invite your troop to participate with you!

To receive your “Creating Our Future” patch, please complete the activities between March 2022 to February 2023.
Staples Partnership
Use for printing services

Girl Scouts' partnership with Staples gives us tremendous pricing on many items.
For volunteers and those of you who may need to purchase items in-store (including printing services), the below is a great option so that you can also take advantage of our contract pricing! You just need to click on the link below to register your credit card(s). Our account manager said we may share this link widely so that means all member can use it. You can register personal card numbers as well.

Note: You have to give Staples the Girl Scouts master account number (70107264) for them to ring print services up properly with the discount in store. Even though a credit card is registered, we still have to provide the account number.

How to Register Your Credit Card for Automatic Discounts at Staples
Click on the link to register your credit card today for discounted purchases in a Staples Retail Store located in any of the 48 contiguous states.

Welcome to the Staples Procurement Card Registration Program. This e-mail will provide you with access to the Procurement Card registration form. Once you have successfully submitted a registration, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that your card has been registered. Once notified, purchases will reflect your discount pricing on the following business day.
Using your Registered Procurement Card makes purchasing supplies easy!
  • Provides an immediate solution for emergency purchases.
  • Registered cards can be used in any Staples Retail Store located in any of the 48 contiguous states.
  • You will receive your company's negotiated price or the store price, whichever is lower.
Crossroads Facebook Closed Group
We have a "closed group" on our Facebook Page.  This is for adults who are registered Girl Scouts and are screened and cleared.  Because this is a closed group we can share more specific information about service unit events and happenings within Girl Scouts. 

If you would like to be a member of the closed group, use the link to our Facebook Home Page (click here), once there click "More" then "Groups".  From there you can request to join the group.  Once an administrator has verified your membership and volunteer clearance you will be added.

If you notice you have not been approved, be sure to check your Facebook messages.  Sometimes we need to email and follow-up with questions, as our Girl Scout and Facebook names may be different.
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