Volunteer Meeting (via Zoom)

Monday, December 20th

Featuring Camps & Cookies

Zoom Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 869 4979 9492
Passcode: 452265g
Thinking of Summer Camps - Already!
Volunteer Run Camps & Council Run Camps

Diablo Day Camp
Camp Butano Creek
Two Sentinels

GSNorCal Council Camps (Bothin, Hidden Falls, Sugar Pine)

Join us via Zoom at the Volunteer Meeting on Monday, December 20th, to learn more from Camp representatives.
Cookie Information
2022 GSNorCal Cookie Program will run from February 1 to March 27, 2022

Link here for information on the Crossroads Website
Message from Crossroads Cookie Program Manager
Dear Troop Leaders and Troop Cookie Managers,
eBudde is now available for you to access the 2021-22 Sales Season information. Please log in and confirm that your Contact details are up-to-date and that all of the girls in your troop are listed. If there are missing Troop Leaders,Troop Cookie Managers, or Girls in eBudde, please refer to your MyGS account to make sure that their Girl Scout registration AND, for adults, their background screenings are up-to-date and not expired. Please also confirm the adult roles. Those designated as Troop Leaders or Troop Cookie Managers in MyGS should show up in eBudde (as long as their registrations and background screenings are current).

Sale details and resources from Council
Council's Volunteer How-To videos can be found on YouTube
Specific information pertaining to Crossroads Service Unit

The Crossroads Volunteer Meeting this Monday, December 20th, from 7:30pm to 8:30pm will be about Camps & Cookies. We will discuss cookie sale highlights and details specific to Crossroads. If you did not attend one of Council's Cookie Kickoffs, please review the Volunteer Resources section of Council's Cookie Resources page. Both the Kickoff Presentation and Troop Cookie Volunteer Packet are available.

Information for families can be found in the Family Guide.

If you have any questions, please email me at
Mindy Destro, Crossroads Cookie Program Manager 

Message from GSNorCal Product Team
Hello Troop Cookie Volunteers, 
Thank you to those who were able to attend our 2022 Cookie Program Troop RETURNING Volunteer kickoff last week. As a reminder, resources and access to eBudde are both live. Keep sending us questions!
Please use this link to access the Troop RETURNING Volunteer Kickoff deck with notes. We are unable to share the recording due to technical difficulties.
Kickoff highlights: 
  • Troops are strongly encouraged to place an Initial Order
  • Girls use Digital Cookie app to accept customer payments
  • Record packages sold ASAP in eBudde
  • Booths are back
  • EntreprenHERs in Action Day sessions for girls and families
  • $0.85 proceed level reduced to 230+ Troop PGA 
For volunteers: For families:  
Your Product Team,
Aria, Christine, Gwen, Maria, Minda and Romie

Guidance for Troop Cookie Volunteers
1. Please register for the virtual Troop Cookie Kickoff.​
NEW Troop Volunteer Cookie Kickoff - 12/18/21, 10am-1pm - register (link here)

2. Please register for Q&As with GSNorCal Product Team (link here) every Wednesday, 5:30pm-6:30pm (01/05/22 - 03/30/22).

3. Please encourage your girls to register for EntreprenHERs in Action Day on 01/29/22.
EntreprenHERs in Action Day Registration Links
GS NorCal Council Updates
December 2021

Link here for Dec council updates

Featuring info on:
~ Wells Fargo Bank Accounts
~ GS Store Winter Sale
~ Getting outdoors - Plan your own outdoor adventure with Property Rentals or Adventures by Request or join council-operated Outdoor Programs
~ Becoming a National Delegate
~ Applying to be a Girl Board Participant
~ Registering for Cookie Kickoffs or EntreprenHERs in Action Day
~ Opportunities for Older Girl Scouts
~ Awesome program events
~ Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)
~ Volunteer Learning Portal (VLP)
~ gsLearn
~ gsCommunity
~ GSNorCal Facebook

Link here for Council Updates - December 2021
Service Unit Communications
In order to improve communication out to everyone, we will be adding email addresses to a Crossroads Service Unit Google Group.

Communications currently only reaches about 30% of our members, since these are sometimes seen as spam or automatically placed into non-primary inbox folders.

If you do not have a Gmail address, you may associate your existing email address with a Google account.

Quick Steps to Setup a Google Account with a non-Gmail Email
Step 1: Log out of any Gmail account(s) you’re currently logged in to, then open
Step 2: Click the Create Account link below the gray “sign in with your Google Account” box.
Step 3: Below the “Choose your username” field, click "I prefer to use my current email address" link.
Step 4: Enter your non-Gmail email address you would like to register with Google.
Step 5: Finish filling out the new account form and accept Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms.
Step 6: Confirm your new account with the email address you provided.

Link here for a longer explanation with visual guides

Please let us know if you have trouble or questions.
Crossroads Facebook Closed Group
We have a "closed group" on our Facebook Page.  This for adults who are registered Girl Scouts and are screened and cleared.  Because this is a closed group we can share more specific information about service unit events and happenings within Girl Scouts. 

If you would like to be a member of the closed group, use the link to our Facebook Home Page (click here), once there click "More" then "Groups".  From there you can request to join the group.  Once an administrator has verified your membership and volunteer clearance you will be added.

If you notice you have not been approved, be sure to check your Facebook messages.  Sometimes we need to email and follow-up with questions, as our Girl Scout and Facebook names may be different.
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