Vol.1 No.5 - Summer, 2019

News From Walnut Commons

Summer has been unfolding in a very gentle way these last few weeks.
Our mornings have been cool, and our afternoons full
of sunshine and an occasional cloud.  
It is great weather for walking, the beach, or the downtown street scene, whatever suits your mood.
This newsletter, we would like to share all the ways we prepare meals here in Walnut Commons.
Every Saturday morning, one of our members puts out a breakfast "spread."   For this meal, we ask that members contribute whatever appeals to them, usually from $2 to $5.  This money goes to our "Wish List" fund to buy things for our building that are not exactly essential.  The sponsoring member, Will Hendricks, buys all the food!  
The most common way a meal is prepared is that two to four of our residents get together, agree on a date and plan a menu, usually dinner. The hosts let all the members know the date and the menu, and put out a signup sheet.  These meals are usually twice a week, on a voluntary basis.  The hosts for the meal buy and cook the ingredients, and set the cost for the members to pay, usually $8 per person. The cooks get a discount. The cooks are reimbursed from the collected funds. $1 from each meal goes into the Wish List Fund. 
Vegetarian main dishes are offered for each meal.
Buffets:  some menus are perfect for a pot luck buffet.  One example is our Tostada Night.  We publish a list of all the necessary ingredients for the perfect tostada, members sign up to bring things, and the Meals Team usually lays out the food.  Pot lucks are free!

Holidays:  Some are BBQs, with the side dishes contributed by the residents who sign up for the festivities.  The BBQ part, the "meat," is contributed by each person who comes.  This year, for the most recent holiday on the 4th of July, two residents planned and prepared the meal.  We had sausages, two salads (cole slaw and a yam / fruit salad), home baked bread, and blackberry pie and ice cream for dessert.
What is cohousing? It is a type of intentional, self-selected community made up of private homes and shared facilities. The community is planned, owned and managed by the residents, who live in the building full time. We share activities which typically include occasional cooking, dining, gardening and management of the community.  Openings in our community do become available occasionally. More information about openings and about Walnut Commons is available at:  A unit for sale is listed below.
Unit for Sale at Walnut Commons:  Large, sunny, and lovely 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath unit on the third floor is available for sale. If you are interested please contact Catherine Banghart by email to discuss particulars:  Photo below to the right of the building photo.
Living in Downtown Santa Cruz is a great experience.  We are only two blocks from lively Pacific Avenue, the Civic Auditorium is across the street, the Library only a block away. There are three movie theaters close by, and quality live theater is down the street.  Then there is the ocean, the wharf, and the boardwalk, less than a mile away and very walkable. We would be delighted to provide you with a tour of our facilities, visit a condominium unit, and see our spacious common areas, laundry facilities, and guest rooms.  Again, to learn more, write to Walnut Commons at:
Photos Above:  Walnut Commons (left) and the unit for sale (rt.)

Openings at Walnut Commons
– What Happens?  When a unit becomes available for sale, the owners may choose a real estate agent, set up open houses and select among those who offer to purchase the unit.  Sometimes it is sold directly by the owner.  We are a young building, only 4 years old, so inspections and disclosures are pretty routine. Walnut Commons does not have a voice in this selection. What about the cohousing part?

We encourage prospective buyers to visit to get to know us, to see if they would like to join us: come to a business meeting, join us in community meals. We hope that our buyers understand how important it is to participate in our community and to live here full time. We welcome people of all backgrounds and orientations – diversity is important to us.  We all share the fun and responsibility of running this community; some aspects are mundane, most are lots of fun.  We hope for a house full of members eager to work together to support the community goals we all share.

To see a condo online, that sold recently: To learn about vacancies, please join our mailing list at  We look forward to hearing from you!
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