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The SOI Industry Consortium is evolving, looking at how to best serve the always growing SOI ecosystem. This SOI Newsletter underlines market verticals driving new SOI developments. Semi is setting new standards in its 50th anniversary with the upcoming first-ever all-virtual Semicon West platforms (July 20-23). The SOI Industry Consortium is proud to participate in this premier event with a virtual SOI Photonics Workshop. We are looking forward to virtually hosting you in our workshop.  

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Imec and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Announce Breakthrough in AI Chip, Bringing Deep Neural Network Calculations to IoT Edge Devices

GLOBALFOUNDRIES® (GF®) will include imec’s Analog in Memory Computing (AiMC) as a feature able to be implemented on the 22FDX platform for a differentiated solution in the AI market space. 22FDX® employs 22nm FD-SOI technology to deliver outstanding performance at extremely low power for ultra-low standby leakage.

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Soitec Announces POI Substrates Business Agreement with Qualcomm Technologies for 5G RF Filters

Soitec has a long experience in serving RF markets notably with large RF-SOI volumes. After multiple years of collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Soitec has concluded an agreement to bring POI wafers production to high volume manufacturing to be used for Qualcomm Technologies’ RF filters going to smartphones RF front end modules.

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SkyWater Licenses Key FDSOI Technology from MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Transferring MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s proven 90 nm FDSOI process into SkyWater’s Trusted fab will enable accelerated delivery on a previously announced up to $170 million Department of Defense (DOD)-funded program at SkyWater to enhance microelectronics capabilities for the Department and develop a new 90 nm Strategic Rad-Hard by Process manufacturing flow.

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EE247A Final Project: A Two-Legged MEMS Walking Microrobot

Interesting course projects at UC Berkeley. A two-legged MEMS walking microrobot was designed, simulated, fabricated, and tested with electrostatic gap closing actuator based angled-arm inchworm motor using standard two-mask SOI process. This walking microrobot can achieve 1 mm/s walking speed with 500Hz applied electrical signals from external sources via wire connections.

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Two-dimensional Optomechanical Crystal Cavity with High Quantum Cooperativity

Optomechanical systems offer new opportunities in quantum information processing and quantum sensing. However, it is challenging to operate nanoscale optomechanical devices at ultralow temperatures. This test devices based on this new design were fabricated from an SOI microchip with a 220-nm-thick Si device layer and an underlying 3 μm buried oxide layer.

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Design Dolphin's SPEED Computing Platforms

French semiconductor IP and design platform provider Dolphin Design revealed it is developing two new computing platforms. One of them is RAPTOR, which performs more than 128 MAC operations per cycle with an efficiency of 2200 GOPS/W (@16 GOPS) in 28 nm FD-SOI technology. It will be available in Q2 2021.

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SEMICON West 2020: A New and Exciting Online Event
Date & Time: 20 July 2020 - 23 July 2020

Join SOI Industry Consortium in SEMICON West 2020 to discover Silicon Photonics: How and When State-of-the-Art Si-Photonics Will Replace Chip-to-Chip Interconnect in VLSI. In this on-demand session, we explore state-of-the-art of Silicon Photonics and present an outlook to the future to understand "When will silicon photonics supplant copper interfaces for VLSI and beyond for datacom?"

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Designing AI Accelerators with Innovative FinFET and FD-SOI Solutions
Date & Time: 07 August 2020   (13:00  GMT +8)

This webinar will highlight GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ unique AI solutions for both Cloud and Edge via dual FinFET (12LP and 12LP+) and FD-SOI (22FDX®) roadmap to address power bottleneck in training and inference applications. The FinFET platform features optimized standard cells and a single rail 0.55V Vdd bitcell. In contrast, 22FDX features 0.5V ULP and 1pA/cell ULL power options and eMRAM.

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