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Why entrepreneurship is better together  

Lessons from Vicki Mayo, Founder & CEO of TouchPoint Solution, a company that creates non-invasive wearables that reduce stress. Fun Fact: Raised from humble beginnings, Mayo is the daughter of immigrants who came to the U.S. from India.

1) It pays to ask for what you want.
2) Find a cofounder with complementary skills.
3) Raise money from the crowd.
4) Don't do it alone.
5) Sometimes you know what what you need, sometimes you don't.
6) Entrepreneurs learn from each other.


Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co, shares the last time she felt burned out & more  

What's your secret life hack?

"Learn to sleep on planes! I have traveled most weeks of this year, which I’m not entirely proud of, but it’s been key to growing my business. Given that I have two young kids, I’m often there and back in the same day (yes, even on cross-country flights!) so that I only have to miss one bedtime routine. Learning how to successfully sleep on a red eye is the only way to be an entrepreneur and a mom."
Founder of the Week: Ooshma Garg, 30  

Bumping this 2016 profile on Garg, founder and CEO of Gobble,
because of these interesting numbers that came out this week.
Blue Apron, a first-mover in the meal-kit market, better watch out.

Customer Retention After 1 Year
Hello Fresh: 11%    Blue Apron: 15%
Sun Basket: 20%     Gobble Inc: 22%

Average Spent by Customers in 1st Year

Hello Fresh: $492    Blue Apron: $626
Sun Basket: $843     Gobble Inc: $897


A guide to how long you can wait to respond to that email  

Respond immediately if:
  • They say so.
  • It’s from someone really important.
  • It's an urgent matter.
You can wait a day if:
  • The timing isn't right.
  • You need time to mull it over.
You can wait longer than a day if:
  • It requires more than just a response.
  • It'll make you look good.
  • You're not available (and they know that).

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Illustrator Araki Koman is celebrating the diversity of global couture through black-and-white portraits  

Koman's work pays tribute to the authenticity and diversity of women’s clothing aesthetic traditions from around the world. She's offering discounted prices on commission illustrations for her Kickstarter backers that will help her raise funds to start her own line of illustrated goods and facilitate future wholesale orders for new products and projects. 
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