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I borrowed a sailing tradition to organize my thoughts as a CEO, and it shaped my company's culture 

The Captain’s Log: I start with a tweet-length recap of the day, followed by a more factually detailed recap of observations, expectations and outcomes, and how I felt. I conclude with “Lessons & Questions:” obvious learnings written in all caps, open-ended questions I’m mulling, and new ideas and priorities.


14 first steps for starting your own business 

1) Workshop your idea.
2) Decide your business structure.
3) Choose a name and register it.
4) Trademark with counseling.
5) Create a website & social media.
6) Get insured.
7) Find funding.
8) Set up accounting.
9) Open a business bank account.
10) Find suppliers.
11) Start researching the laws.
12) Work out staffing.
13) Create a marketing strategy.
14) Lease business premises.


Networking tips: Influencers aren't born, they're built  

  • Count your conversations if it’s hard to start them. For example, commit to staying one hour or meeting three people. 
  • Pair your arrival time with your purpose. Go early to talk to organizers or have longer conversations; go later if you just want quick chats and exposure to more people.
  • Channel your inner peacock. Interesting or funny accessories give others an easy reason to approach you. 
Founder of the Week: Katrina Lake, 34  

Lake is the Founder and CEO of Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service which filed for an initial public offering (IPO) this week. Lake's company sticks out in Silicon Valley because it has taken only $42.5 million from investors since starting in 2011, but is on track to hit $1 billion in sales very soon. By comparison, Lyft has already taken over $3.5 billion from investors. Keep your eyes out for $SFIX on the Nasdaq.

3 percent Companies that are led by a woman at the time they go public.
2.2 million Stitch Fix customers in July, up 31% from the year before.
$977.1 million Sales reported by Stitch Fix for fiscal 2017.
86 percent Repeat rate of Stitch Fix customers.
6 years Age of Stitch Fix.

New Guard 2017: Meet the Women Changing the World → 

Two of my favorite things: lists and badass women. Thus, this list of 66 visionaries made me extremely happy.

Highlight: Komal Ahmad, Founder and CEO of Copia
Copia allows companies to track and share surplus food with local shelters. They partnered with the Oscars in 2017 to connect the event's leftover food with a group of recently arrived refugees in LA and are on track to feeding 1 million people this year.

Building our startup as digital nomads  

Sarah says traveling has helped her be more focused, made things more affordable (compared to staying in SF), and helped her make new connections.

What she looks for in cities to stay in: a budding startup community, good wifi, and awesome coffee shops.


SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event 

Apply to be one of the 50 companies featured at the 2018 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event in Austin, Texas. Applications close Friday, November 10th.
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