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Exactly how Andie Swim went from idea to over 1,000 orders in 9 short months  

The co-founder and CEO of Andie Swim writes about how a work event at a lake inspired her to create chic non-athletic one-pieces, how they launched their first website on a custom platform, why that decision backfired (hint: no integrations pre-built → no data), and more.


Presenting and writing about your work (online and IRL)  

Great advice from the Design Director of Vox's Product Team on why presenting your work matters (especially as a person from a minority group), how to write about your work, how to find your narrative, and how to present your work. 


The founder of ThirdLove on how and why she uses data to build better products around our customers  

"To really solve a problem for your customer, you have to understand what their needs are in order to help them: and you can’t do that by just relying on what you think. Although your gut feeling is important, it’s not always right. That’s why you have to use data to backup any critical assumptions you make about your customer’s needs."
Founders of the Week: Amanda E. Johnson and KJ Miller  

These two Harvard Business School classmates just became the 15th and 16th black women to raise $1,000,000 in capital. Their company, Mented Cosmetics, makes a vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic, cruelty free line of lipsticks specifically designed for women of color.
Raising Venture Funding
$36,000 Average raised for startups founded by black women
$1.3 million Average raised for failed startups led by white men
2 percent Amount of venture funding going to female founders


The pros and cons to becoming an LLC  

+ You get protection.
- Your taxes might raise the roof.
+ You can skip corporate formalities.
- The IRS may come knocking.
+ Your tax situation won't be complicated.
- Investors might roll their eyes.

Apply to the WBENC's 2018 Student Entrepreneur Program → 

The program is a week-long all-expenses paid business development conference for women entrepreneurs enrolled full time at a college or university in the U.S. Applications are open until February 23rd.

Women outperform men in seed crowdfunding, according to analysis by PwC and The Crowdfunding Centre → 

While more men use seed crowdfunding than women on websites like Kickstarter, women are more successful in reaching their finance goals than men in all sectors and geographic regions across the globe. In 450,000 seed crowdfunding campaigns, female-led campaigns were 32% more successful at reaching their funding target than male-led campaigns.

NYC's Chef of the Year is a 27-year-old prodigy upending New York kitchen culture  

"That means she’ll be the first one to speak up when one of her cooks is being underpaid, because she remembers what it was like when she was making $5.75 an hour and couldn’t afford a cookbook or sneakers. She knows this opinion is unpopular -- that it’s worse for her company’s bottom line, and it’s not what other restaurateurs would probably do. But that doesn’t dissuade her."
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