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The Case for Bragging → 

KitSplit co-founder, Lisbeth Kaufman, reflects on the wake-up call she had at SXSW: "Sure KitSplit was small, and we hadn’t even incorporated yet, but we had a great team, an impressive beta product, and hundreds of people who were paying to use our service. Meanwhile, the companies on stage had neither new tech nor actual customers. They had "earned" their spots on pure ideas and confidence."


Directory of funds below $200M in size → 

A list of VC firms who have recently added to their funds compiled by Shai Goldman of Silicon Valley Bank. "The more recent the fund was raised, the more capital the VC firm tends to have available for new investments."


Casting Call for ABC’s Shark Tank → 

Over the course of 9 seasons, more than $100M has been invested on ABC’s Shark Tank. Casting calls are being held in Oakland, Washington DC, Atlanta, New York City, and Chicago. Entrepreneurs can also apply online here.
Featured Founders: 26 Women Of Color
Who Have Raised $1 Million or More in Outside Capital

"Over the last two decades, black women have become the fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs, owning nearly 60 percent of all black businesses. And if current efforts to diversify the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) workforce have their intended impact, the number and scope of founders should increase as well: more than 90 percent of founders of “unicorns”—companies with a valuation of $1 billion or more—previously worked at top tech firms."


The numbers on women funders and founders → 

Did you know that only 15% of funding goes to teams with at least 1 female founder? The mission of All Raise, a 36-strong group of top investors, is to double the percentage of women in VC partner roles over the next ten years and increase total VC funding to female founders from 15% to 25% in five years. Read the fascinating story of how this powerhouse group came together here.


🎧 Stitch Fix: Katrina Lake on How I Built This → 

The youngest female CEO ever to take her company public on meeting other entrepreneurs while working at a VC fund: "If I have all these ideas on what should be happening, I don't need to be in the peanut gallery lobbing my ideas at people. I should just do it myself and I could do it myself!"


Egg Freezing And Efficiency: What happens when tech paternalism takes over your life?  

When I was working at Facebook, coworkers would joke to me about taking advantage of the company's egg freezing health benefit as soon as possible. My 20/21-year-old self didn't seriously consider it, but former Facebook PM Bo Ren did and wrote about being implicitly nudged by her employer to make this huge decision. (PS - she's also hosting office hours in NYC to help founders with fundraising.)
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