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Practical steps for planning your packaging → 

1. Make a packaging budget. Jesse recommends 1-3% of your product cost, based on if your brand is lower or higher end. Packaging is an extension of your product and your customer will notice when it compliments the experience.

2. Choose the right packaging. Not all 3PL (third-party logistics) or shipping partners work or allow custom packaging. Cheap ways to jazz up a plain box: stickers, rubber stamps, or custom tape. More expensive: custom printed boxes with different finishes and materials.

3. Plan for shipping costs. In 2012, Jesse raised $268,000 on Kickstarter, but spent $80,000 of it on postage. (This was a mistake.) Use just the space you require to get your product safely to its destination because extra inches on boxes add up!


A database of women in venture capital → 

Hana Yang has been tracking women in venture capital who are partners, pre-partners, or venture partners. 

Why is this important? The U.S. Small Business Association hypothesizes that venture capital firms invest in familiar social networks to avoid risk. Unfortunately, VC firms are overwhelmingly male and men tend to have social networks filled with men; hence VC firms tend to fund other men.

Bozoma Saint John on No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis → 

Former Apple exec who joined Uber in June as its first-ever chief brand officer on leaving PepsiCo and then getting fired from her next job, "My arrogance and some greed took me and I failed. It was painful. … The first step was just calling people who I trust and love and being like hey so this happened and I feel like bleep!"
Founder of the Week: Ruth Nabembezi  
"When Ruth Nabembezi's sister and parents died in her teens, the 22-year-old Ugandan created Ask Without Shame, an online platform for young people to get the sexual health information they need."

50,000 users The number of people who have used Ask Without Shame.

570 infections The women aged 15-24 in Uganda who acquire HIV every week.

5.1 percent The portion of 20 to 24-year-old women infected with HIV in Uganda.


Chivas Venture 2018 → 

Chivas is looking for social entrepreneurs who have a registered, for-profit business, and are seeking to make a positive impact on society and/or the environment. Chivas takes no equity from the start-ups. Must be 25+ to enter. (Unexpected rule, but I'm guessing this is because Chivas is a whisky company and they want the option to use the winners in marketing materials.)

MacArthur Foundation Names 2017 ‘Genius’ Grant Winners  

"The fellowship, which honors 'exceptionally creative people,' comes with a no-strings-attached grant of $625,000, to be awarded over five years."

The 24 people chosen as 2017 fellows are diverse as a group as they are inspiring.

"The youngest fellow is Cristina Jiménez Moreta, 33, a founder and executive director of United We Dream, a national network of advocates for immigrant youths."

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast  

Anne reflects on everything she's learned in the past 2 years since quitting her job to start Winnie and how she applies it to her daily process.

"If you know that your non-scaling solution is 100% effective, but you identity a solution that is 40% effective at 20X the scale, then it becomes a simple numbers game. … You develop a spider sense for the in-roads that allow you to chip away at a big problem. You begin to think anything is possible."
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