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Spell It Out, the tech acronyms glossary → 

This handy website spells out common acronyms, abbreviations, and word shortenings used in the tech industry. Unfortunately, it does seem to be missing my favorite acronym of all time.


Tips for working remotely when your teammates aren't → 

The wise Danielle Boyce of Muchacha LA sent this to me recently and it really hit home as I'm working from DC until May while the rest of the IGC team is in LA. The keys: Prepare for guilt. Over-communicate (and double-check everything.) Be ok with missing out. Know your boundaries. And stick up for them. 


How I Get It Done: Gayle King → 

"Gayle King is a busy woman. She starts her days co-hosting CBS This Morning and then heads over to the offices of O, the Oprah Magazine, where she’s the editor of her famous best friend’s namesake magazine." Extremely jealous of her friendship with Oprah, but not at all jealous of her 3:22 a.m. morning alarm! ⏰😴
Founder of the Week: Jenny Bui, 48 → 

"Jenny Bui escaped poverty and genocide. Now she's the Queen of Bling."

This story of the incredible woman behind Cardi B's signature stiletto jeweled nail looks brought tears to my eyes. From walking barefoot through a mountain covered with land mines to opening her own salon in Harlem before she was fluent in English, Bui has shown a level of courage and tenacity that many can only aspire for.


Apply to Quake's DTLA Incubator by 3/11 → 

Quake is an industry agnostic seed capital fund and accelerator program. They provide each company accepted into their 12-week program with $150,000 investment and mentorship. Early decisions applications are due by 3/11, with final applications due by 4/2. The program kicks off this summer on 6/4.


8 black women share their experience raising VC funding → 

"I was only two slides into one pitch when a VC pulled out his phone and started playing a game. He just checked out. His fellow panelists followed suite. I did not know if I should continue speaking or walk off the podium. Needless to say, I toughed it out, speaking to the windows. When I was done I walked up to the VC who checked out first and asked him what I had said or done to have him disengage so quickly. He said, 'Women's mental health is trivial.' It's hard enough being a Black woman raising funding but when your concept does not resonate with the VCs in the room, you are not going to get anywhere."


50 interviews with 50 visionaries  

"How We’ll Win is a year-long exploration of the fight for gender equality. Through stories, videos, events, and a monthly email, we highlight insights and strategies for supporting inclusivity, women in power, and the next generation of leaders."
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