What will it take to finally make your goals stick?

We wish you a very Happy New Year! 

Whether you have already thought about what you want to do and achieve this year, or you haven't given it much thought yet - we hope this newsletter helps you make the changes you would like to see this year.

We have brought together different guides and exercises based on Embodied Learning to make sure you succeed!

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The questions you should be asking yourself to achieve your goals in 2022
FREE guide to create your Declarations and Commitments
A Doors Open Guide to "Tiny habits"
Our Second #SheLeads Interview 
Book Tip: The Power of Habits

The questions you should be asking yourself to achieve your goals in 2022

Around the New Year, we all get swamped with tips and tricks on how to set and achieve your goals. While most of us set goals, few of us manage to achieve what we set out to do or change. But.. we promise you this can really make a difference!

We have put together 4 questions that are essential if you want to successfully reach your goals this year! 
Find the 4 questions here!

Goodbye resolutions, Hello declarations and commitments

There are many reasons resolutions don't work, they are too vague, they don't align with our values or are overwhelming. Declarations and commitments DO work, for the exact reason that they are more specific, align with your values and break it down into steps.

 Our coaching clients have succeeded in achieving their goals through our in-depth guidance based on a somatic approach. Declarations and commitments have helped them stay consistent and really pursue their goals

Declarations are used in somatic coaching to describe a specific goal or a desirable situation in the future. Commitments are the action steps and habits that will help you to achieve that. 

Here is a practical guide to help you make strong declarations and commitments that will work for you:

Use our easy-to-fill-in handout to get started and transform the way you achieve your goals!
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Create Tiny Habits for Big Changes

One of the reasons it is so difficult to change our habits, is because we believe big change needs to happen overnight. 

When in fact, it is small steps that will get you to where you want to be. Breaking down your goal(s) into "Tiny Habits" increases the chances of success. Give it a try!
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#SheLeads with Elena Messiou

We had the privilege of talking to Elena Messiou for our second blog in the #SheLeads series. 

In this blog, we share the guiding principles that have driven her forward in her career and have helped her achieve the success she has as a woman in leadership. We were definitely inspired by the positive impact she has on others! 

Curious to find out what shaped her guiding principles and what this means for leadeship? 
Get inspired and learn from Elena!

A Recommended Read

If you really want to dive deep into changing your habits and achieving your goals this year, then we can highly recommend The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

Find out how the "habit loop" consisting of cue, routine and reward can give you control and help you change your habits!
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