A New Chapter

It has been a while since you last received a newsletter from us. But... WHAT A YEAR it has been for us at Doors Open! We have been working hard behind the scenes to develop and redefine our products. We truly feel that what we have created allows us to continue to deliver transformational, sustainable change.

Are YOU looking to realign with your values and achieve the goals that matter to you most? 

Read on to find out about:

How you can benefit from an embodied learning approach
How you can stop making excuses
The Women in Leadership Tracks 
What you can learn from others in our #SheLeads blog series
How the brain and body are connected

What is your body telling you that your brain isn't?

This year we have worked on bringing an embodied approach into everything that we do. Embodied learning means we not only use our cognitive intelligence but we involve the whole body and it's intelligence in our learning interventions.
Bringing this to the core of what we do ensures lasting and profound transformation.

Our unique approach combines research within the fields of Neuroscience, action-oriented communication, somatic intelligence, and mindfulness. Somatic intelligence unlocks the wisdom of the body. We help professionals, teams and organizations take new actions – actions they couldn’t take before, even under the same old pressures or circumstances.

We offer a personal leadership programme, an embodied leadership trajectory and somatic coaching! Find out which option is best suited for you! 

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Why "this is how I am" isn't an excuse

We often respond in the same way in specific situations. The way you react is usually not a conscious choice and also not always how you would hope to react. Afterwards you think, “if only I had..” But then right after that you also think, “but that is who I am, and I can’t change anything about it.” Right? No, that is not completely true.

In this blog post we explain why, share a great TEDtalk with you and draw the link to somatic coaching!

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The Female Hub Powered by Doors Open

Ready, Set, Go!

As many dreams do, the dream of The Female Hub has grown and changed over the years. Seeing the benefits of this all-female office, a new idea sprouted; creating a range of learning and development products for the benefit of women in leadership.

We have been working hard on this and will continue throughout the year, in order to expand the vision of Female Hub outside of the office and towards leaders and organizations.

Women in Leadership Tracks

At The Female Hub powered by Doors Open, we know the benefits of empowering and empowered women. Unfortunately, we also know of the hurdles that women often have to jump over throughout their careers. This is why we have created 4 tracks for Women in Leadership.

Based on our unique embodied approach, all Female Hub interventions are designed to have a lasting impact and create sustainable change, for both individuals and organizations
Learn more about our tracks!
Keep an eye on our socials for future dates and events for our tracks!

#SheLeads with Tui Perez Bean

We have just launched our new blog series #SheLeads on!!

We started this series to celebrate women in leadership, share their inspiring stories and greatest learnings! Together we can get further, so let's learn and be inspired by what these role models have shared with us!

We kicked off #SheLeads with Tui Perez Bean! Tui takes us through her successful international career giving us insights into the difficult decisions of a #dualcareercouple, finding her voice and living a life of service.

Get inspired and learn from Tui!

A Recommended Read

The Body has a Mind of its Own
- Sandra & Matthew Blakeslee - 

Body maps provide insight. This book explores the role of body maps, how it can help you find answers to (life) questions and how the brain and body are connected.

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