Virtual Cook Along Dinner on Aug 26
August 2021

Everyday Ayurvedic Recipes for Optimal Health and Well-Being 

"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; when the diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” In this class, you will learn how the plant-predominant approach of Lifestyle Medicine coupled with the principles of Ayurvedic cuisine can support your optimal health and well-being. Together we will prepare a balanced, nourishing, and delicious meal, in real-time!

Our instructors Dr. Cate Collings, Dr. Sachin
Deshmukh, and Alexandra Regalado, RDN will guide you in preparing a Tridoshic Mung Dal and Quinoa Kitchari, along with a Curried Carrot and Zucchini Salad, and flavor-enhancing chutneys.

This class is jointly presented by El Camino Health’s South Asian Heart Center and the Lifestyle Medicine Department.

Take the pretest to estimate your Ayurveda Dosha and have fun learning and cooking together:

Register by Tuesday Aug 24 to receive the recipe packet by email. Space is limited.

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Our CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program STOP-D has demonstrated its ability to effectively deliver a proven type 2 diabetes prevention lifestyle intervention.

Looking to lose weight? Lower A1c? Reduce medications? Work with a personal health coach? Get support and support others while attending engaging workshops? Stop diabetes before it starts or reverse its progression? This year-long interactive, virtual program costs only $67 per month ($799 for 1 year) and is covered through your FSA/HSA programs. 

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Interested in Learning How to Improve your Cognition?

Keep reading to find out how to age your brain like fine wine!
  1. Lay off Sugary Beverages: sugary drinks are associated with lower brain volume and poorer memory.
  2. Focus on the Positive: in one cognition study, participants who frequently dwelled on the negative faced a higher risk of Alzheimer’s, so consider practicing gratitude or mindfulness!
  3. Improve Your Sleep Quality: we’ve all heard this one before— for good reason!

Struggling to implement these tips? Work 1 on 1 with a coach in our heart-health program, AIM to Prevent, & learn how to implement healthy habits that fit your lifestyle:

For more tips, read here

Exciting New Cookbook Project


The South Asian Heart Center is excited to feature your favorite recipe in our special heart-healthy e-cookbook! We invite you to participate and submit your culinary creations. We will also highlight your success stories as you transition to a healthier you. All South Asian Heart Center program participants will have access to this shared gustatory creation.  

Fill out this form if you are interested! Recipes can be submitted later. 

Looking for Participant Relations Volunteer Intern

Are you interested in public health? Are you looking for volunteer experience in a clinical setting? Well then, we've got the position for you! We're looking for a Participant Relations Intern (age 19+) to help out with office management at the South Asian Heart Center. 

Apply Here
The South Asian Heart Center's revolutionary AIM to Prevent™ program has helped thousands to lower their diabetes and heart attack risk with comprehensive evaluations, expert lifestyle counseling, and personalized health coaching. The STOP-D program helps stop diabetes before it starts.

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