Join the Huddle:
Unraveling the Science of Meditation

June 24 2021

Meditation: Neurobiology, Health Implications, and Impact on Stress and Resilience

Join us on June 24, 5:30 pm for our Thursday Evening Community Health Huddle for this engaging session on Transcendental Meditation®, hosted in partnership with IIT Bay Area Alumni:
  • How do EEG and fMRI patterns expose the neurophysiology of meditation?
  • What makes Transcendental Meditation different?
  • How does TM improve metabolic and autonomous nervous system balance?
  • What does research show about the health implications of integrating meditation in daily life?
  • How does TM build resilience, manage stress & trauma, & enhance longevity?

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Our expert faculty for this Meditation huddle include eminent researchers, authors, and presenters Dr. Fred Travis and Dr. Stuart Rothenberg.

Public Health Policy Imperatives

Join Crack the Wellness Code - ICC Wellness Spotlight Session on Public Health on June 28 at 5:30 pm.

Meet  Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and Congressman Ro Khanna as they share their thoughts on shaping public health policies that impact our lives and the community around us.

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The South Asian Heart Center's revolutionary AIM to Prevent™ program has helped thousands to lower their diabetes and heart attack risk with comprehensive evaluations, expert lifestyle counseling, and personalized health coaching. The STOP-D program helps stop diabetes before it starts.

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