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October 2020

CDC Recognizes Our STOP-D Program 

We are excited to announce that our STOP-D program to stop diabetes before it starts is now officially CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) approved. 

The CDC's Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program ensures that our STOP-D program curriculum has demonstrated its ability to effectively deliver a proven type 2 diabetes prevention lifestyle intervention. 

What inspires YOU to prevent diabetes?
Next group begins Tue Oct 20, 2020 5 PM 
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Heart Health: Lessons Learned

The South Asian Heart Center has teamed with ICC's Crack the Wellness Code to discuss Heart Health trends and results. Over the past 14 years, the South Asian Heart Center has been combating this challenge, developing protocols, coaching participants, and observing patterns that may help the community take the steps to preventive chronic disease, promote wellbeing, and enhance longevity. Over 9,000 participants have enrolled in AIM to Prevent program, completed their first year, and are annually followed up. This program is delivered virtually and available to all US based residents. View the program flyer here. 

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Self-Healing with Ayurveda with Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf 

Dr. Lonsdorf, a renowned Ayurvedic physician, will inspire you to take self-care lifestyle actions to help you balance your mind and body, and stay healthy and resilient. 

We invite you to join El Camino Health and the South Asian Heart Center’s popular monthly huddles as our expert panel discusses recommendations for healthy “Shelter in Place” strategies. Ask questions, hear other community members, and feel inspired to work on your health.

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Participant Spotlight: Ringing The Bell 

We are ringing the bell in honor of our participants Vishal A, Kasthuri V, Sanjeev K, and Sandeep S. They have shared their inspiring stories of success with the AIM to Prevent™ and STOP-D™ programs in their testimonials below. 

"I added weight training once a week, in addition to walking 10,000 steps a day. I also imperfectly meditate twice a week now and make healthful choices, like eating a salad or fruit for my snack, or having a smoothie." - Kasthuri V.

Read Kasthuri's Story and More Participant Testimonials Here 

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We've Moved!

After a decade of serving our participants at our Willow Pavilion Office in Mountain View, we have now moved just a couple blocks down to Melchor Pavillion Suite 302, 2490 Hospital Drive, Mountain View, CA 94040. Please update your address books accordingly. 


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Daily Yoga & Meditation

Participate in relaxation and stress management activities every day.  It's simple. Register to get started.

Daily Yoga & Meditation
Yoga: Daily 7:45-8:45 am PST
Meditate: M-F 9-9:30 am PST
Meditate: S-Su 10:30-11 am PST
Meditate: Daily 7-7:30 pm PST

As the world and every human navigates through testing times, our effort to inspire positive change drives us to bring you ideas that we hope will add value while you are at home. We hope that you will take advantage of our curated collection of lifestyle resources and events that are easy to do - all from the comfort of your home!
The South Asian Heart Center's revolutionary AIM to Prevent™ program has helped thousands to lower their diabetes and heart attack risk with comprehensive evaluations, expert lifestyle counseling, and personalized health coaching. The DPP program helps stop diabetes before it starts.

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