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Tuesday, May 14th, 2019


Search Intent: How to Analyze and Optimize Your Site

Satisfying search intent is Google’s fundamental goal. But algorithms haven’t always kept pace. Proxies like backlinks and keywords have long been—and still are—stand-ins for the likelihood that a web page will satisfy user intent.

Optimizing for intent is the long play, for Google and your site. A page that’s well-matched for user intent can outperform those that optimize primarily for search engines—in search and after the click.

In 2019, your SEO strategy should focus on making users happy rather than hitting a particular keyword density or winning exact-match anchor text.  Here's how.

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Everything You Need to Know About SEO

The Quicksprout team (Neil Patel, et al.) know a thing or two about SEO.

No surprise this is one of those links worthy of a bookmark.  It would take a pot of coffee to get through all of the content, and likely two more to digest it all.  So read through these at your leisure or better yet, kick it to an intern to summarize.

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Social Media Scheduling Tips To Make Your Life Easier and Your Content Better

Creating, planning, designing, and publishing social media content is already a chore. So at least put some robots to work and help you better-schedule it.

If you find yourself stuck in content management overwhelm, Edgar some tips to make all that content easier to manage. 

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9 Essential Elements of a High-Converting Thank You Page (+ Examples)

There’s a page on your site that’s a goldmine waiting to be tapped. It’s not your product page. Nor is it your checkout page…

It’s your thank you page.  Time to put it to work.

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