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Thursday, August 30, 2018


19 Email Testing Tools to Make Your Campaigns Successful Before They Start

Sending marketing emails can be daunting. With just the press of a button, you can reach thousands – if not millions – of people.  And when it fails, it can be pretty epic. Might be worthwhile to spend a couple extra minutes on making sure those emails are tip-top.

Here are some great tools to help you optimize and validate your campaigns before they blast into the ether.

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Forms vs. Website Chat–Which One Generates More Leads?


No leads, no sales.

When it comes to lead gen, there are two common approaches to converting those people. The “old” way, via a lead form, and the “new” way, via website chat.

Databox breaks down the pros & cons of each method with anecdotal tips from a bunch of successful inbound marketers.

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Research: How the Top 50 U.S. eCommerce Companies Dominate SEO

How do the top U.S. eCommerce companies dominate the search engines? What tactics do they use to drive traffic?

Inflow dug into a recent eMarketer survey along with a bunch of data from AHREFs to get to the answer.

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How to Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads
Social Media Examiner

If you're doing B2B lead gen, then you already know that LinkedIn is a prime hunting ground. With LinkedIn lead gen ads you have the ability to target potential clients similarly to other media platforms. 

This article is a bit tactical. The process of setting up lead ads is covered as well as best practices on improving clickthru and ways to keep those new leads fresh.

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The Complete Pinterest Advertising Guide to More Valuable Ads

Sprout Social

We've all seen the Pinterest stats. It's a visual search engine where lots of potential shoppers hang out. 

The team at Pinterest knows this which is why they've been refining their ad platform and adding more sophisticated targeting tools.  

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