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Monthly Update from
Mayor Joseph Geierman

There is an election on June 9th at Doraville City Hall. Everyone will have the opportunity to vote for the open school board position. I encourage you to vote for Andrew Ziffer (pictured with me above).

Doraville has been ignored for many years by our school board representatives - Andrew has promised to change this by being an advocate for our students and their parents. Because of that,  I'm proud to support him.

City Manager Search Update 

The city council has been busy going through the process of reviewing applications for our city's open City Manager position.

I expect that we will be ready to announce a finalist by mid-June. As I have been deeply involved in city operations for the last 5 months, I believe the person we hire will need to be an excellent administrator. My goal is to find someone who is able to hold staff accountable, make strong hires, and identify any pain points people have dealing with city government and to look for ways to fix them.

When we do have an applicant selected, we will hold an online town hall to introduce them to the community.

Applicants Needed: Doraville Art Committee 

Have you noticed eye-popping murals throughout Atlanta, and wondered: "Why doesn't Doraville have a few of those?"

We are trying to fix that! The City of Doraville is seeking applicants for its newly formed Doraville Art Committee, which will develop a recommendation to council about ways to change current ordinances and allow for public art. Download the application form at this link.

Participation requires a six-month commitment, and applicants need not be artists or Doraville residents. Click below for the application; after completion, send it to

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Census - Don't Count Doraville Out! 

Doraville's response rate on the census is only 44.4% - if we aren't able to increase that, the city is going to miss out when it comes to federal funding for roads, police, healthcare and other essential services.

If you haven't taken the census yet, please go ahead and get started on it. It will not take more than 10 minutes of your time, and will help set the city up for success over the next 10 years. Make sure you count everyone in your household and encourage neighbors to take the census as well.

To start, use your smartphone or tablet and go to to fill out your census form. You can also call 844.330.2020.

Our city has been a quiet leader in LGBTQ rights for many years - in 2007 we elected a city council member who was the first gay Republican to win office in the South. In 2017, we elected a council member who was the the first openly transgender person to be elected in the state of Georgia. In 2018 the city passed a non-discrimination ordinance that includes LGBTQ people and that set off a wave of similar ordinances in jurisdictions around the state. In 2019 Doraville held its first LGBTQ Pride events.

In honor of our city's long history of leading the LGBTQ rights movement, I am very happy and honored to declare June 2020 as LGBTQ Pride Month in Doraville.

Mayor Geierman Speaks Out Against Racist Protestors

In May, a group of protestors targeted Asian business owners in Chamblee's China Town Shopping Center. It is time for Georgia to pass a hate crimes law. The city council is going to pass a resolution next week asking the legislature to pass a hate crime law.

A Reminder about Advertisements in the Right-of-Way

I recently received an email from a Doraville resident about signs that were illegally posted on telephone poles in Northwoods. This is something that periodically happens throughout the city (although I believe it is not as prevalent here as it is in unincorporated Dekalb and even other cities) so I thought I would address the concerns the email raised here.

First, I would like to thank the resident who removed all those signs. That was a big job, and I appreciate that person's commitment to their neighborhood. That said, I would also like to let all residents know that they also have the option to use Doraville's "iworq" app (info at ) or even send an email to Code Enforcement at to report these types of illegal signs. Once the city is notified, it will make sure that the signs are removed.

Second: this resident asked the city to sue any businesses whose signs are put up in the right-of-way in our city. I agree that this sounds like a great idea - but courts have ruled many times that unless you can prove that the business put the signs there, they are not going to be held liable. It ends up with the city spending a lot of money on legal fees, and having very little to show for it at the end. I am committed to using our resources more effectively, and don't think this would be an effective use of tax payer money.

We are looking at some other possible options - including using robodiallers to call the numbers on signs that are posted in the city, notifying them that they are in violation of the city's ordinances. We are still determining if this is feasible and effective.

If you see anyone actually putting up signs like these - please call the police at (770) 455-1000 - we can immediately take action against someone found actively violating the law.

I'm certainly open to other ideas as well. Feel free to email me at if you have other thoughts about how we should be handling this. You can also always contact me at 678-373-9137.

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