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Update from Joseph Geierman

Representing YOU on Doraville City Council

Scenes from Doraville's National Night Out - held on August 7th at Buford Highway Farmer's Market. 

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Allowing Microbreweries & Alcohol at Public Events


Doraville is considering changes to its zoning for alcohol manufacturers. There have recently been several businesses that were interested in opening microbreweries or microdistilleries in many different parts of the city - but our current zoning does not allow them to operate. There are some concerns about how close these businesses might open to residential neighborhoods, although there are some changes to the legislation meant to mitigate that.  

I want Doraville to be a place that welcomes business and that allows start-ups to thrive. I also want it to be a place where residents can walk to local establishments and enjoy a drink together. I hope we will have taken a step in that direction when we finish voting on the proposed legislation. Read more about this issue on my blog. 

Brunch Bill will be on Ballot in November

City Council voted to give the people of Doraville an opportunity to decide whether or not to allow restaurants to serve alcohol on Sundays starting at 11am (the current law does not allow alcohol to be served until 12:30pm). The election to decide this will happen November 6th at City Hall. 

I fully support allowing the people of Doraville to vote on this, and hope the bill passes. Mark your calendars for election day now!
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Northwoods: Learning about Historic Districts & Overlay Zones

Infill housing is starting to come to Doraville and to Northwoods. On September 11, 2018 (at 6:30pm at the Doraville Civic Center), I will be hosting a forum to discuss strategies that people in Northwoods could pursue to protect their investments in their homes and preserve the character of the neighborhood.

We'll be talking with Alison Duncan, Principal Planner at the Atlanta Regional Commission; Amber Rhea, Dekalb County Historic Preservation Commissioner; and Art Hansen, President of the North Briarcliff Civic Association (which has experience with overlay districts).

This is not an event sponsored by the city of Doraville, but is meant to be a forum where residents of Northwoods can learn about potential options for preserving the character of our neighborhood.

Doraville is Participating in Atlanta Pride

In recognition and celebration of our city's diversity, Doraville will be participating in the Atlanta Pride Parade and marketplace on the weekend of October 13th. The city will be sharing information about its story at the marketplace, as well as recruiting for open positions.

If you are interested in marching (the parade is October 14th), please email me or Stephe Koontz. This is open to any resident or friend of the city, regardless of their orientation. We'd love to have you participate.

Thanks to Councilwoman Koontz for creating the graphic above.

What I Did for Summer Vacation

Most of my friends know that travel is a life-long passion of mine. When I was a boy, I would pour over maps and imagine all the places I would visit someday. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been privileged to be able to experience many of those cities, countries and continents I once dreamed of.
No matter how much I travel, the list of places to visit never seems to get any shorter. A big gap in my travels up to this point has been Africa – I had not visited that huge continent at all, even though it had been close to the top of my list for many years. This Summer, B.J. and I finally had the opportunity to make a trip to the Southern part of that continent. We got to visit Johannesburg and Cape Town, as well as go on a safari at a game reserve near Krueger National Park in South Africa and visit Victoria Falls (one of the biggest waterfalls in the world) in both Zambia and Zimbabwe.
This was an amazing holiday that exceeded my expectations. It also got me thinking about many of the problems we face in the USA (affordable housing, the gap between rich and poor, racial inequality) in a global context – and gave me some hope that we can work to address those issues here.
I enjoyed my time off, but am glad to be back in Doraville working for you. If you’re interested in seeing any photos and videos from my vacation (including some pretty cool close-ups with local wildlife), follow this link.  

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