In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate

Dar Al-Rahma

Dear brothers and sisters,

As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh and may your completion of Ramadan be blessed!

Heartfelt thanks to each of you who helped us reach this point. As you can see in this short video of Habib Husain’s message, the progress Dar Al-Rahma has made is the fruit of the efforts many elders, brothers, sisters, and children of very diverse backgrounds, Ma sha Allah la quwwata illa billah!

The believers have also been very generous to us this Ramadan. We have raised roughly two thirds of the goal of our Launchgood campaign and reduced our debt by approximately 40%. We hope from Allah reach our goal and fully repay the remaining debt.

We humbly request each of you to pray for our success (tawfiq) in this and to help by contributing and encouraging those in your networks to give to our Launchgood and Zakat campaigns.

Dar Al-Rahma's 1440 Launchgood Campaign

With the help of Allah we have made significant progress in revitalizing Dar Al-Rahma and it’s neighborhood. Please consider this opportunity to support our projects by contributing to our current Launchgood campaign.

Become a Monthly Donor

Your monthly donations will assist Dar Al-Rahma with costs of maintaining programming and services at our facility, in sha Allah.



We are appealing to you to consider us when distributing your zakat. We have approximately $111,000 of personal, NOT organizational, debt that we are responsible to repay (as of Ramadan 23 we have raised approximately 40% of this goal). This places us in the category of “those in debt” who are one of the eight groups who may receive Zakat according to Quran (9:60). For zakat donations please message us at, or by contacting our treasurer, Bradley Brennan at (313) 468-4470.

We ask Allah to accept our effort and grant us success in this endeavor, that he purifies our hearts, and makes Dar Al-Rahma a means of guidance for the community.

Leave you in God's care,
Your brothers and sisters at Dar Al-Rahma

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