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Another year has gone and I'm still in awe!
Executive Director's Message

I'm in awe of our 1,000+ students that continued to ride their hearts out all year - conquering fears and doing things they never thought possible, battling unthinkable loss and personal struggle, and cheering on everyone throughout! The number of stories of sportsmanship occurring during the races was also amazing to see and we plan to find more ways to nominate and recognize those riders that are a living example of the community we're trying to build.

the JV categories staged at Addison Oaks

I'm in awe at our 400+ coaches for supporting unpreceded growth during a year that started a little too familiar to the last. Can you believe that coaches race? I'm glad everyone survived to enjoy the cider and donut reward! Without coaches there is no MiSCA and we can't thank you enough! I must thank Darin Kowalski, Brian Babas, Sarah Vano, Kurt Droese, Jill Heist, and Karen Wood for putting aside some weekends on short notice to facilitate clinics for 100+ of you awesome coaches. I also couldn't leave out the amazing Tina Meyer, that created and facilitated our BRAVE program this year - we hope to expand that next year - please email Sarah if you're interested in creating a girls’ adventure ride club near you!

Sarah Vano (left) recognizing Tina Meyer (right) at Cannonsburg

I'm in awe we're even able to pull of a 6-race series every year! I have to thank my amazing team on the MiSCA Race Staff - things continue to run smoothly on race day thanks to this awesome group! They lend their talents to MiSCA each fall, but this year more than usual, we leaned on many of them all year long. Super shout out to Mike Kearney for being our subject matter expert on the new timing system and programming everything to work automatically with our category setup, series points, and rules. I know everyone appreciates not having to wait around for results to be calculated! Also thanks to Nathan Wilke and Ben Wade for attending lots of pre-series events to ensure everything was dialed in before race #1 (and helping to clean the equipment after the mudfest finish at Bloomer). We're looking for more help! Can you commit to attending 4 races in the fall as a dedicated staff member? If so, you can apply by completing the Volunteer Background and Application online.
learn more about the staff by visiting

We're already planning 2022 and there are some changes in store. First, we're planning to upgrade our registration systems. The URL you use to access registration will stay the same and we should be able to migrate all of your data but it will be a new system we hope will allow us and our teams to manage things more smoothly with additional flexibility with a more intuitive interface. This also means we are changing background check providers and all coaches will likely complete a background check in 2022. We're building a better program to onboard new teams and have lofty goals of adding lots of new teams in 2022 (email me if you're interested in helping). We're investing in a new curriculum that adds 2 additional levels of instruction for our coaches. We plan to provide additional resources to our coaches and teams as part of this rollout as well. We wanted to do more non-race series events in 2021 but were under COVID restrictions in the Spring that made that really tough to plan - so be on the lookout for some fun activities we'll have earlier in the year. Finally, as announced early in 2021, we are moving forward with 2-day races. Currently, the plan is to have all elementary riders race on Saturday afternoon with all other categories racing on Sunday with a similar schedule as 2021. We'll provide more details as they are finalized, so watch your email and communication from coaches.

PLEASE COMPLETE THE POST-SEASON SURVEY. This is your chance to give us ideas and I guarantee that your feedback will be considered as we begin making decisions for next year. If you are a parent or coach reading this, please encourage your student-riders to complete the survey as well. This survey focuses on MiSCA overall, so if you have feedback about racing, please check your email for the post-race surveys that were sent following each event. We've invested a lot in equipment over the past few years and are really ready to invest more in new programs as the Board meets to discuss our vision for the coming years. If you're interested in getting more involved, we're in need of people to join committees, the Board, annual staff, and race staff. You can apply by completing the Volunteer Background and Application online.

Thanks again for an amazing year - see you at Iceman!

Executive Director
Join the MiSCA Mom's Group on Facebook. It's open to all parents (yes Dads too) and coaches to stay connected, buy/sell outsized MTB-related items, ask questions, and share pictures.
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It started a bit cold but turned out to be a beautiful day for our 2021 State Championship, the Hammerhead Bikes | MiSCA Cannonsburg MTB Race near Grand Rapids, MI. What a year! These kids are amazing and we had one heck of a coaches race, too!

Presented by:

Team results and individual and team series standings are posted at Congratulations to Brighton Area Schools (HS Scholastic D1), Northville High School (HS Scholastic D2), West Michigan Coyotes (HS Composite), Huron Valley United Racing (Middle School), and Huron Valley United Racing (Elementary) for your team victories! See announcements regarding series awards and state championship victories below.

Special thanks to Hammerhead Bikes Howell for making this race possible, serving as our race title sponsor, and D&D Bicycles for sponsoring the D&D Bicycles 2021 MiSCA Race Series! Also want to thank Cannonsburg Ski Area, the West Michigan Coyotes, and the West Michigan Mountain Bike Alliance for their support in making the race at Cannonsburg a success.

Huge thanks to Bryan Mitchell for creating these awesome videos all season - you can view the 5 videos from this year on the YouTube playlist.


Honor Coach Cam - Give to Sophia & Hunter's Education

On October 9, 2021, we unexpectedly lost our friend and coach, Cam Bell. Cam is survived by two children, Sophia and Hunter, both of whom are MiSCA riders. Anyone who knew Cam, knew that Sophia and Hunter were the center of his world. He was an outdoor enthusiast and his favorite activities were cycling, camping, and hiking with his kids. He was a member of the J-Tree cycling team and helped to coach the Brighton MiSCA team.

You may not have known Cam directly, but you'll likely miss his voice in the woods, encouraging you to pick up the pace and "stop picking daisies". You didn’t have to know Cam long before being touched by his positive outlook and caring personality. He has left behind a giant hole in the hearts of anyone who was lucky enough to call him a friend.  He will be missed greatly by all that knew him. We will truly miss Cam's energy and enthusiasm.

Please join us in showing your love and respect for Cam by donating today, directly helping to support Sophia and Hunter's education & future.

Please join us in congratulating Jodie Giles on receiving the 2021 MiSCA Founder's Award. This is our highest honor and Jodie was recognized for her contributions as a coach, race staff member, Board officer, and now Board President! She has shaped the organization into what it is today and will continue to leave a lasting impact for years to come. Congratulations, Jodie!
Field Hours Reporting
Field Hours are any time spent in contact with MiSCA student-athletes in a mountain bike team setting. This can be time spent leading team rides, skills clinics, leading team meetings, and spending time at races supporting our athletes. Fieldwork hours ensure that coaches and volunteers are practicing their own coaching skills and having a positive influence on our riders. Use the Google Form to submit your fieldwork hours after each activity. If you need to catch up, you can download a copy of this Excel Template and submit it with your upgrade request.

Field hours are required for level 2 and 3 coaches:
- Level 2: 30 Hours
- Level 3: 60 Hours

Please submit your field hours, regardless of coaching level. We use this as a measurement for the number of hours our coaches are volunteering their time.

Submit Hours
We were excited to host the 2021 Coaches Race and the coaches didn't disappoint! Jill Heist (Lake Orion) and Rob Martin (Coyotes) were crowned the fastest coaches of the year.

We were left needing a better voting method for next year's costume contest - with a 3-way tie between teams (Lake Orion "dragons", Orange Krush "tie die and jean shorts", and Raptors "onesies, tutus, and facepaint") and Jake Fitzmaurice as "coach Jeff Cerget". Too funny!


Tell us how the year went

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We're back at the Ice Cycle Expo - Friday, November 5th!
We miss you already - come say hello! Full disclosure, we're not 100% sure which booth number we are or where that booth is located (online map is very different from the Glacier Gazette), but you should be able to easily find us - just look for a lot of red and listen for the race day playlist we all love!

Back by popular demand are our winter pom hats - just in time for the cooler temps! And we'll have plenty of cowbells and stickers if you need to restock!


Your top 3 finishers of the D&D Bicycles 2021 MiSCA Race Series
Individual Results [PDF]  Team Results [PDF]  All Results [WEB]
Varsity Female
1. Katherine Droese, Brighton Area Schools
2. Anabel Miller, West Michigan Coyotes
3. Lauren Schultz
Varsity Male
1. Luke Zuelke, West Michigan Coyotes
2. Hunter Post, Brighton Area Schools
3. Jonathan Meyer, Lake Orion Schools
Junior Varsity Female
1. Nya Caldwell, Huron Valley United
2. Cate Wittman, Huron Valley United
3. Laura Osterhart, Huron Valley United
Junior Varsity Male (11-12th grade)
1. Paul Dagg, Rochester HS (United)
2. Anthony Cerget, Rochester HS (United)
3. Drake Stephenson
Junior Varsity Male (9-10th grade)
1. James Meyer, Lake Orion Schools
2. Joel Bretzlaff, Orange Krush
3. Gerrit Boer, West Michigan Coyotes
Advanced Middle School Female
1. Charlotte Rosinski, Huron Valley United
2. Finley DeCubber, Orange Krush
3. Miriam Bretzlaff, Orange Krush
Advanced Middle School Male
1. Ethan Heist, Lake Orion Schools
2. Elijah Garris, Huron Valley United
3. Kash Adamski 
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Novice Female (9-12th grade)
1. Camille Natter, West Michigan Coyotes
2. Abigail Weaver, Rochester Area (RARA)
3. Izabella Ruggirello, Lake Orion Schools 
Novice Male (10-12th grade)
1. Joshua Blackman, Lake Orion Schools
2. Charles Laman, Wheels In Motion
3. Michael Cyrul
Novice Male (9th grade)
1. Noah Sanchez, Huron Valley United
2. Sawyer Voss, Brighton Composite
3. Brody Holm, Northville High School
Novice Female (6-8th grade)
1. Brianna Schultz
2. Katja Opfer, Rochester Area (RARA)
3. Taylor Vogel, Huron Valley United
Novice Male (8th grade)
1. Carmen Vogt, Brighton Area Schools
2. Henry Beck, Wheels In Motion
3. Zeke Dell, Orange Krush
Novice Male (7th grade)
1. Parker Crane, Huron Valley United
2. Garrett Villemure, Orange Krush
3. Soren Christensen, Huron Valley United
Novice Male (6th grade)
1. Gabriel Mahoney, Rochester Area (RARA)
2. Levi Cordes, NE Indiana Trailblazers
3. Nicholas Thielen, Huron Valley United 
Advanced Elementary Female
1. Olivia Pobocik, Brighton Area Schools
2. Reese Drajka, West Michigan Coyotes
3. Joanie Crane, Huron Valley United
Advanced Elementary Male
1. Luke DeWall, West Michigan Coyotes
2. Artem Babichev, Lake Orion Schools
3. Sawyer Kollien, Huron Valley United
Upper Elementary Female
1. Samantha Weaver, West Michigan Coyotes
2. Laila Hubbard, West Michigan Coyotes
3. Hazel Cherney, West Michigan Coyotes 
Upper Elementary Male
1. Tristan Hubbard, West Michigan Coyotes
2. Francesco D'Anna, Rochester Area (RARA)
3. Ryker Schultz
Lower Elementary Female
1. Emerson Vogel, Huron Valley United
2. Julia Babicheva, Lake Orion Schools
3. Amelia Zoschnick, Lake Orion Schools 
Lower Elementary Male
1. Austin Carnwath, Rochester Area (RARA)
2. Dante Morales-Zozaya, Rochester (RARA)
3. Alexander Malone, Rochester Area (RARA) 
Dirty 30 Gravel Grinder
April 2, 2022 - registration is open!

We thank them as a first-year JV level sponsor of MiSCA!

Got Dirt?
High School Composite Team
     1. West Michigan Coyotes
     2. Rochester HS (United)
     3. Orange Krush
High School Scholastic Division 1 Team
     1. Brighton Area Schools
     2. Huron Valley United
     3. Lake Orion Schools 
High School Scholastic Division 2 Team
     1. Northville High School
     2. Detroit Country Day
Middle School Composite Team
     1. Huron Valley United
     2. Orange Krush
     3. Brighton Area Schools
Elementary School Composite Team
     1. West Michigan Coyotes
     2. Huron Valley United
     3. Lake Orion Schools 

CCAP’s winter Zwift program is open for registrations!
What is this program, what is CCAP?

First Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program is Connecticut's youth cycling program that covers all disciplines. It is a great program that, now MiSCA coach, Jeff Weaver had the opportunity to work with for many years.

The Youth Zwift program is open to more advanced junior riders from all across the country and is broken up into two parts. First will be a fitness building block, coached by none other than Ben Wolfe from Best Buddies Racing. The second session is aimed at zwift racing. All practices are, of course, virtual on Zwift's platform. There is an incentive to register early. It is helpful to have a smart trainer but not obligatory.

More information can be found here or email Coach Jeff Weaver  at

Stop by the Michigan Junior Cycling booth at the Ice Cycle expo if you are attending!

Upcoming Dates to Remember Sync with Google Calendar  |  Events Listing
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The Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association (MiSCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers communities to develop and grow K-12 youth mountain biking programs across the state. We instill confidence by promoting the values of an active lifestyle, healthy competition, and outdoor stewardship and adventure while building life-long friendships in an inclusive environment. MiSCA now serves more than 1,000 kids and 400 coaches throughout the state, with new clubs/teams forming all the time. In the fall, MiSCA holds a professionally-run 6-event youth-only mountain bike race series. We provide coach training and support through a certification program that requires skills clinics, first aid/CPR training, background checks, and more to ensure safe and consistent education is provided to our youth. Additionally, MiSCA has programming focused on getting more girls active in the sport by creating girls-only events where girls feel welcomed and ensuring girls are included equally in all aspects of the organization. Cycling is truly a lifelong sport, and we strive to create a fun environment where everyone can experience the joys of the outdoors.
YOUR SUPPORT allowed us to waive over $14,000 in registration fees to help families in 2021!
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