Addison Oaks didn't disappoint: beautiful weather, amazing friendships, and that competitive spirit we've been missing. Lots of positive feedback on the Time Trial format from the kids and lots of new faces on the podium.
Thanks to Bryan Mitchell Photography for capturing this awesome video!

D&D Bicycles 2020 MiSCA Race Series
We are excited to announce 6 youth-only mountain bike races scheduled for this fall! You'll notice some new venues, a return to some prior locations, and the favorites you've come to love. Available maps have been posted to each event webpage, so familiarize yourself with the courses.
  1. Aug 30 Hickory Glen p/b Cycletherapy
  2. Sep 13 Addison Oaks p/b Fraser Bicycle
  3. Sep 20 Cannonsburg Ski Area
  4. Oct 04 Milford Trail p/b Wheels In Motion
  5. Oct 11 Merrell Trail
  6. Oct 18 Bloomer Park p/b Newton Timing
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Cannonsburg has agreed to close the MTB trail on Saturday (9/19) from 1-6pm, which will allow riders to pre-ride the MiSCA race course in the proper Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun direction. The course will be partially marked on Friday, so you should have some signage to get you around. For those that are unaware, Cannonsburg alternates directions daily, so normally the trail runs in the opposite direction on Tue, Thur, and Sat. Prior to race day, the trail will now run in race direction all day Friday and from 1-6pm on Saturday.

Details for Race #3 at Cannonsburg Ski Area on 9/20

Every mountain bike race series can use a course with a little elevation change. With plenty of rolling hills, challenging climbs, and exciting descents Cannonsburg Ski Area does not disappoint! Park staff plans to open the food deck and icecream stand so families can stay fueled for the action. We look forward to this racing this fun venue again in 2020.

8:00 am Registration Opens (ARRIVE 30 MINS PRIOR TO RACER START TIME)
  • There is no day-of registration available.
  • Coaches will pick up plates for all riders on their team (also available on Saturday).
  • All pre-purchased (or free) t-shirts will be available for pickup at your team tent.
  • Riders not on a team can pick up their plate and t-shirts at the registration tent.
  • In order to avoid as many transactions in person as possible, consider ordering merchandise online at No cash sales on race day.
  • All pre-purchased jerseys, cowbells, or stickers will be available for pickup at the registration tent. Limited supply still available - buy yours today!
It is recommended that riders arrive 30 mins before race start. Riders report to Check-in / Staging Area 10 mins prior to start time. Start times are available at and will be reassigned before each race.

Download the course map: [PDF] [Beginner GPX] [Advanced GPX]
TIME TRIAL FORMAT: First riders to start at 9:00am (start times assigned by rider)

  • VARSITY: 2 Advanced Laps (15.1 miles)
  • JUNIOR VARSITY: 1 Advanced Lap (7.5 miles)
  • ADVANCED MIDDLE SCHOOL: 1 Advanced Lap (7.5 miles)
  • NOVICE: 2 Beginner Laps (6.4 miles)
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL: 2 Beginner Laps (6.4 miles)
  • UPPER ELEMENTARY: 1 Beginner Lap (3.2 miles)
  • LOWER ELEMENTARY: 1 Beginner Lap (3.2 miles)


BRING YOUR PLATE! Your plate from prior races is your plate for the entire D&D Bicycles 2020 MiSCA Race Series. A limited number of "cool" plates are available for $10 if yours is lost or damaged. As long as you pre-register in SportSignUp Play for each race there's no need to check-in at registration.
CONGRATULATIONS LEADERS! If you are a new leader, pick up your jersey at the Registration Tent prior to your race start. The jersey is yours to keep. Please wear the jersey to races for as long as you remain the series leader. Awards for the top 5 will be handed out at team tents - riders not on a team can pick up their medals at the Registration Tent. The winner of the most-recent head-to-head race wins a tie.
Race Day Coronavirus Precautions - MASK UP!
The MiSCA Staff has been asking folks to wear masks without much fuss, but we will start keeping track of repeat offenders at race #3. If you are in/around the race start/finish/staging/registration area, you need to wear a mask. If at any time you cannot maintain 6' of distancing with someone from another household (exception for brief moments while racing), you need to wear a mask. If at any time you ask yourself, "should I be wearing a mask right now?", just go ahead and put that mask on. The MiSCA Staff are wearing masks all day, so we get it - it's not fun or comfortable, but it's something we need to do to ensure we have a complete season in 2020. If you are asked to put your mask or helmet on, you may also be asked for your name or plate number - the staff will compare notes after the race and could assess penalties if we see the same name multiple times. Penalties can progress up to expulsion from the series. Parents, remember that riders should stow or throw away their masks at the start line - you should not be crossing the tape to collect a mask. Thanks to everyone for your efforts!

In order to host a safe event, it is imperative that MiSCA designs the race series to avoid as many interactions as possible between participants and to keep overall attendee numbers as low as possible. The information below provides some insight into the requirements imposed on teams, athletes, volunteers, and spectators in order for races to follow State of Michigan, CDC, MHSAA, and local school district and government policy and guidance to return to play. The full scope of adjustment and restrictions is detailed in the 2020 Race Series Plan for COVID-19 Compliance and Mitigation, available by visiting our dedicated webpage addressing the virus:
  • Time Trial Format: Unlike a typical XC race with a mass start, each rider receives an individual start time and races against the clock. Riders are placed based on their overall time, not necessarily the order they crossed the finish line.
  • Registration: All racers must register online at same-day registration will not be offered. Registration will close once the participant limit is reached or the Monday before race day, whichever comes first.
    • Participant Limit: Participation will be limited to 320 riders per day. Races will remain on Sunday only.
    • Race Limit: After Aug 12, riders may only register for up to 4 races total.
  • Start-Time Assignments: Registered riders will be ordered by their average lap times and assigned a start time. Times will be emailed to parents with an arrival window and detailed expectations. Start lists will also be posted at
  • Pre-screening: If you have any Coronavirus symptoms, please stay home. Racers, volunteers, and staff will perform a temperature check and questionnaire at check-in.
  • Pre-riding: Course pre-rides should occur on the days leading up to the race; NO pre-riding is allowed the day of the race.
  • Distancing: Participants must maintain 6’ distancing whenever possible.
  • Masks: Masks are required within MiSCA’s defined event area (registration, staging, start, finish, and the race course) when not actively riding. Masks are encouraged at all other times you are unable to maintain 6' distance.
  • Spectators: Spectators are not allowed into the staging area and should avoid the event area unless they have a demonstrated need to be there. Athletes are strongly asked to limit family members to the minimum number their situation allows.  Preferably, this is no more than 1 family member per athlete.
  • Food: No open food items are to be shared between families. No tailgating or buffet-style food service.
  • Arrival: Riders may arrive to the park 30-minutes prior to their assigned start-time.
  • Race Plates: Rider plates and pre-purchased merchandise will be provided to head coaches at or before Race 1. Independent riders will obtain materials from the Registration tent.
  • Check-in: Riders should report to staging (near the start arch) no earlier than 10-minutes prior to their assigned start-time. Riders will be checked to ensure they meet screening guidelines and that they have arrived within their staging window. Adults are not allowed in past this point.
  • Waves: MiSCA will pause staging/starts for 15-minutes after every 40 riders.
  • Start: Riders will be staged in 2 single-file rows inside the start chute, staggering starts every 60-seconds. Masks may be removed within your 60-second countdown.
  • Feed Zone: Riders are encouraged to carry enough water and nutrition to sustain themselves for the complete race. There will not be a designated feed zone; however, members of the riders household may hand-up water and nutrition anywhere along the trail.
  • Finish: Upon finishing, riders will return to their vehicles and are asked to depart the race venue within 10 minutes of completing their race.
  • Results: Live results are available at and will not be printed/posted at the event. See MiSCA staff to report issues.
  • Awards: Medals and awards will be provided to head coaches and distributed by your team. See MiSCA staff for issues or for independent riders.
  • Leader Jerseys: Current series leaders that have not yet received a 2020 leader’s jersey may pick it up from the MiSCA registration tent at the following race.
Questions? Please read our full 2020 Race Series Plan for COVID-19 Compliance and Mitigation and visit our dedicated webpage addressing the virus: If after reading the full plan you still have questions, please email Sean Warren at
Normally we say, one child = one volunteer shift; however, due to our coronavirus precautions, we need many more volunteers than normal on race day. The good news, the volunteer shifts are much shorter (feel free to sign up for multiple shifts). So, we've been working through some challenges with volunteer signup, balancing how many people are on-site and how long volunteers are willing to help out. There's no way around it, if you already volunteered this year, we will probably need your help again. If you haven't signed up to help at a race yet, please choose a role and signup!
  • Course Marking and Start/Finish Setup: Hop on a bike or help out near the pits, clearly identifying course direction/boundaries and hazards to avoid. Your help ensures we start the races on time! (Saturday and Sunday spots available)
  • Course Marshal: Be right in the heart of racing! Stationary and Roaming Course Marshals are on the course to help ensure that riders stay on course, remain uninjured, and make other park users aware of the race. You may also assist racers when they finish the race - some need a bit of help knowing how to exit the course. It's a prime time spectating position. Responsibilities | See specifics about Cannonsburg
  • Rider Check-in: Help us maintain a safe event by ensuring all riders are screened and enter the staging area no earlier than expected. Responsibilities
  • Course Cleanup: Our goal is to "leave no trace" and many hands make light work!

SignUp to Volunteer | Learn MoreEmail our Volunteer Coordinator
Merch on sale now!
All pre-purchased (or free) t-shirts will be available for pick up at your team tent. All other merch can be picked up at the registration tent. Riders not on a team can pick up their shirts at the registration tent.

New T-Shirts: Check out the 2020-inspired design for this year's T-Shirt. On theme with what some have called "the year of blue", the front features a mountain biker "accepting the challenge" and climbing past 2020! The back maintains the mountain feel, lists our 2020 venues, and pays tribute to our amazing sponsors!
Due to high demand, we placed another order for all sizes and new orders can be picked up after race 4. Once this order is gone, they are gone!

Jerseys: We have 2020 versions for Sport Cut and MTB-style MiSCA jerseys. These high-quality items come straight from Primal. The Sport Cut jerseys are available in youth and adult sizes.

Coach Jackets: Black waterproof jacket with embroidered MiSCA logo on right chest and COACH on left sleeve. Jacket is made to allow for embroidery while maintaining weatherproofing. The initial order has been placed and we ordered a few extras - reserve yours now!

All proceeds benefit the Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association.

In order to avoid as many transactions in person as possible, consider ordering merchandise online and pick it up from the registration tent.

Cannonsburg is opening the patio for us starting at 11am with a delicious selection of ice cream and hot foods!

Cannonsburg is not charging MiSCA for using their venue - support those that support us!

click the ice cream menu for a larger version
USA Cycling HS Cycling Festival
& MTB Nationals
USA Cycling announced a new High School Cycling Festival to take place July 8 – 11, 2021 in Winter Park, Colorado. The festival will provide special ride events for high school aged riders and their families and will take place throughout the weekend alongside the High School Mountain Bike National Championship where riders will contend for individual and team titles. The event will include a collegiate fair with nation-wide participation from colleges, universities, and collegiate conferences, giving families the chance to learn about collegiate cycling programs and opportunities. Families and riders of all disciplines, levels, and abilities are invited to attend and participate... Read more

All MiSCA students receive USAC junior licenses FREE! To waive the $40 fee, use promo code MISCA2020 (case sensitive). Your MiSCA races will count toward your USA Cycling standing. Email to link your USA number to your MiSCA profile.

Our Partnership | USA Cycling MTB Nationals
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The Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association (MiSCA) is empowering youth and families by creating a community of cyclists who otherwise may not have found the sport. MiSCA now serves more than 650 kids and 250 coaches throughout the state with new clubs/teams forming all the time. In the fall, MiSCA holds a professionally-run 6-event youth-only mountain bike race series. We provide coach training and support through a certification program that requires skills clinics, first aid/CPR training, background checks, and more to ensure safe and consistent education is provided to our youth. Additionally, MiSCA has programming focused on getting more girls active in the sport by creating girls-only events where girls feel welcomed and ensuring girls are included equally in all aspects of the organization. Cycling is truly a lifelong sport and our mission is to create a fun environment where everyone can experience the joys of the outdoors.

We've waived $10,000 in registration fees to help families this year!

Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on the coordination of youth mountain biking teams and races throughout Michigan for elementary, middle, and high school-aged students.
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