Welcome to the D&D Bicycles 2021 MiSCA Race Series!

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D&D Bicycles 2021 MiSCA Race Series
We are excited to announce 6 youth-only mountain bike races scheduled for this fall! You'll notice some new venues, a return to some prior locations, and the favorites you've come to love. Race registration is open and limited to the first 650 participants.

Course maps, laps, and other details published at
  1. Aug 29 Heritage Park p/b Rochester Bike Shop
  2. Sep 12 Addison Oaks p/b Cycletherapy
  3. Sep 19 Merrell Trail
  4. Sep 26 Bloomer Park p/b Fraser Bicycle
  5. Oct 10 Milford Trail p/b Wheels In Motion
  6. Oct 17 Cannonsburg Ski Area p/b Hammerhead Bike Howell
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Details for Race #1 at Heritage Park on 8/29

One of Michigan’s best-kept secrets, the trails at Heritage Park offer a little of everything that you’ll find in Michigan: tight, twisty singletrack through heavily-wooded areas, open doubletrack, sweet flowing segments with switchbacks, some interesting technical areas (log piles, bridges, rock garden, downhill with drop-offs) and a VERY fast downhill they call “Big Bertha”. The ride is considered moderately technical. There aren’t many big climbs, but there are three short and steep ones with switchbacks all in a row. Also, there are some off-camber climbs as well as on the descents. The park contains a playground facility, a disc golf course, and plenty of space to spread out and set up for a fun day of racing.

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  • Online race registration ends on Thursday, August 26th at 11:59 PM. There is no day-of registration available. Register today!
  • All changes must be made by the start of a rider's staging time (listed below by category). This includes purchasing a new plate, changing categories, etc.
  • Number plates and t-shirts will be available for pickup at your team tent.
  • All pre-purchased jerseys, cowbells, stickers, or other (non-t-shirt) merchandise will be available for pickup at the information/registration tent. Limited supply still available - buy yours today!

For riders assigned to a team, your race plate and t-shirts will be given to your coach; please check in with your team prior to the race to receive your plate and shirts. Plates will be reused for the entire series and should be collected by the coach after each race for redistribution at the next race. Replacement plates will be available for an additional $10 fee on race day. Independent riders (no team) can pick up their number plates and t-shirts after 8:00 am at the information/registration tent on race day. Your plate is your plate for the entire year!


  • VARSITY: 3 Laps (19.5 miles)
  • JUNIOR VARSITY: 2 Laps (13 miles)
  • ADVANCED MIDDLE SCHOOL: 2 Laps (13 miles)
  • NOVICE: 2 Laps (10 miles)
  • ADVANCED ELEMENTARY: 2 Laps (10 miles)


  • UPPER ELEMENTARY: 2 Laps (7 miles)
  • LOWER ELEMENTARY: 1 Lap (3.5 miles)


Wave 1 Categories Staging Awards
Varsity Male 8:45 AM 12:15 PM
Varsity Female 8:45 AM 12:15 PM
Advanced Middle School Male 8:45 AM 12:15 PM
Advanced Middle School Female 8:45 AM 12:15 PM

Wave 2 Categories Staging Awards
Junior Varsity 9-10th Grade Male 10:15 AM 12:15 PM
Junior Varsity 11-12th Grade Male 10:15 AM 12:15 PM
Junior Varsity Female 10:15 AM 12:15 PM

Wave 3 Categories Staging Awards
Novice 10-12th Grade Male 11:45 AM 3:15 PM
Novice 9th Grade Male 11:45 AM 3:15 PM
Novice 8th Grade Male 11:45 AM 3:15 PM
Novice 9-12th Grade Female 11:45 AM 3:15 PM

Wave 4 Categories Staging Awards
Novice 7th Grade Male 1:00 PM 3:15 PM
Novice 6th Grade Male 1:00 PM 3:15 PM
Novice 6-8th Grade Female 1:00 PM 3:15 PM
Advanced Elementary Male 1:00 PM 3:15 PM
Advanced Elementary Female 1:00 PM 3:15 PM

Wave 5 Categories Staging Awards
Upper Elementary Male 2:45 PM 5:15 PM
Upper Elementary Female 2:45 PM 5:15 PM

Wave 6 Categories Staging Awards
Lower Elementary Male 3:45 PM 5:15 PM
Lower Elementary Female 3:45 PM 5:15 PM

1 Child = 1 Race Day Volunteer Needed!

We need your help to ensure race day is safe and runs smoothly. If you have a child racing in the D&D Bicycles 2021 MiSCA Race Series, please sign up to volunteer for a few hours. If every family volunteers just once, we will have plenty of volunteers to fill the year! You can sign up for these important roles via or email us. We also need help with setup on Saturdays!
  • Course Marking and Start/Finish Setup: Hop on a bike or help out near the pits, clearly identifying course direction/boundaries and hazards to avoid. Your help ensures we start the races on time!
  • Parking and Traffic Control: Greet folks as they arrive and direct them to the designated parking areas. Direct traffic for road closures.
  • Timing: We need your help to make sure we get the results right. One volunteer will call out rider plate numbers as they cross the lap/finish line, while the other volunteer types those numbers into our backup manual timing system.
  • Course Marshal: Be right in the heart of racing! Stationary and Roaming Course Marshals are on the course to help ensure that riders stay on course, remain uninjured, and make other park users aware of the race. It's a prime time spectating position. Responsibilities
  • Course Cleanup: Our goal is to "leave no trace" and many hands make light work!
Sign Up to Volunteer | Email our Volunteer Coordinator


Henry says, "Wear your helmet!"

This is the most common rule infraction. Anyone with a leg over a bicycle must wear a helmet at all times. Under no circumstances shall a participant be on a bicycle without a helmet fastened to their head, even when riding a very short distance. This rule applies to all ages, yes even adults, at all times, in all areas while at the event venue. Read more in the MiSCA Requirements & Racing Rules.

  • Penalty before or after the race: 5-minute penalty if not immediately corrected.
  • If the offense occurs during the race: 20-minute penalty if immediately corrected, disqualification if not immediately corrected.
  • Penalty applied to non-race participants: 5-minute penalty or a deduction of 10 team series points for each occurrence.

Staging and Mass Starts

If 2020 was your first year in MiSCA, you're familiar with the "time trial" format of race starts. Historically, all MiSCA races have been what are called "mass start". We are returning to mass start for 2021; however, Race #5 at Milford Trail (presented by Wheels In Motion) will be a time trial format. So... how does the mass start work?

To prepare all riders for the start, racers are staged in assigned rows behind the start line. Rows assignments are emailed prior to the race and are based on current series standings (2020 points will be used for race #1). Riders are to report to their start row roughly 15-minutes prior to their race start (stagin times were given earlier in the email). One entire category is released all at the same time to start their race (think NASCAR). All riders in the same category will receive the same start time - this is called the "gun time". The finish line is the same for all racers, which means a rider that starts behind (or is passed by) another rider in the same category will physically need to pass that rider to beat them in the race.

Feed Zone and Outside Assistance

Feed Zones: Exchange of nutrition, hydration, and clothing to a student-athlete actively engaged in racing shall only be done in the Feed Zone. The Feed Zone will be designated by race officials and denoted by signs and/or flags. Participants acting as feeders must not interfere with other feeders or riders in Feed Zone. Tossing or throwing items is not permitted. Penalty: 10-minute penalty applied to the student-athlete receiving aid, or a deduction of 20 team series points for each occurrence.
Mechanical Assistance for Varsity: Assistance includes sharing tools/supplies or physically aiding in repairs, including touching a rider's bike during a repair. Riders should be prepared to make common mechanical repairs by themselves. This includes carrying the necessary tools and supplies to be self-supported. Riders actively engaged in racing may assist and receive assistance from others racing at the same time. Assistance received from anyone not actively racing will result in a penalty. Penalty: 15-minute penalty applied to the student-athlete receiving aid.
Mechanical Assistance for All Other Categories: Assistance includes sharing tools/supplies or physically aiding in repairs, including touching a rider's bike during a repair. Riders should be prepared to make common mechanical repairs by themselves. This includes carrying the necessary tools and supplies.

Assistance in the form of sharing tools/supplies is allowed from anyone.

Assistance in the form of physically aiding in repairs, including touching the rider's bike during a repair, may only be received from others actively engaged in racing at the same time or approved adults. An approved adult is defined as anyone actively volunteering with the MiSCA race staff, including roaming and stationary course marshals active in the current wave, mountain bike patrol, neutral support, and other race staff or officials - this does not include coaches who do not meet one of the listed criteria. Penalty: 15-minute penalty applied to the student-athlete receiving aid.

Approved adults must fairly support all riders but are not required or obligated to assist riders in need; riders should be prepared to be self-sufficient. Penalty: deduction of 30 team series points for each occurrence.
Read more in MiSCA's Requirements & Racing Rules.

Podiums / Awards Ceremony

Back by popular demand - awards podiums for our top 5 students in each of 20 race categories and the top team in each of 5 team divisions. We'll also award a leader's jersey to the current points leader - they are welcome to wear the jersey for as long as they remain the points leader. Due to the length of the day, we are holding podiums at 12:15 PM, 3:15 PM, and 5:15 PM (see the table above for the waves that are included in each celebration). New for teams this year - scoring large and small scholastic teams separately and the addition of an Elementary team award!

No Kickstands Allowed

This one is pretty straightforward - riders will not be permitted to race with a kickstand installed on their bike. If a rider reports to staging with a kickstand, they will be instructed to remove it prior to race start. If the kickstand is discovered during the race, the rider will be required to remove it before continuing or be disqualified.

Spectator Etiquette (borrowed from the Coyotes)

Parents, fans, friends, and anyone else at the park during a race will find the races exciting. Here are some spectator etiquette tips to help you adjust to our exciting sport if you haven’t been to a race in the past.
  • Bring a cowbell. It’s the traditional bike-racing noisemaker. If you don’t have a cowbell, you can buy one from MiSCA, or we’ve also seen horns, whistles, old bike wheels/rims, vuvuzelas, jinglebells, and of course our own lungs as noisemakers at bike races.
  • Hike into the woods! The races are great to watch from just about anywhere.
  • Stay off the trail when you’re hiking to a viewing spot. Riders and marshalls are the only people allowed on course unless the race calls for more adults to be on the course for some reason.
  • Only cross the course where necessary, and only if there aren’t any riders within 50 yards of you. It’s distracting and startling to riders to see someone running down the trail.
  • Please treat course marshals with respect and follow their directions. They took the time to volunteer and they deserve our respect and cooperation.
  • Keep it fun. Kids put enough pressure on themselves, they don’t need our help in that department.
  • Be early, clean up your trash, respect the parks we’re visiting, be nice to park staff if they’re around, be nice to MiSCA staff who are doing this so your kids can have a great experience.

Racer Etiquette (borrowed from the Coyotes)

  • Let people pass quickly if they’re from a faster group
  • If you’re getting lapped, let them pass
  • If you’re getting passed by someone in your actual race, don’t cut people off… hold your line within reason, you don’t have to give way, but this isn’t NASCAR. Rubbing isn’t racing in MTB, it’ll get you DQ’ed. If they’re clearly faster than you, let them by. You’ll be friends over lunch afterward.
  • Be early, clean up your trash, respect the parks we’re visiting, be nice to park staff if they’re around, be nice to MiSCA staff who are doing this so you can have a great experience.
  • Please stay away the start and finish gates with your number plate on until it’s time to race. The chip in your plate can set off the timing and screw up the race results. It’s best to stay 25′ away if your plate is on your bike.

Exposed Handlebar Ends

Handlebar end plugs and stem caps are required. We follow the same logic as with all safety issues - riders will not be permitted to race until the issue is resolved.

Exposed Handlebar Kills 6-Year-Old Boy in Bike Crash
Read more in MiSCA's Requirements & Racing Rules.
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~ Join our growing team! ~

With MiSCA's moving to 2-day races in 2022. we recognize not every staff member will be able to commit to attending every race. That's where you come in! We're seeking folks to shadow us at a race or two this year, with the idea they will join the race staff for 3-4 races (Saturday and Sunday) in 2022.

All positions are available!
  • Course Setting
  • Race Operations
  • First Aid & Safety
  • Timing & Results
  • Information & Merchandise
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