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Annual registration is open for riders and coaches (may be delayed for some teams).
Race registration opens tomorrow, April 1st. There are no plans to limit participation.

Rider & Coach Registration

MiSCA utilizes CCN to help manage teams, coaches, volunteers, parents, and riders. We operate on a "league model", which runs March 1 - March 1 each year, and requires an annual registration fee ($60 riders, $30 coaches). Due to insurance requirements, all riders (including adults) must be registered with MiSCA to participate in team practices and compete in races.
  • League registration opened on March 1st.
  • Race registration opens on April 1st.
  • First-year riders can use code FIRSTYR when registering to waive the annual fee.
  • Thanks to Rochester Bike Shop, Scholarships are available if finances are a barrier to participation.
  • Please email with questions or technical issues.
NOTE: some teams may  have delayed registration or require an access code due to capacity - please email the coach for more information. If you will have an independent rider, you can register without a code.

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D&D Bicycles MiSCA Race Series

We are excited to announce 6 youth-only mountain bike races scheduled for this fall! You'll notice some new venues, a return to some prior locations, and the favorites you've come to love. Race registration opens on April 1.

1. Aug 27-28: Mid Michigan College p/b Ray's Bike Shop
2. Sep 10-11: Owasippe p/b Hammerhead Bikes
3. Sep 17-18: Bloomer Park p/b Fraser Bicycle
4. Sep 24-25: Heritage Park p/b Wheels In Motion
5. Oct 8-9: Merrell Trail
6. Oct 15-16: Lakeshore Park p/b Cycletherapy

Race Registration

Registration opens on April 1st for our race series. To be eligible to race, students must register with MiSCA annually in our online system ($60). Riders that wish to experience the thrill of racing will also register for the races they plan to attend (additional cost based on grade level, shown below). You do not need to join a team to race, but you must register online.

  • Early-bird $10 discount ends 2-weeks before race day
  • Registration closes Wednesday before race day
  • Pre-register for the full series and receive our annual t-shirt.

Races on Saturday and Sunday?

That's right, it's not a typo but hopefully you had already heard a bit about our plans to move to a two-day race format starting with the 2022 season. We have outgrown our venues and this is the only way we could maintain the same level of safety, fun, and professionalism without placing strict limits on participation. Currently, the plan is still to have all elementary riders race on Saturday afternoon with all other categories racing on Sunday with a similar schedule as 2021. We'll provide more details as they are finalized, so watch your email and communication from coaches.

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BRAVE: Girls Epic Adventures

Thanks to our BRAVE program sponsor, Borah Teamwear, we have refreshed the BRAVE logo and jersey design for 2022!

BRAVE’s focus will be on creating a solid foundation for our girls in grades 6+ to establish a better female-focused community within MiSCA. BRAVE stands for Bold, Resilient, Adventurous, Vibrant, Empowered—qualities that we strive to foster and reinforce in women and all riders and to implement across our lives.

Registration ($50) opens April 1st and includes:

  • 6 group rides (expect each session to last about 2 hours: ~75-90 minute ride plus social/snack time)
  • Club-exclusive swag
  • Early, discounted access to our custom BRAVE jersey by Borah
  • Snacks!

BRAVE 2022 schedule:

  • May 1 (Sun)–Stony Creek (Snacks)
  • May 25 (Wed)–Tree Farm (Snacks)
  • June 12 (Sun)–Settlers (Pizza)
  • July 6 (Wed)–Independence Oaks/Cooks Dairy (Ice Cream)
  • Aug 3 (Wed)–Lake Orion HS (Ice Cream)
  • Aug 22 (Mon)–Highland (Ice Cream)

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Welcome to MiSCA - recording available!

The 2022 season is upon us! Whether you’re a parent new to MiSCA or a seasoned Head Coach, this webinar is for you! Learn about the new registration system (CCN), our Coaching Certification program, 2-day race schedule, rules updates, and more. The webinar was hosted by Sean Warren, Executive Director of Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association.

Watch on YouTube  | Requirements and Racing Rules
We couldn't have MiSCA without more than 400 of you amazing coaches! What's happening around the league, upcoming events, changes, and reminders just for coaches! Visit for details.

Upgrade Requirements

2020 was a weird year and 2021 continued to be challenging. We understand that many coaches were unable to work as much as expected with their teams, so MiSCA has reduced the required number of fieldwork hours to maintain or upgrade to level 2 and level 3.

Fieldwork requirements

- Level 2: 20 hours reported in 2021 and/or 2022 (down from 30)
- Level 3: 40 hours reported in 2021 and/or 2022 (down from 60)

First Aid / CPR requirements

In-person training is really important to ensure coaches grasp these important life-saving concepts; therefore, MiSCA requires first aid / CPR certification through the completion of an in-person class. Many providers offer a combination First Aid and CPR class -that will give you only 1 certificate, but that is perfectly fine. Coaches may petition MiSCA to accept online-only courses by emailing A waiver may be granted if an overwhelming majority of level 2+ coaches on the team have in-person certificates or if your certificate was granted in 2020 or 2021.

Clinics / Skills Training

MiSCA is planning to host many coaching clinics this summer. See details below.
- Level 2: Essential MTB Skills (2023)
- Level 3: Essential MTB Skills (2022), Intermediate MTB Skills (2023)

Upgrades occur automatically once you enter the completion date and upload documents in the Coach Requirement Submissions page in our registration system. Note: it may take a few days for MiSCA staff to verify your submission.

Submit Requirements  |  Verify Coaching Level  |  Learn More

Coaching Curriculum

We are excited to roll out our new coaching curriculum this year. This includes an online ride leading component for all coaches and 3 in-person skills clinics! Dates will be announced soon but we're expecting to have lots of opportunities for you to upgrade your skills. Clinics are available to registered coaches at no additional charge.

Coaching on the Trail

All coaches will be required to review the new Coaching on the Trail study guide and complete the online quiz. Coaches that had previously completed the ride leader course will have already satisfied this requirement but other coaches will have 90-days from when they register to complete the training before it becomes a requirement to ride with the team.

Essential Mountain Bike Skills

All level 2 coaches will be required to be trained in essential skills for the 2023 season. Below is a list of skills that are covered in this training.
  • Neutral and Ready Position
  • Braking
  • Side to Side Bike/Body Separation
  • Forward and Back Bike/Body Separation
  • Intro to Cornering
  • Tight Turns
  • Shifting
  • Climbing
  • Seated climbing
  • Crouched climbing
  • Standing climb
  • Climbing Dismount
  • Climbing Restart
  • Descending Dismount

Intermediate Mountain Bike Skills

All level 3 coaches will be required to be trained in intermediate skills for the 2023 season. Below is a list of skills that are covered in this training.
  • 3 Essentials
  • Progression of Essential Skills (Tall and Low Ready Position, Foot Wedge, Body Wedge, Braking, Intermediate Cornering)
  • Ratcheting
  • Riding Straight Lines
  • Trackstand
  • Rock Dodge
  • Switchbacks
  • Level Lift
  • Basic Front Wheel Lift
  • Basic Rear Wheel Lift
  • Roll Down

Advanced Mountain Bike Skills

It is recommended that each team has 1 coach trained in advanced skills. Below is a list of skills that are covered in this training.
  • 3 Essentials
  • Pumping
  • Advanced Cornering
  • Berm Cornering
  • Sprinting
  • Bumping & Proximity Skills
  • Rolling Dismount
  • Rolling Mount
  • Manual Front Wheel Lift
  • Pedaling Front Wheel Lift
  • Drops

Background Checks

With the change to the registration system, we are changing background check providers to Sterling Volunteers. Moving forward, coaches will go through the background check process each year to keep things up to date. Coaches will be required to create a Sterling Volunteers account but it will all be seamless and integrated into the new registration system.

If you're not seeing emails from Sterling Volunteers or CCN

MiSCA's Road Trip to Ray's Indoor MTB Park

Nearly 130 MiSCA members participated at the Indoor MTB Park in Cleveland, Ohio on March 12th. Thank you to everyone that attended the trip! Overall, you contributed around $2,500 to support our youth programs, scholarship/financial assistance program, and operations! In addition to the fundraiser, it was just nice to be back with our MiSCA families.
Special thanks to:
Bryan Mitchell Photography for putting together this video
Ray's Indoor MTB Park for making the process run smoothly and discount
Philly-ish-ish food truck for a nice discount and yummy food!
Join the MiSCA Mom's Group on Facebook. It's open to all parents (yes Dads too) and coaches to stay connected, buy/sell outsized MTB-related items, ask questions, and share pictures.
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Upcoming Dates to Remember

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Support Our Mission!

The Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association (MiSCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers communities to develop and grow K-12 youth mountain biking programs across the state. We instill confidence by promoting the values of an active lifestyle, healthy competition, and outdoor stewardship and adventure while building life-long friendships in an inclusive environment. MiSCA now serves more than 1,000 kids and 400 coaches throughout the state, with new clubs/teams forming all the time. In the fall, MiSCA holds a professionally-run 6-event youth-only mountain bike race series. We provide coach training and support through a certification program that requires skills clinics, first aid/CPR training, background checks, and more to ensure safe and consistent education is provided to our youth. Additionally, MiSCA has programming focused on getting more girls active in the sport by creating girls-only events where girls feel welcomed and ensuring girls are included equally in all aspects of the organization. Cycling is truly a lifelong sport, and we strive to create a fun environment where everyone can experience the joys of the outdoors.
YOUR SUPPORT allowed us to waive over $14,000 in registration fees to help families in 2021!
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Special thanks to our top supporters:

D&D Bicycles

Cycletherapy Bicycles space Fraser Bicycle

Borah Teamwear space Rochester Bike Shop (Elite Level Sponsor)

Hammerhead Bikes of Howell (Elite Level Sponsor) space Ray's Bike Shop (Elite Level Sponsor) space Wheels In Motion (Elite Level Sponsor)

Barry Roubaix (Expert Level Sponsor) space Clinton River Mountain Bike Association (CRAMBA) (Expert Level Sponsor)
Down to Ride app (Expert Level Sponsor) space KOM Cycling (Expert Level Sponsor) space Iceman Cometh Challenge (Expert Level Sponsor)
Giant/Liv (Expert Level Sponsor) space KLM Bike & Fitness (Expert Level Sponsor)
Motor City Mountain Bike Association (MCMBA) (Expert Level Sponsor) space Primal Apparel (Expert Level Sponsor & Official Team Apparel of MiSCA) space West Michigan Mountain Bike Alliance (WMMBA) (Expert Level Sponsor)

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