Dear Gatherer,

Take a big breath. Fill your lungs. Expand your diaphragm.
When you can’t take in any more air, exhale. 
Push out every last bit of air.
Refill your lungs.

You did it.

Your work yesterday (and over the past few months) has been vital. Whether it meant reminding your communities what to expect (and not expect) on Election Day, listening to questions and needs, working as a poll worker, checking in on your colleagues, supporting your newsroom partners, sharing cuteness on Twitter or keeping tabs on barriers to voting - your work was needed. 

Consider this a moment to breathe in deep, fully exhale, and be where you are today. 

When you’re ready to jump back in, Free Press curated a resource database for after the vote with links on elections and protests, safety, hate groups, and policing, and ElectionSOS has a great post-Election Day First Aid Kit with resources for covering results responsibly and more. 

Thank You!

Alisha Savson, Gather community manager

That’s all for this week; we’ll be back next Wednesday as usual. 
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