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  • COLLABORATE: P. Kim Bui’s ask for input showcases the beauty of Gather as an engagement braintrust.   

  • $ ALERT: Check out this list of job and funding opportunities (too many to name).

  • COMMUNITY UPDATES: Decision-making frameworks, corrections policy, paid acquisition training, and more.
    HOT READ: "9 Top N.Y. Health Officials Have Quit as Cuomo Scorns Expertise."

Gather is your braintrust

One of my favorite aspects of the Gather community is how generous ya’ll are with each other. Whether it’s brainstorming on a topic, offering sample templates, answering very specific questions, or sharing learning opportunities, Gatherers are very willing to ask for help and offer what they know.

P. Kim Bui’s recent post on Slack exemplifies this. Kim is in the CUNY Newmark Executive Program and is focusing her capstone project on how to use product thinking to identify and create opportunities to share power with communities. Rather than work solo behind closed doors, Kim is approaching her project with a sharing ethos:

“I like learning out loud, always have. My ultimate goal was always to make this playbook public, so I decided, why not do the whole thing publicly?”

If you care about power-sharing between journalism and communities, or work in engagement, product, or “platypus” roles, you can add your insights to the beta version of her community document. In true Gatherer fashion, Kim’s ultimate goal is to use what the community offers and give back a “30,000 foot” playbook that people can use to examine power dynamics and power sharing between journalism and communities. 

Are you currently struggling with a sticky question? Do you wish you had a braintrust of smart, generous engagement and community-minded colleagues? 

You do! Sign in to Gather’s Slack and post your query in #advice or a relevant topical channel. Let’s see what the braintrust offers. 

Alisha Savson, Gather community manager

Lightning Chats

Discuss a shared challenge, brainstorm ideas for a project, or learn more about a case study in our 30 minute chats. You can subscribe to a lightning chat calendar on Google calendar or on iCal or revisit past chats in the archive (login for full access). Here's what's coming up:

Jobs, Fellowships, and Funding

Shoutout to Caroline Bauman, Rossilynne Culgan, Mazin Sidahmed, and Alex Veeneman for posting these on Slack! Check out the #jobsandinternships and #grantsandfunding Slack channels to see what other opportunities Gatherers are sharing.

There are many new postings this week, so here is a small selection. Check out the full list in our related Slack channels, linked above.

  • The Membership Puzzle Project has put out its final call for research proposals. Proposals are due Feb. 28, should be one page max, and should be completed by the end of May. The MPP sunsets in August 2021, so take advantage of their final round of funding. As always, you can ask the MPP questions on Slack.
  • The Peer Learning + Collaboration Fund is open! “The Peer Fund will now support small awards, up to $1,000 per collaborator, for reporting efforts that directly serve communities of color.” Learn more and apply here.

Community Updates

The Gather Slack is the thriving hub of our community, where we brainstorm together, ask for and offer advice, and connect with each other. Sign up as a Gather member to join Slack.
  • Decision-making frameworks: What kinds of frameworks or matrices do you use for making decisions? Especially when it comes to deciding between several options with no obvious “winner.” Help a Gatherer out.
  • Corrections policy: Is anyone willing to share their corrections policy from social media? One Gatherer has to write one from scratch and is looking for ways to start. Share yours on Slack.                                                                                                                   
  • Paid acquisition training: What are some good virtual training / professional development opportunities on paid acquisition platforms? Join the conversation.
  • Subscribers-only: A Gatherer is looking into starting a Facebook group for subscribers and is curious about best practices for starting such a group. Post your insights here.
  • In-depth workshop: Tune in on Tuesday, March 9 to hear Ashley Alvarado do a deep dive (3 hours, to be exact) into KPCC/LAist’s community centered engagement strategies. This event is hosted by Southern California Public Radio and the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University through the Peer Learning + Collaboration Fund. RSVP here.

Hot Read"9 Top N.Y. Health Officials Have Quit as Cuomo Scorns Expertise" By J. David Goodman, Joseph Goldstein and Jesse McKinley for The New York Times. (This is the Gather community's most-shared story on Twitter this week. Look for other 'hot reads' in Friday's Nuzzel newsletter and in the #reads channel on the Gather Slack.) 
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