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  • NEW: Our newest Gather Guide features Adriana Gallardo, Kavolshaia Howze, Terry Parris, and Natalie Yahr and their experiences building relationships with their communities.

  • JOB ALERT: Apply to be an Audience & Community Engagement Editor at the Eviction Lab or THE CITY’s 2021 Summer Engagement Fellow.

  • COMMUNITY UPDATES: Virtual events strategy templates, engaging seniors, Nextdoor, Audience Bill of Rights, and more.
    HOT READ: “An Anti-Racist Future: A Vision and Plan for the Transformation of Public Media.”

Journalists in Relationship with Community

It's a trying time for our country as we watch today's historic 59th inauguration in cautious celebration. And we do have a lot to celebrate. Along with the swearing-in of Joe Biden as our 46th president, we will see Kamala Harris inaugurated as the first woman and person of color to the vice-presidency of the U.S.

During the inauguration, I anticipate that President Biden will speak about the hard work ahead of us and the need for unity. But unity isn't possible without accountability. Journalists who do the hard work and engage with their communities know this all too well.

Gather producer Maia Laperle talked with journalists Adriana Gallardo, Kavolshaia Howze, Terry Parris, and Natalie Yahr about what it looks like to be in relationship with a community. Through their stories, these journalists offer techniques to listen better, build trust, identify new voices, and stay accountable. To me, there's an urgency in better understanding the communities we serve. And I hope this guide, Journalists in Relationship with Community, will help reframe the work ahead of us.

At last year's DNC (which seems like a lifetime ago now), Kamala Harris spoke about "a vision of our nation as a Beloved Community—where all are welcome, no matter what we look like, where we come from, or who we love."

Admittedly skeptical, I do share in this vision of a community where all are welcome. And that hard work begins with our local and regional communities.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on our latest guide. As with our New to Engagement guide, we aim to keep it updated with the latest ways of engaging with your community.

— Andrew DeVigal, Gather executive director and director of the Agora Journalism Center

Lightning Chats

Discuss a shared challenge, brainstorm ideas for a project, or learn more about a case study in our 30 minute chats. You can subscribe to a lightning chat calendar on Google calendar or on iCal or revisit past chats in the archive (login for full access).

As we line up some new chats, here are some goodies from the archive based on recent chatter:
  • Nextdoor for Journalists: Have you used Nextdoor as part of your journalism? We’ll talk about how journalists are using Nextdoor and what they can learn by experimenting on platforms that are new to them. (Beth O’Malley, Joe Lanane, Gracie McKenzie)
  • What Does “Local” Mean? How do local communities define themselves? How do news outlets define their audiences? And how do journalists know what’s important to their audiences and what niche they can fill? (Amy Schmitz Weiss, Jesse Hardman, Madeleine Bair)
  • Engagement workflow: What are the biggest challenges specific to engagement work — both for internal communication on an engagement team and for communication with the rest of the organization? (P. Kim Bui, Emma Carew Grovum)

Jobs, Fellowships, and Funding

Shoutout to Gracie McKenzie and Terry Parris, Jr. for posting these on Slack! Check out the #jobsandinternships and #grantsandfunding Slack channels to see what other opportunities Gatherers are sharing.

Audience & Community Engagement Editor, Eviction Lab, Princeton University: “This position will help the Eviction Lab build out its network of reporters and researchers. The Editor will also partner with our Senior Narrative Change Liaison to hold media trainings, conduct press briefings, and organize events around the launch of major Eviction Lab projects.” Location: Princeton, NJ. 

Summer Engagement Intern, THE CITY: “You would report to Terry Parris Jr., THE CITY’s engagement director, and help him scheme, lead and execute the best way/s to reach people with news and information. This can take many forms — everything from Twitter threads, writing newsletters, building questionnaires and reading every response, finding communities online and off, facilitating community conversations, organizing community gatherings and, yes, reporting stories.” (Student only.) Location: NYC

Community Updates

The Gather Slack is the thriving hub of our community, where we brainstorm together, ask for and offer advice, and connect with each other. Sign up as a Gather member to join Slack.
  • Virtual events strategy: A Gatherer is looking for example documents for creating a virtual events strategy, from the high-level (mission alignment, revenue model) to nitty-gritty (tech, resource, and staff needs) to production templates. Do you have any to offer?
  • Engaging seniors: Who wants to brainstorm or mutually learn about ways to better engage seniors? Answer this ask on Slack.
  • Nextdoor for news: Has your newsroom used non-traditional platforms like Nextdoor to promote local news? One Gatherer is asking, and several members chimed in.                                                                                                                                 
  • Audience Bill of Rights: Have you read Axios’ new Audience Bill of Rights? It’s worth a look. If your newsroom offers something like this, or you want to create your own, share it on Slack.
  • Youtube from scratch: Advice needed on growing a YouTube following from scratch! Share your insights here.
  • European funders: What are some funders for European engagement work? Respond here.
  • Clubhouse: Yes, it’s the hot new app. But what about engagement uses? Share your opinions here.

Hot Read "An Anti-Racist Future: A Vision and Plan for the Transformation of Public Media" by Celeste Headlee. (This is the Gather community's most-shared story on Twitter this week. Look for other 'hot reads' in Friday's Nuzzel newsletter and in the #reads channel on the Gather Slack.) 
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