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The Behavioral
Wellness Group

BWG has some important services to offer to children & adolescents!

Here is what we have going on at BWG for children and adolescents:

Please call us at 440-392-2222 for questions

BWG Child and Adolescent Services Appropriate Referrals
~ Ages 4-17
~ Difficulties in School or at Home with:
~ Impulse Control / Hyperactivity
~ Focusing
~ Motivation
~ Organization
~ Disruptive or Oppositional Behaviors
~ Poor Grades / Learning Difficulties
~ Poor Relationships or Conflicts with Peers and/or Adults
~ Withdrawal / Isolation from Others
~ Poor Self-Esteem or Self-Image
~ Self-Harming / Self-Defeating Thoughts or Behaviors
~ Substance Abuse
~ Anxiety / Constant Worrying
~ Depression / Irritability
~ Difficulties Identifying, Understanding, Managing and Expressing
~ Poor Coping
~ Traumatic Events: Experienced or Witnessed
~ Loss of a loved one
~ Parents separating/divorcing
~ Difficulty Coping with Acute or Chronic Medical Conditions

Adolescent IOP

~ Recognize personal strengths and problem areas
~ Develop healthy coping skills
~ Identify, challenge, and modify negative thoughts and beliefs
~ Address transitions in life
~ Improve the ability to problem-solve
~ Change destructive behavior patterns
~ Improve communication skills
~ Develop an effective aftercare plan
~ Set immediate and long-term goals
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-8pm and Saturdays from 11:00-2:00pm

Erin Pawlak, LPCC
8224 Mentor Ave. #208 Mentor OH 44060
Phone: 440-392-2222 #307


How to "Reset" Ourselves

Article by Cathy Knezevich, M.Ed., PCC
Therapist and DBT IOP Director
So how do we do this in our hectic, often negative world? Well, think small to start. Can you reevaluate with a “best friend” perspective? Often when we view ourselves, we are very critical, negative, and psychologically “beat ourselves up”. Let’s try viewing ourselves from a “best friend” perspective, with a kind and gentle approach, knowing that we are trying our hardest and that’s OK. This is also often referred to as “Wise Mind” in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). This approach encourages you to bring in the emotional and reasonable, rational and thinking parts of yourself to centered and become wise. This is often a state that people struggle to acquire. It can be obtained through a “Mindfulness Practice”

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