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February 2, 2022
Convergence – together with partners Civic Genius, More in Common, and Interfaith Youth Core – recently announced they will test a new model to engage local, grassroots, and faith-based participants in the national dialogues, beginning with the upcoming Convergence Dialogue on Digital Disinformation.  

The partners have prioritized broadening participation in finding solutions and are building linkages between the national dialogue to build solutions and the grassroots conversations to deliberate on the issue.  

They are hopeful that the initiative will help expand participation in deliberative bridging conversations across America, and the collaboration will strengthen their individual impact. Convergence sees opportunities to enhance the impact of the Convergence Dialogue as the partnerships:   
  • Add new and diverse voices to shared learning and consideration,  
  • Offer new opportunities for feedback and refinements of potential proposed solutions, and
  • Boost the distribution, awareness, and support for the eventual consensus solutions.  
Likewise, the partners expect to demonstrate that local, grassroots, and faith-based deliberative conversations will yield stronger results, as their connection to the Convergence Dialogue: 
  • Improves recruitment for the broader engagement, 
  • Enhances the content and output of the deliberative conversation itself, and
  • Grows public awareness of the need, and the breadth of opportunities, to come together across differences to consider crucial challenges and their potential solutions. 
In the upcoming national Convergence Dialogue on Digital Disinformation, leaders and experts of diverse perspectives and from multiple sectors will come together (virtually, at first) to build trust, learn to understand each other’s perspectives and values, and arrive at new, consensus solutions that move America past the places the issue has been “stuck” by divisiveness or failure to coordinate.  
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More on the Upcoming Digital Disinformation Dialogue
Collaboration Doesn’t Mean Compromising Values
“When dialogues are put together well, they don't require compromise. There is no reason to give up your values...[T]he best conversations come between people who have different values that are curious to learn about the other perspective,” emphasizes our CEO, David Eisner, in the This is Civity podcast. Listen to learn more about our Dialogue process and what makes it so successful at fostering a consensus without compromising values. 
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Audiences Captivated by the Dialogue that Bridged the Gun Divide 
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The Convergence Dialogue on Guns and Suicide Prevention report release has garnered a multitude of media hits across the publishing spectrum, reaching an audience of over 3 million, including: 
The breadth of coverage thus far illustrates the urgency of the issue and the power of Convergence to build trust and collaboration among unlikely allies. To learn more, visit our website news page and the project page. 
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Solving our Budget Mess through Collaborative Dialogue
Alison Acosta Winters and Emily Holubowich in Episode 28 of the "Let's Find Common Ground" Partner Series with Convergence
Convergence Board member (and fiscal conservative) Alison Acosta Winters joined Emily Holubowich (an advocate for greater government support in health care) for a lively conversation about the Congressional budget process in Common Ground Committee’s podcast. The two participants of the 2016-2018 Convergence Building a Better Budget Process (B3P) project discussed how the lack of agreement over federal spending regularly threatens to bring about government shutdowns and impacts millions of Americans and how the Convergence dialogue process gave rise to important recommendations to address it.
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Governor Includes Convergence’s CA Health Reform Proposal in 2022-2023 Budget
California Flag and State Capitol

California Gov. Gavin Newsom once again included the Office of Health Care Affordability in his new budget. The proposed Office will create a strategy for controlling health costs, including establishing and enforcing cost targets for health care providers and insurers. It mirrors the key solution promoted by the diverse coalition of consumer, business, labor, and health care stakeholders in the Convergence CA Health Reform Initiative in their report, “A New Government Entity to Address Health Care Costs & Affordability.” 

Learn why the diverse group of experts proposed increasing transparency and setting cost targets.

California Health Reform
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