March 3, 2021
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The call for Americans to come together and listen to each other is growing. Why are so many - on both sides - so skeptical? Because, truthfully:   

What is our alternative? 

Welcome to Extra Connect, created to update Convergence’s community about strategies to solve problems collaboratively, fight toxic polarization, and expand our quest to make collaborative dialogue the expectation  – now, when America needs it most.    

This edition includes:  

  • a new Online Dialogue Guide that reflects what we’ve learned in making Convergence Dialogues virtual; we hope you will find it useful and share it with your networks; 

  • an excellent article highlighting the innovative new report, Rethinking Care for Older Adults, which is generating serious buzz and results, building on a past Convergence Dialogue; 

  • a new award-winning documentary bringing the divide-bridging movement into Americans’ living rooms; and more.

Let us know what you think!

Make your next virtual conversation as powerful as a Convergence Dialogue

We moved our Convergence Dialogues online starting last March – and we’ve gotten good at it. The new Convergence Online Dialogue Guideby West Coast Managing Director Vicki Veenker, shares the strategies and tools we use to make virtual dialogues as effective as in-person dialogues.  
Download the Guide
Bridging Americans Together is Not a Fantasy,
It's a Work in Progress
AP Photo / Julio Cortez

Where is the skepticism for bridging divisions in America coming from? Convergence CEO David Eisner shares ideas and outlines opportunities for success in this article featured on Real Clear Policy.  
Read the Op-Ed
Innovations to Help Seniors Avoid Nursing Homes

Even before nursing homes drove a third of COVID-19 deaths, residents and their families yearned for alternatives. In his JAMA Health Forum article Time to Rethink Nursing Homes, Convergence Board Member Stuart Butler summarizes Convergence’s in-depth report on the innovations in services and housing that can change the game and make home-based aging a reality for many more seniors.  
Read the Article
Read the Convergence Report
How Service Brings Americans Together

Tune in to hear Convergence CEO David Eisner discuss the transformative effect service had on him and how it can help solve problems and bridge divides on The Heart of Giving Podcast with Convergence Board Member Art Taylor, President & CEO of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance.  
Listen to the Podcast
We disagree on everything -
except how to bridge our differences

What does a new spirit of bipartisanship sound like? Convergence founder Rob Fersh and former Convergence Board Member Kelly Johnston explore their own deep divides and Convergence-style bridging on Depolarizing America: Building Consensus Step-by-Step, a podcast produced by Common Ground Committee 
in partnership with Convergence.  
Listen to the Podcast
Bridging Divides - the Movie!

The award-winning documentary the Reunited States offers a powerful look at American polarization and the bridge-building movement. 
You don’t want to miss it! 
Watch the Reunited States
Help Convergence Bridge Divides
and Solve Intractable Problems
Convergence is breaking new ground, bridging divides to find solutions for America’s cascading crises, and partnering to advance the bridge-building movement in the battle against toxic polarization. Will you invest today in solving problems through collaborative dialogue? 
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