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Herein lies an opportunity to be an Ekone Hero! 

Miss the first chapters?  Here ya go!
Chapter 1: The Reason for the Journey
Chapter 2: Where We're Going
Chapter 3: The Trail Map

~Yours truly, the Saddle Up! trail bosses. 

Chapter 4, Provisioning for the Journey: What we need and how you can help.

We are embarking on this adventure with great willingness to work hard, stretch far, and go out on limbs.  Such a journey also requires a whole lot of provisions, gear, supplies, tools, resources, and expertise.  We’re really banking on the YES of Ekone’s extended community to provide what will be required for success! 
Here’s what is needed:

Heroics.  Jumping straight to the point—the success of this project will hinge on a few more wildly generous folks with exceptional belief in this work.  People like the summer camper who provided the $26,000 in seed funding that got this all started, before any semblance of a plan, through a gift from a family foundation.  People like the cemetery clients who purchased the Aspen Grove outright for $75,000 and gifted it to Sacred Earth Foundation, delighted that their legacy includes children wandering that land forever.  People like the camp parents who donated $80,000 in stock to the campaign.  People like the camp grandparent who gave $15,000 to the campaign, and has never even been to Ekone.  People like the retreat participants who committed $10,000 per year and the possibility of a private loan.  
Dale Plank, hero of the Aspen Grove, gleefully enjoying the orchids in spring and the knowledge that his legacy includes children and wild things finding beauty and solace here, forever.
Here are some current opportunities for heroics:  
  • Giver of the “Gateway 5 Acres”: $50,000 will permanently secure the access to Ekone and provide opportunities for future housing/camping/guest space.
  • Patron of the Roads: $100,000 will ensure safe ingress and egress for the Ekone valley and enable us to move forward on building permits for new facilities.
  • Benefactor of the Bunkhouse: $84,000 will build the new wing of the Bunkhouse, and set the stage for occupancy in the summer of 2019!  
  • Angel of Electricity: $20,000 finishes the rewiring of the Lodge, bringing it up to modern electrical codes and ensuring durability and long-term safety.
  • Friend of Fire Safety: $15,000 will outfit the new bunkhouse wing with fire sprinklers, adding a critical safeguard for the building and its precious occupants.
There will be many more opportunities for heroics—these are offered to inspire those who are drawn to make a particular part of this project part of your legacy in this world. 

Please do let us know if you or someone you know might consider becoming an Ekone hero, by responding to this email, contacting us below, jotting your name HERE, or sending a carrier pigeon...we'd love to begin a conversation, in any form.
Stretch Donations of every level.  Not everyone can throw down to underwrite a whole leg of the journey, but if everyone who loves Ekone    s  t  r   e    t     c      h       e         s        in support of this work, we’ll reach the destination together!  What does a “stretch” look like for your family?  The camper who earnestly handed us a crumpled $5 bill for the purchase of Rainbow Springs was stretching.  The camp mom who’s getting one child ready for college while in school herself and just committed $30/month to the campaign is stretching.  The single parent who said YES to our $1000 camp family challenge is stretching.  And the family who committed $10,000/year, in hopes that Ekone will be going strong when their young son is old enough for camp, is stretching.

We will be asking—respectfully, humbly, and as much as possible, personally—for a lot of stretching, throughout the course of this campaign.  (We're only on Chapter 4...but if you already know that you're willing to stretch--whatever that looks like for you!--on behalf of Ekone, you can jot your name HERE and we'll follow up!)
Referrals and Advocates.  Everyone knows someone with the capacity to be a changemaker in the world.  Who is that family member, friend, colleague or community member in YOUR circle, who is well-resourced and shares Ekone’s values?  There is nothing like a personal introduction to philanthropists and foundation trustees, community leaders and influential business people.  Would YOU be willing to make such an introduction and be an advocate for this project?
Our Portland and Seattle winter fundraisers for camp scholarships are a wonderful introduction to Ekone's work!  And we're always happy to have coffee~
Volunteers.  A project like this takes a posse.  Want to be a part of the team?  We’re gratefully accepting help of all kinds, from outreach squad to board and committee members to construction workparties—please let us know if you’d like to get involved! 
Watch in the coming days for these upcoming chapters of Straight from the Saddle!
Chapter 5: Truth-Checking:  Do we really gotta do this??  The stakes.
Chapter 6: The Dusty Trail Behind Us:  A brief history of Ekone’s facilities and how we arrived at this crossroads.
Chapter 7: How many cowpokes does it take to Saddle Up?  Our team.
Chapter 8: Route Scouts:  The early donors who believed in this journey before we even knew the destination.
"Um, wait a minute.  There's no "click here to donate" button."

You're right.  We are not asking for your donation today--but we both know that we will.  And soon.  We'll be asking everyone we know to   s t  r   e   t    c     h     on behalf of Ekone.

But it's not a decision we want you to make impulsively.  We want you to have all the information, talk to your family and financial advisors, think about who you know, and consider carefully how you might be able to help Ekone Ranch survive and thrive long into the future.

And ideally, we'd love to have a personal conversation with you to talk about your gift, your connections, and other ways you might be able to help.  Ready to schedule that conversation, or simply raise your hand in support of this work?  Please jot your name down HERE and we'll follow up!

Sacred Earth Foundation stewards 1,133 acres in the upper Rock Creek watershed, and is the home of Ekone Summer Camps and White Eagle Memorial Preserve.  ~
509-773-4536 ~

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