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Dear friends of Ekone land, 

Hot on the heels of sharing all the amazing conservation news of 2021, we got word this week that a very special adjacent property has been listed for sale

The "Confluence" parcel is 140 acres of stunning canyonland, centered on the confluence of Ekone Creek and Rock Creek.
As you might imagine, this is a vital piece of the watershed, and central to the conservation goals of Sacred Earth Foundation. 

As you might also imagine if you read last month's newsletters, especially about the emergency acquisition of the North Woods parcel, SEF is financially stretched with the commitments we've made.
Looking down on Ekone Creek just before it joins Rock Creek
Our year-end appeal did fabulously, thanks to 58 donors who contributed nearly $18,000 to our conservation efforts--fully triple year-end giving from the previous year.  This trajectory makes us confident that we can fulfill the commitments we've made.
A woodland of old growth oaks and tall ponderosas on the upper section of the Confluence parcel
And yet, the price tag ($299,000 asking) for this property is out of our (current) reach.  So we're looking for other creative solutions to protect this parcel ~ and others in the future. 

There are two possible approaches that we invite you, the community of people who care about this land and watershed, to consider. 

1. Angel Donors.  Of course, SEF would welcome a tax-deductible gift of this land, or the funds to purchase it!  It's a big ask, and would be a big legacy.  Gifts of this scale have built the sanctuary, classroom, and playground of Ekone Ranch.  An email just like this one brought us the angel who purchased and donated the Aspen Grove parcel in 2018. 

2. Friendly Conservation Investors.  Maybe someone reading this has the capacity to make an investment in the land, to purchase and hold it gently until permanent protection can be achieved.  Maybe SEF can purchase it from you in the future.  Maybe another conservation buyer will emerge.  Maybe you'll make a cute family camp in the oak grove above the canyon and enjoy being an Ekone land neighbor, while you buy us time to sort out the long future of stewardship.  Your values-aligned investment would pay dividends for the wildlife, the trees, the waters, and the future generations of kids wandering a wild intact ecosystem.

And most likely, you won't lose money on land. 

Please consider "storing" some of your resources in the land around Ekone Ranch.  Work with us to interrupt the cycle of exploitation, prevent irreparable harm, and create a future of loving stewardship.

The risk to this property is real.  We've watched other parcels in the neighborhood sustain real damage from development, ATV use, abandoned vehicles, livestock, hazardous fencing, and other heavy use.  And this might be our only chance to protect this parcel for a generation.
Woodlands give way to spectacular canyons, remote habitat, and precious waterways
If you can help in any way,
whether you're an angel donor interested in leaving a tremendous legacy,
or have some funds you'd consider "storing" in land,
or have been imagining a rustic getaway for your family,
or are drawn to be a land-neighbor of Ekone Ranch,
or want to talk about future possibilities ~

Please contact me, Shonie, at or 509-250-1034 cell. 

Thank you, friends.  Together we're doing a lot of good for this sacred earth, and for the many, many kids and grownups who find solace and empowerment here.  And with the Saddle Up! capital campaign drawing to an end, we're embarking on strategic planning and capacity building for the long future of Ekone Ranch and the work that happens here.  We're so grateful to have you in the circle. 

Stay warm and well through the latest storms!  We're shoveling roofs, breaking ice, and stoking fires like crazy at the ranch this week, with over 2' of snow now soaking up some icy rain.

Yours with love and fortitude,
Shonie Schlotzhauer, on behalf of the board, staff, kids, and land of Sacred Earth Foundation

p.s. Donations of ANY amount grow our capacity to conserve and steward this place! 

Sacred Earth Foundation stewards 1,263 acres in the upper Rock Creek watershed, and is the home of Ekone Summer Camps and White Eagle Memorial Preserve.  ~
509-773-4536 ~

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