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Hi hardworking, funloving friends! 

We have a bunch of rad opportunities to spend time at Ekone and support the work of this place!  Volunteers are totally essential to the workings of the ranch ~ and volunteers gain so much too, in community, learning, growth, and one-of-a-kind life experiences. 

Please consider whether you might be interested in joining the Ekone crew for a stretch, and forward this email to someone in your circle who might value these (pretty dang awesome) internships. 

(We haven't set fall workparty dates yet, but we will soon!  Stay tuned!)
Barbed Wire Ball, September 24-25

Ekone's signature event is back!  And it takes a LOT of help to create a fabulously fun and smooth weekend for 350 people.  We could still use some help with cooking, parking, greeting, cleanup, games, and dishes dishes dishes!  (Also facepainting.  Know a facepainter?  Let's talk!)

Want to be a part of making the magic?  Email! 
Forestry Internships

Learn sustainable forest management, chainsaw skills, small, engine maintenance and repair, badass fire-starting abilities, and the 101 best ways to pull a bitterbrush!  Plus maybe bandsaw milling, tractor operation, carpentry skills, and horsemanship, depending on interest.  We're aiming for a crew of 4-5 interns from early October until the end of December (with some possibility to stay longer).  Here's More Info about the forestry internship.  Contact to learn more or apply!
Horse Internship (with a side of admin)

Dig deep with the Ekone herd and learn all about keeping, caring for, and partnering with horses in the most natural way we can.  This intern will be Jenna's right hand, and she knows a LOT about horse psychology, bodywork, hoofcare, feeding, herd dynamics, and yes, riding.  Riding won't be the focus of this experience, but will be included!  Also included will be some office support, data wrangling, and other ranch chores (because no one gets to play with horses ALL the time).  To learn more email
Cemetery Internships

Here is an opportunity to delve into the potent work of deathcare with Ekone's cemetery, White Eagle Memorial Preserve.  Learn about the operation of the cemetery, grave preparation, restoration, and stewardship, and the tender art of burial.  This intern will have a primary focus on the cemetery but also be involved in other ranch projects, such as construction, forestry, cooking, camps and other programs, as skills, interest, and need align.  Here's More Info; contact for more!
Garden Internships

Planning ahead for next season!  Spend a month or several immersed in the productive beauty and nourishment of the Ekone garden.  We get almost all of our vegetables from the garden, and engage kids and grownups in fun and celebratory ways.  Interns will learn all about large garden/small farm management and garden-based education, and will be involved in lots of other stuff around the ranch, too!  Here's More Info; contact for more!
Kitchen Internships

The Yummy Tummy Cafe is one of the best places on the ranch to hang out.  Interns have an immersive experience in all things related to nourishing the bodies and souls of Ekone campers, guests, staff, and volunteers on a daily basis, helping to cook 3 meals a day for 20-50 people from scratch using wholesome ingredients. There will be a lot of chopping, a bunch of stirring, a fair amount of baking, acres and acres of dishes, as well as a metric ton of laughter!  Here's more info on this one, contact for more!
Facilities Internships

Whether it’s fixing fence, troubleshooting a curmudgeonly piece of equipment, performing regular (and sometime irregular!) maintenance on our off-grid power and water system, replacing windows and doors, building a horse shelter or outbuilding with Shawn and learning his incredible skills, milling lumber from our own pine and then stacking (and re-stacking, and re-stacking...) it so it can dry, or mowing to reduce fire danger and inhibit invasive species, fixing chicken coops, learning Liz’s patented toilet-plunging tricks... the list of highlights goes on and on!  Here's some info, contact for more!
It's sweet to see the ranch in all different seasons! 

And we're so grateful for the many helping hands that lift this work.  Thanks for helping spread the word!

With love from Ekone Ranch ♥

Sacred Earth Foundation stewards 1,263 acres in the upper Rock Creek watershed, and is the home of Ekone Summer Camps and White Eagle Memorial Preserve.  ~
509-773-4536 ~

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