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Whoa, what a fabulous team of humans has convened with a collective YES in service to this land and the future! 

(Did you miss the parts where we described what we're up to and why?  Check it out!)
Chapter 1: The Reason for the Journey
Chapter 2: Where We're Going
Chapter 3: The Trail Map
Chapter 4: Provisioning for the Journey
Chapter 5: Truth-Checking
Chapter 6: The Dusty Trail Behind Us

~Yours truly, the Saddle Up! trail bosses. 

Chapter 7: How many cowpokes does it take to Saddle Up?  Our team.

In true Ekone Magic style, an amazing team of humans has shown up at just the right times to support the labor that Ekone requires.  Here’s a little about a few key players, out of the hundreds who will make this journey possible, successful, and FUN!
Trail Bosses

Shonie Schlotzhauer is Sacred Earth Foundation’s executive director since 2009, and an Ekone Kid since 1994.  Since stepping into leadership 9 years ago, she’s shepherded SEF from a no-budget, no-staff, no-systems reality into the thriving, stable organization that it is today, with an annual budget of $370,000, 9 year-round staff, and exceptional, effective programs.  Now she’s putting her formidable communication skills and infectious belief in Ekone’s work to the task of raising $2million in a strategic, heartful, values-aligned way. 
Liz Coppola served as Ekone’s facilities manager for 6 years, previously co-directing Ekone Summer Camp for the three years after Ray died (!!) and growing through the ranks of camp since 1996.  She has now adopted the title of Operations Director to cover the many hats she wears, including Project Manager for Saddle Up.  Her job is to spend the money that Shonie raises…and it’s a good thing she’s an exceedingly capable creative problem solver! 
Board Members
SEF’s board of directors is there behind the scenes of all that happens at the ranch, making hard decisions and setting strategic direction.  It’s a tremendously heartful and diligent group, working hard and selflessly on behalf of Ekone. 
  • Therese Charvet, president, owns and operates Sacred Groves on Bainbridge Island and brings a wealth of experience with group process.  
  • Kent Siebold, vice president, is a camp parent and mentor teacher with Portland Public Schools, and offers regular trainings in non-violent communication and other skills for Ekone staff and board.
  • Morgan Houk, treasurer, is a camp alumni with an education in finance and her own bookkeeping and fiscal consulting business for small businesses on Bainbridge Island.
  • Judy Todd is a camp grandparent who has dedicated her remaining years on earth to activism and service, with a professional background in business and organizational coaching and strategy.
  • Laurie Southworth is an Ekone neighbor of 35 years, holding the long story of this place in the greater context of the Goldendale community, who together with her husband,
  • Tim Southworth, owns and operates Southslope Woodworks, a design-build company specializing in artful, rustic, fine carpentry.  They have been integral to the Saddle Up design team.
  • Morgaine Trine is a camp alumni, student of ancient history, and finance whiz, offering bookkeeping, financial analysis, and business coaching for creative entrepreneurs--and us! 
  • Michelle Sager, another Ekone neighbor, runs the Master Gardener program at OSU Cooperative Extension in The Dalles and brings a broad network of regional connection to the board. 
  • You?  We’re always looking for talented, inspired folks to join our pool of board candidates, for now or the future.  Consider joining us!  
Board and staff hard at work, planning for Saddle Up at the December 2017 Strategic Planning retreat.
Coyote Advisors
These Ekone allies watch, warn, guide, advise, howl, spread the word, and otherwise keep us honest and on track.  
  • Abigail Blue: grant consultant
  • Sarah & Gary Hess: civil engineers, project management advice
  • Dayle Houk: structural engineer
  • Nick McDaniel: architect, code compliance
  • Kristin Thompson: social media, communications, prospect research
  • Lowell Weiss: communications coaching, connections, prospect research
  • Gigi Wickwire: advocacy and outreach
  • Scott Woodcock: landscape architect, illustrator
  • You?  Are you in a position to be an advocate or advisor for Ekone?  Let’s talk!
The very first design team, way back in 2015 when we just thought we were building a new kitchen!  Little did we know...
Staff Team
The Saddle Up trail bosses sure wouldn’t get very far without the fabulous team of staff on the ground at Ekone, tending to all the many and wildly varied needs of the ranch and its booming programs.  
  • Shawn Bergman, Facilities Manager
  • Jodie Buller, Cemetery & Conservation Director
  • Christy Hanthorn, Administrative Assistant
  • Bob Jeffers, Cemetery Groundskeeper
  • Caitlin Jones, Camp Director
  • Jenna Milton, Volunteer & Horse Coordinator
  • Mindy Schmidt, Facilities Assistant
  • Chris Woodcock, Kitchen Manager
  • A whole pile of amazing, talented, beloved seasonal summer staff!! 
Board and staff after a long week of strategy and planning in December 2017. 
Consultants & Contractors
To augment our team with the professional expertise that it takes to raise millions and implement projects of this scale, we’ve called in some excellent advisors and service providers to tool us up and do some bits we’re not qualified for.  
  • Sally Dadmun-Bixby, Philanthropy Studios, consulting on fundraising strategy
  • Evony Hubert, Bell Design, providing engineered drawings
  • Mountain View Excavating, making Ekone's driveway accessible for emergency vehicles
  • Tim & Laurie Southworth, Southslope Woodworks, providing design drawings
  • Ted Bradwell, HWH Construction, turning drawings into reality
  • Hire Electric, rewiring the Lodge among other things
  • Many more to come!  Know someone we should consider hiring, or who might consider donating or discounting services in support of this project?  Please let us know!
Tomorrow brings the season finale of Straight from the Saddle, Vol. 1! 

Chapter 8: Route Scouts:  The early donors who believed in this journey before we even knew the destination.
"Um, wait a minute.  There's no "click here to donate" button."

You're right.  We are not asking for your donation today--but we both know that we will.  And soon.  We'll be asking everyone we know to   s t  r   e   t    c     h     on behalf of Ekone.

But it's not a decision we want you to make impulsively.  We want you to have all the information, talk to your family and financial advisors, think about who you know, and consider carefully how you might be able to help Ekone Ranch survive and thrive long into the future.

And ideally, we'd love to have a personal conversation with you to talk about your gift, your connections, and other ways you might be able to help.  Ready to schedule that conversation, or simply raise your hand in support of this work?  Please jot your name down HERE and we'll follow up!

Sacred Earth Foundation stewards 1,133 acres in the upper Rock Creek watershed, and is the home of Ekone Summer Camps and White Eagle Memorial Preserve.  ~
509-773-4536 ~

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