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Kitchen Chronicles: Existence!

Have you ever had the feeling of deja vu, like maybe you dreamed a thing and now it's actually happening in real life?

Yeah.  That's daily fare at Ekone these days. 
After dreaming of this building for EIGHT YEARS, there it is, sitting there on the hill like it belongs.  Like it's no big deal.  (IT'S SUCH A BIG DEAL!)
The construction crew has been hustling hard since that momentous week in November when the walls were raised just in time to receive the truss delivery.
Working every daylight hour, ten days on, four days off, the crew of a dozen hardy folks got both structures sheathed and enveloped with weather-proof membrane the very day before December's snowfall.
Blanketed in snow, the buildings started to settle into the landscape and look like they belong here, balancing the Bunkhouse, enclosing the valley, nestling into the land with quiet beauty so appropriate to this place.
Stepping into the skeleton of the dining hall, we begin to feel the promise of an expansive, nourishing heart and hearth of Ekone.  We can envision full camps filling the space, filling their bellies, taking shelter from heat, wind, rain, and yellowjackets, still having room to move.
We can also envision the doors flung open, the patio filled with laughter, kids perched in the shade of deep porches, the lines blurred between indoors and outdoors.
At last weekend's workparty, we once again packed the old Yummy Tummy with 25 bodies.  It's been a while.  It was a delicious, wonderful, heart-filling time. was CROWDED.
Some of us sat in the kitchen on buckets, and on the counters with plates on our laps.  We felt every bottleneck.  Had to open the windows to vent the stoves.  Told stories about wildlife invasions.  Don't get me wrong ~ we loved every minute of it.  And we really FELT how much more the new kitchen will make possible.
Camp registration is in full swing, and we already have long waitlists for most sessions.  Kids are so hungry for the nourishment of Ekone.  Spring and fall are bursting with field trips and other programs for kids, families, and adults.
We need these buildings, yesterday.  But good things take time ~ and it looks like the kitchen won't quite be ready to cook out of before camp.  We've had a LOT of delays due to Covid and weather, and it's just a huge, complex project.
We're now shooting for a grand opening in September, at the Barbed Wire Ball, in person, with YOUMark your calendar for September 24, and watch for updates!
Friends, we've come so far and it's really real.  But we're not there yet, and we still have $137,000 to raise for the home stretch of this generational project.  Can you help us reach the finish line?

If you've donated to this project before ~ thank you.  Would you consider renewing?

If you haven't ~ this is your chance to be part of this historic project and put your handprint (literally!) on these gorgeous buildings!
Your YES today will help us turn our attention to the work at hand ~ wrapping this us so that we can focus on the kids. 

Thank you, thank you. 

Wishing you a dream come true!
♥ The Saddle Up! trail bosses.
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Sacred Earth Foundation stewards 1,138 acres in the upper Rock Creek watershed, and is the home of Ekone Summer Camps and White Eagle Memorial Preserve.  ~
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