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Straight from the Saddle returns, with breaking news from the front lines of the Saddle Up! campaign for Ekone's future! 

Volume 2, Chapter 1: The Point of No Return

After years of research, planning, strategizing and nail-biting, we have officially made the leap.  Before, we FELT committed, intellectually.  Before, we were pretty sure that this whole Capital Campaign idea was a good one.  But as of today, there's no going back. 
Along the sides of Ekone's driveway, dozens of beautiful trees have been felled, to prepare for road work beginning on Monday. 
Trees that we loved.  Trees that we've walked by thousands of times.  Trees that have graced the approach to Ekone for thousands of people.  Trees that provided shade and food and habitat and beauty.   
Today, we are keenly aware of the sacrifices, losses, and hard decisions of this project.  And because of them, we are now, truly, deeply, committed.  There's no going back on the promise that we've made to these trees. 
We promised these trees that they would become part of the new bunkhouse, sheltering generations of kids learning to care deeply about the earth.  That they would make the new Yummy Tummy Cafe more beautiful and nourishing, reflecting the landscape from which it grew.  That the widened road will serve to protect this land, its forest and critters.  That we will follow through and honor this sacrifice.
These trees will be milled on site, on Ekone's Woodmizer bandsaw mill, purchased in 1992 by the original board of Sacred Earth Foundation to facilitate the building of the original facilities and make best use of Ekone's timber.  The thread of time is strong, throughout these big changes. 
The staff crew, clockwise:
Jenna, Caitlin, Shonie, Bob, Liz, Shawn, Gillian, Chris, Mindy and Jodie!
Ekone's staff gathered on the driveway after the trees came down, grieved that which has been lost, gave thanks for the long thread of history, and stepped fully into Commitment in service to the future.

Will you join us?
We set an ambitious goal to raise $100,000 through the September Stampede pledge drive, to fund this necessary (and very expensive) road work and the other critical projects of 2018. 

We're delighted to announce that we're within $25,000 of this lofty goal!!  And now we need your help.  Can you help us leap this hurdle, and make good on the promise we made to the trees?
Please consider a   s t  r   e    t     c      h     gift to this work, whatever that looks like for you.  This is a time of real sacrifice and extraordinary acts of courage and generosity. 

And maybe we'll even hit our "stretch" goal of $200,000 this month...and be well on our way to the $500,000 that would fully fund Phase 1. 

(For the many who have already given...blessings and thank you, truly.)

With gratitude for the trees, and for you~
The Saddle Up! trail bosses. 

p.s. Come see the change with your own eyes at the Barbed Wire Ball, next weekend!!
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Sacred Earth Foundation stewards 1,133 acres in the upper Rock Creek watershed, and is the home of Ekone Summer Camps and White Eagle Memorial Preserve.  ~
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